Power Struggles With Child – Behavior Management Solution

Inside this post: How to avoid power struggles with your child and have a more calm and peaceful home. It starts in toddlerhood. The power struggles. The breakdowns. They can come out of nowhere and next thing you know you’re shouting across the house “get your bloody shoes on already, we are late!” Do you engage in power struggles with […]

Tame Toddler Tantrum With Positive Discipline

How to handle toddler tantrums and misbehavior using positive and gentle parenting. Handling severe temper tantrums in 2-year(+) olds in public is not easy, especially when it feels like everyone around you is judging you. Toddlers screaming in public and having epic meltdowns is something every parent deals with. It can be very challenging when children do not have verbal […]

Powerful Cure For Whining And Crying – (Why Do Kids Whine)

Inside this post: debunking why kids whine and what you can do to stop the whining in your home. Do your children whine every time you have to be a parent and decline a request? As parents, it is our responsibility to keep our children healthy and safe, and that means providing boundaries. Children do not understand the reason behind […]

10 Simple Habits Of A Happy Mom

Inside this post: 10 habits of a happy mom and how simple mindset changes can help you become the best mom you’ve always wanted to be. Sometimes as moms we get caught up in the chaos of homemaking and parenthood that we become overwhelmed and sometimes even unhappy. Have you ever felt this way? I know I have, and I […]

11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children

In this post: Ideas for families to enjoy Christmas time to the fullest and make Christmas Magic for children. Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with some simple family traditions that are fun for everyone! Christmas is an already magical time of the year. If you live in a winter wonderland as I do, then making Christmas extra […]

14 Positive Parenting Books You Need To Read

Best positive parenting books all parents should read that will help them be a better parent by learning to understand how children develop, and reasons behind certain behaviors are revealed!  Let’s face it, as parents, we are often faced with challenges, and when we don’t know how to meet them, we turn to our favorite resources (top parenting books) to […]

6 Easy Ways To Help Kids Learn To Listen

“How Do I Get My Kids To Listen?” is a prevalent question among parents! Little people can be super stubborn, and it’s not because they don’t want to listen, they just don’t understand why they have to. They also want to do their own thing and make their own decisions, because let’s face it, they are individuals with rights of […]

This Is To You – The Busy, Stressed Mom

After a long day, and the kids are finally in bed, it’s time for Mommy priorities- alone time for a stressed mom. The expectations of society tell us that when we finally get that peace and quiet that we have been looking forward to all day long, we need to start doing all the things on our to-do list that […]

10 Super Fun Family Activities For Halloween

Halloween approaches pretty quickly as soon as those fall leaves begin changing colours. Sure, Halloween is great because children go door to door and get FREE candy, but there is so much more to it than just that. One of my favorite things to do as a child was coming up with my costume idea, and talking with my parents […]

The Importance Of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud has always been a huge family value in our home. Practicing reading for fun at home not only prepares children for school but also creates strong bonds with parents. Even though your children may be old enough to read by themselves, having that time together where you read aloud to your child is still important. Related Articles: The […]