9 Tips to Help You Become a More Playful Mom

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Do you want to become a more playful mom with your children? Here are 9 tips for you!

Spending time with your kid is the best approach to help them thrive.

By interacting with them, you can spark their imagination, increase their self-confidence, and develop the bond that you both require.

Being “playful” isn’t something that comes easy to everyone and I have been in that category before.

We either grow too preoccupied with our to-do lists to sit and play for lengthy periods of time, or we feel silly pretending.

9 Tips for Becoming a More Playful Mom

Create Special Play Time

Set out 15-20 minutes each day to be fun with your child at the same time. This is especially beneficial if you do it at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit. Treat these 15-20 minutes as if it were an essential meeting: don’t miss it, don’t put it off, and don’t cut it short. Make the decision to participate. You are not permitted to worry about the mess you’re making, the other things on your to-do list, or any other unpleasant adult duties during this time.

Various times of the day work well for different parents. Some parents like to start the day early so they may “fill their children’s bucket” before embarking on the day’s chores. Other parents can’t get out of bed without their mind racing with to-do lists, and they’re best off scheduling playtime in the afternoon or evening after they’ve had some time to be productive.

Is 15-20 minutes too long to divert your attention away from your grown-up responsibilities? Divide it into two 10-minute segments.

Take It Slow

If you can’t bring yourself to sit on the floor, dress up in imaginary clothing, and play pretend, start small. Begin with something basic, such as a card game, a scientific experiment, or an art project.

Then ratchet up the silliness. Make a goofy expression, use a funny voice, or memorize a few amusing child jokes.

Finally, try something a little out of your comfort zone to amp up the fun. Put on a crown and use your best goofy voices to recite your children’s favorite princess storey. Play tag or compete in cartwheels.

Make Sure It’s One On One

If you suffer stage anxiety when you try to be silly in front of your spouse or older children, schedule your play time when you and your child are alone. Remember that you are your children’s first and most important friend, and then have fun. If you need conversation ideas, here are some conversation-starting questions for kids you can utilize.

Ditch The Phone

Keep your phone firmly out of reach when you’re playing with your child. You don’t want to be distracted by messages, phone calls, or social media, which can cause you to lose focus and leave you out of “the zone.” You should also avoid thinking about “documenting” this goofy activity with photos or film since this will make you self-conscious and less engaged in bonding with your child. Turn the phone off and store it somewhere you won’t be tempted to pick it up or see it lit up with alerts.

Pump the Beats

Putting on some goofy child music might help you get into a more lighthearted mood. Turn on a Raffi or Disney channel on Pandora and use it as the soundtrack to your crazy playing.

Plan Ahead

There’s no shame in compiling a list ahead of time if you’re having difficulties thinking of ways to be a fun parent in the moment. Make a list of things you can do together to make it easy to choose when it’s time to play.

STEM activities for toddlers and teens are always a good way to get truly connected to your children. Also, family board games are awesome as well.

Here are some Indoor Games to Improve Your Toddler’s Balance, Imagination Games For Toddlers, Best Sticker Books For Toddlers, How To Play With Toddlers,

Let The Child Lead

Allow your child to take the lead rather than attempting to come up with a unique plot. Some kids are fast to turn playtime into a full-fledged storey, and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Create A Story

Our children’s may not have the ability or confidence to create their own tale at this time. When you’re playing pretend, they could resort to the same tale again and over, which could drive you insane. It might be beneficial to have a go-to method to come up with a new plot in these situations.

Give Yourself Time

If you’re not naturally fun, learning to be a more playful mother is similar to mastering a new skill. It takes time and practises to get good at it. If you don’t like pretending or playing physical games like tag or hopscotch, consider combining one or two of these activities every week with activities you enjoy (card games, cooking, art projects) on the other days.

Importance Of Playful Parenting

Playing is a natural and intrinsic aspect of infancy. Kids of all ages are eager to incorporate play and pleasure into nearly everything they do. Parents must remember the significance of playful parenting since fun and laughter are essential components of good and harmonious family interaction.

“Playful Parenting” is a parenting style in which children and parents engage in deliberate and linked playing. Shared play may foster a stronger link and deeper connection between parents and their children, in addition to creating a joyful atmosphere at home.

While it’s vital for children to be able to play independently, it’s equally critical for parents to schedule time for fun parenting. Continue reading to discover more about how adding fun parenting into your household may enhance your connection with your child.

Play Creates Connection

What better approach to improve a parent-child relationship than to experience the world through the eyes of your child? Playful parenting allows parents to learn from and engage with their children more easily. It may also help parents strengthen their bonds with their children and connect with them on a deeper level by laying the groundwork for a loving parent-child connection.

Whether you’re playing a video game together or indulging in pretend play, make sure you give your child enough time to play! These priceless experiences and memories will be treasured by your child for the rest of his or her life.

Play Helps Create Kind Adults

Children who are given enough attention and feel loved are less likely to have behavioral problems. Joining young children during their playing, rather than simply watching them from the sidelines, is a wonderful approach to tell them that they are appreciated. The time you spend playing with your child gives you the opportunity to teach them important life lessons.

By combining real-life events into pretend play with your kid, you can make the most of this opportunity to teach about compassion, respect, and honesty.

Play Helps Foster Social Skills

While independent play is essential, children must also learn how to connect with others as they develop their social abilities. One of the reasons we send children to daycare facilities and schedule playdates with their classmates is because of this. You can be your child’s playmate while he or she is not among peers. Through encounters and chats, this is a fantastic method to continue to improve their communication and social skills.

Play Creates A Happy Home

Families that make time for play are more likely to be content. At home, play may assist to create a joyful and light mood. Playing with your children may also assist to lift your spirits in difficult times and create a better atmosphere at home.

Play Makes Children Feel Needed

Playing with our children is one method to show them that they are wanted. It’s a way of showing them how much we enjoy spending time with them and being around them. Making time to play with young children can also help them gain confidence by reassuring them that they are loved by their parents. They are more inclined to believe in themselves and know that they can face life’s problems since their parents will always be there for them.

Play Boosts Cognitive skills

Learning and education may be made joyful and fulfilling via playful parenting. To educate children on the alphabet or numbers, educational toys can be used. You may be your child’s guide as they learn how legos, musical instruments, or puzzles operate while also helping to further stimulate their logical thinking, inventiveness, and other cognitive talents when you engage as they play with them.

Play Helps Boost Confidence

Young children, like adults, have moments when they doubt themselves and their skills. You may assist your child to overcome these sorts of problems by using fun parenting to improve his or her confidence and self-esteem. Playing games with your child is a fun method to build their self-esteem, especially if you sometimes let them “win” during a game. The prospect of winning a game that is more difficult because they played it with an adult may be quite motivating.

Ideas To Get Playful With Your Kids

  1. Hold a silly face contest; the person who laughs the loudest wins.
  2. Start a dance party and show them your moves. Either put on the music and just “go for it,” or prepare for the dance party in advance by getting dressed and dressing up. Glow sticks or glitter can be used to provide a little additional pizazz.
  3. Participate in a cartwheel or handstand competition.
  4. Play a game of tag.
  5. Put on your favorite outfit and act out your favorite storey.
  6. Write a play and then put it on as a group.
  7. Bake something yummy
  8. Play with water guns
  9. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual colors and embellishments, like as tie dye, sprinkles, or edible glitter.
  10. Visit michaels stores and get unusual craft supplies
  11. Together, create a narrative. Write one phrase at a time, taking turns.
  12. Make your day a musical by singing along to everything you say.
  13. Make your own slime.
  14. Get a book and read it. Make your performance as theatrical and ridiculous as possible; the larger the better!
  15. Make up your own language.
  16. Face painting is a fun activity. You can transform your friends into dragons, animals, superheroes, or anything else you can think of.
  17. Sing karaoke with your friends. There are lots of karaoke tracks with lyrics accessible on YouTube, or you can just sing along to your children’s favorite tunes into a hairbrush.
  18. Create a toy store. This might be a coffee shop, a supermarket, or an ice cream parlor–the possibilities are endless! Make small meals and set up posters throughout the home if you’re feeling creative.
  19. Paint using your fingers. For your small ones, there are several edible finger paint recipes online, as well as entertaining, imaginative finger paints for preschoolers and kindergarteners.
  20. Begin a dinosaur excavation. Hide some “fossils” in your backyard or around the home and excavate them all at once.
  21. Make a comic with your friends.
  22. Play a board game, or better yet, come up with your own.
  23. Play card games with your friends.
  24. Learn a few magic tricks.
  25. Make some rock candy, which is both delicious and instructive.
  26. Take a little trek and have some fun along the way. On a hike, do things like race them to the next boulder, pretend you’re on a safari, or look for dinosaurs along the route.
  27. Return to the basics: “duck, duck, goose,” “london bridge is collapsing,” and limbo are all fan favorites for a reason.
  28. Become a tickling monster!
  29. Make a candy village with your friends.
  30. Make candy art with your friends.
  31. Paint! You can use watercolors, acrylics, or oils to create your masterpiece. Paint outside using your feet, water pistols, or water balloons if you want to be a bit more fun.
  32. Create the funniest, silliest outfits you can using stuff from your closet or play bin and put on a fashion display.
  33. Make up a new superhero (the wackier the better) and go on a mission to defeat the evil guys.
  34. Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your driveway.
  35. Play video games together
  36. Make silly faces
  37. Visit a vegetable patch
  38. Go one a one on one date with your little girl or little boy
  39. Try educational activities online
  40. Start a backyard garden

Your child will appreciate your special time together regardless of how you do it as long as you give them your undivided attention.

Remember that playful moments with your kid not only helps you connect with them, but it also gives them a sense of security and community, stimulates their curiosity and creativity, helps them develop problem-solving abilities, and boosts their self-esteem! So let our your inner goofball and get your happy mom self shine.

For more fun indoor activities visit: Fun Indoor Activities For Kids 1-8.

Play In Parenting

Being a parent entails “wearing several hats” every day in order to balance work and family obligations.

However, this should not excuse us from prioritizing the most important things in our lives: quality time with our children and a playful attitude. Make time in your house for fun parenting and silly play to ensure that your child feels loved and cared for in your happy family.

Remember you only need a few minutes of play per day, and I hope some of the activities from the list of activities can help you create those connections.

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