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Get To Know You Questions For Kids

Get To Know You Questions For Kids

Create better communication with your children by asking them engaging questions to get them to open up and talk with these get-to-know-you questions for kids.

When kids are younger, they seem to talk non-stop about anything and everything.

As kids get older, they tend to share a little less and less every day, and sometimes it can feel like pulling teeth or talking to a wall when attempting to open up a conversation with your child.

I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish that all kids just jumped into the car or ran into the house at full speed, just waiting to tell you about their day.

*Que memories of Kindergarten*

I truly believe the challenge kids face when answering a large question such as “How was your day at school?” is that the topic is too broad.

Oftentimes, when I ask my spouse how his day was at work, he will also respond with “Good” because it’s easy and requires no thought.

So how do we get our kids to open up to us about their day and let us know about bullies, insecurities, and victories?

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Asking questions is all fine and dandy, but you may not have much luck with getting kids to open up and communicate if you’re asking the wrong questions.

The right questions are not difficult to come up with, in fact, I’ve compiled a list for you to put into your positive parenting (like inductive discipline)toolbox starting today.

Effective Ways To Ask Questions

Since children do ask more than 300 questions a day (according to studies) and it can get frustrating, but if you can keep an open mind, it allows kids to understand that imagination and curiosity are wonderful things.

We can encourage kids to be inquisitive by asking them questions. Your kids do mimic words and behaviours that you model and when you ask proper questions, you’re teaching them how to ask questions properly also.

It’s quite amazing how much information our kids “forget” to share with us, and it’s often because they simply don’t realize that we want to know these things.

If you create the perfect combination of words, asked at the right time of day, and in the right way, you can get your children talking about anything and everything.

I know it’s daunting, and sometimes can seem impossible, especially when dealing with the Tween stage of life, but I assure you, it’s not impossible and you CAN do it.

Here are some tips to help you ask these questions in an effective way.

  • Keep questions open-ended: When a question has no right or wrong answer, children are more likely to answer it. Thought-provoking questions such as “what do you think” or “what would happen if” helps children use their creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Use Question Starters: Using question starters can get conversations flowing just by creating a prompt for your child to start talking. Examples of question starters could be ” what would happen if..” or “How many times can you…”.
  • Encourage Elaboration: when your child tells you something, encourage them to tell you more about that thing by asking follow up questions such as “how did you feel when that happened” or “wow, that’s really cool, and what happened next”
  • Document Answers: It’s not a terrible idea to document the answers your children give you, whether they can read them of not. Seeing you document their thoughts can be encouraging for them and shows them that you really care about what they have to say. And how much fun is it to look back on these answers years from now?
  • Avoid Closed-Ended Questions: Questions that can be answered in one word or a sort sentence should be avoided because your child will use that as an opportunity to use a short answer.
  • Accept Answers: Although sometimes your childrens answer is “boring” you should still accept that answer and feel excited about it because when you show that you are not interested in what they have to say, next time they will share less and less and then they will stop sharing altogether.

Now you have some tools to go beyond “how was your day” and get into deep and meaningful conversations to get to know your kids in all stages of life.

Why We Should Engage Our Kids With Questions

When I understand why certain habits exist, I find it much simpler to be inspired to take action. So, before I offer you a list of my question ideas, let me give you some background on why these questions are so important.

Rare words are highlighted in quick, vigorous interactions between children and adults, according to research. Errors are addressed by asking open-ended questions and repeating them appropriately.

The development of expressive vocabulary in children has also been enhanced. This is in line with Vygotsky’s belief that children learn best via connection with others.

Language development experts shed light on how this could be achieved, offering some suggestions for how parents can support language development when speaking with their children:

Use a wide vocabulary, discuss the childrens hobbies, offer open-ended inquiries, take turns listening and responding, and ask thought-provoking questions.

These recommendations may appear straightforward, yet they may have a significant impact. Even though they are simple, they are not easy to complete. Having a handy list of questions on hand may help the process go much more smoothly.

So, without further ado, here are some questions you may ask your children to help them develop their language skills and strengthen their relationships.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Children

Kids, especially adolescents, require you to find the proper combination of words to ask in order for them to open up and express their feelings. It’s similar to solving a puzzle at the conclusion of a level in a video game.

I’m not sure why this is the case, but it appears to be the case for the majority of parents. If it isn’t, you’ve most likely already broken the code!

Here are some entertaining questions to ask your children at various times of the day. For example, after school, after a party, sleepover, or play date, after church service, and just plain fun things to ask whenever you want to start the discussion going and get to know your childrens heart.

You’d be amazed how much can happen in a day, and our children don’t always know how to express their worries, successes, and questions. That is why these questions are so beneficial!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly these inquiries will start a discussion and how well you’ll get to know your developing child. Have a good time!

Get To Know You Questions For Kids

Focus on learning about your childrens likes and dislikes when getting to know them. I’ve included many ideas to get you started, but you’re probably the best judge of what questions will get your child chatting.

Because the purpose of these questions is to provide you with information on your child, they are mainly closed-ended. However, you may utilise these as discussion openers and convert them into a two-way dialogue.

Simply ask “why” when they give you an answer. I have included questions that focus on the childrens likes and interests, but merely flipping the question around will reveal their dislikes and disinterests.

Get To Know You Questions For Toddlers

  1. What would your stuffed animals say if they could talk?
  2. How does it feel when I cuddle you?
  3. What would you be painting right now if you sketched everything that came to mind?
  4. What do you suppose you’ll dream about tonight?
  5. What kinds of noises do you enjoy?
  6. What would you do if you were stuck (fixed mindset) outside for the entire day?
  7. What factors contribute to the best fort?
  8. What ways do you believe animals communicate?
  9. Describe a memorable day. What are you doing to make it unique?
  10. What kind of animal would be an excellent driver?
  11. Do you enjoy it when others share with you? Why?
  12. Who is your favourite character from a book?
  13. What is one activity you do today that you require an adult for but want to attempt to accomplish on your own?
  14. What names would you give to everyone in your family if you were to start over?
  15. What brings you joy?
  16. What would you do if you could do anything right now?
  17. What would you call your pet dragon if you had one?
  18. What would you do as a group?
  19. What would you call a new Crayola colour if you could design it and name it?

Get To Know You Questions For School Age Kids

It’s not uncommon for children to feel hesitant to speak with their parents. You might be able to fool them into talking to you if you catch them off guard with a humorous question and get them laughing.

To get you started, here are some questions. Because children differ in age, I’ll start with some amusing and silly questions to ask older children.

  1. Do you ever witness children being cruel to one another?
  2. What do the majority of the children do at recess?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your day? Why?
  4. Who would you choose as your instructor if you could have one for a day?
  5. What is your favourite subject?
  6. What is your least favourite subject?
  7. Which subject is the most straightforward for you?
  8. What would you do if you could quit doing something throughout the school day?
  9. What would you change about your school day if you could?
  10. Do you ever feel excluded at school?
  11. Would you change anything in your lessons if you were the teacher?
  12. Is everyone in your class following the rules?
  13. Who do you want to make new acquaintances with who you haven’t met yet?
  14. Did you ever felt afraid or alone throughout the course of your day?
  15. Did you help someone today?
  16. What did you learn in class today?
  17. Tell me about anything that makes you feel intelligent.
  18. What was the most difficult project you worked on today?
  19. Have you begun any new projects today?
  20. How did today’s (project, presentation, or event) go?
  21. Did you have a good time today? What was the most enjoyable aspect?
  22. Is there anything that happened today that made you feel brave?
  23. Did you have a good time during lunch? Is there anything else you’d like in your lunch kit?
  24. Who did you spend your lunch break with?
  25. Did you meet any new people?
  26. Is there anything that made you chuckle today?
  27. What was the most monotonous thing?
  28. What is your favourite book you’ve ever read?
  29. What would your motto be if you had your own?

Get To Know You Questions For Older Kids

Here are some excellent questions to ask your child about their day-to-day activities. These inquiries can provide insight into your childrens life. Let them know you care about them, even if it’s about the little things in life.

  1. What do you prefer to wonder about?
  2. Tell me anything about yourself that you believe I don’t know.
  3. What have your pals been up to lately?
  4. What is a happy memory for you?
  5. What do you want to do when you wake up?
  6. You’ve arrived to the beach. What is the first thing that comes to mind?
  7. What inspires you to be brave?
  8. What gives you the feeling that you are loved?
  9. How do you demonstrate your concern for others?
  10. Which charity would you donate $100 to if you could?
  11. What kind of treehouse would you build?
  12. What would you write about if you were to write a book?
  13. What would your clothing look like if you designed them?
  14. How do you like assisting people the most?
  15. What makes you grateful?
  16. What would you put inside a cave you built in the woods?
  17. What gives you a boost of energy?
  18. What kind of character would you portray if you were in a play?
  19. What is it about your buddies that makes them so special?
  20. What makes you so special?
  21. What are your top three plans for the summer?
  22. How would you stay in contact if you had buddies all across the world?
  23. What would your circus act be if you joined the circus?
  24. What would you teach your students if you were a teacher and could teach them anything?
  25. What would you do if a buddy asked you to keep a secret that you didn’t feel comfortable keeping?
  26. What would you call a new planet if you could, and what would it be like?
  27. What would you call yourself if you could change your name? Why?
  28. What would you purchase if you were handed a million dollars and had to spend it all in one week?
  29. What is your favourite thing to fantasise about?
  30. What is your greatest wish that you could make a reality?
  31. What have your pals been up to recently?
  32. How do you show someone that you care about them?
  33. What does it mean to express love?
  34. What is one destination you’d like to visit one day?
  35. What would you alter about your family if you could?
  36. What would you alter about your life if you could?
  37. Which rules of the world would you modify if you had the power to do so?
  38. Where would you want to spend your holiday if we could go right now?
  39. Who would you invite to dinner if you could?
  40. Describe the house you’d like to live in when you’re an adult.

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

  1. Would you rather play the piano or the violin?
  2. Would you rather eat ice cream or chocolate?
  3. Would you rather be a mermaid or a princess?
  4. Would you rather be a lion or a tiger?
  5. Would you rather ride in a car or a bus?
  6. Would you rather ride on a train or a plane?
  7. Would you rather go to Hawaii or Disneyland?
  8. Would you rather run or walk?
  9. Would you rather dance or sing?
  10. Would you rather go to a party or watch a movie?
  11. Would you rather eat a snack or a dessert?
  12. Would you rather eat at home or a restaurant?
  13. Would you rather eat chicken or fish?
  14. Would you rather have strawberries or blueberries?
  15. Would you rather go to the park or go to the museum?
  16. Would you rather fly or have super strength?
  17. Would you rather drink soda or chocolate milk?
  18. Would you rather drink water or milk?
  19. Would you rather go to school or hang out with friends?
  20. Would you rather play with your siblings or play with your cousins?
  21. Would you rather be sick or break your finger?
  22. Would you rather be fat or ugly?
  23. Would you rather be pretty or skinny?
  24. Would you rather wear sandals or tennis shoes?
  25. Would you rather play volleyball or hockey?
  26. Would you rather watch basketball or football?
  27. Would you rather watch a movie or a TV show?
  28. Would you rather play outside or play inside?
  29. Would you rather play a board game or a card game?
  30. Would you rather play a video game or look at social media?
  31. Would you rather play by yourself or play with friends?
  32. Would you rather wake up early or sleep in?
  33. Would you rather go to bed early or go to bed late?
  34. Would you rather read a book or watch a show?
  35. Would you rather eat macaroni or chicken nuggets?
  36. Would you rather eat at Wendy’s or McDonald’s?
  37. Would you rather live somewhere hot or somewhere cold?
  38. Would you rather stay at home or go to school?
  39. Would you rather play sports or read books?
  40. Would you rather write a book report or do a math assignment?
  41. Would you rather learn about History or English?
  42. Would you rather learn to speak Chinese or Italian?
  43. Would you rather learn to speak Russian or Tagalog?
  44. Would you rather go to Italy or Germany?
  45. Would you rather run a marathon or swim a mile?
  46. Would you rather go to the zoo or go to an amusement park?
  47. Would you rather go bowling or go to an arcade?
  48. Would you rather play hide and seek or tag?
  49. Would you rather wear a dress or pants?
  50. Would you rather eat chips or candy?

Getting To Know You Questions For Kids

These are some pretty great conversation starters and fun getting to know you questions for kids that can get them talking and talking, hopefully. Not every day will be an epic talk fest after school. After all, school is exhausting, just like a workday can be, sometimes they need a little quiet time before they are ready to talk.

Children’s linguistic, cognitive, and social development all benefit from having discussions with them. They can also develop communication skills, which can come in handy later in life.

It also strengthens your bond with your child. By asking these questions, you may discover a lot about your child that you probably didn’t know before. It’s always a good idea to chat with your child, whether they’re 2 or 17.

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    • This is wonderful, and it will benefit my child.

    • These are fantastic! My kid has struggled to answer some of the more difficult ones, but I’ve offered him choices, and they’re working like a charm.

      There are so many opportunities to bond that we may take advantage of by just asking the appropriate questions; for me, it’s been long rides and hikes.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

    • What would you develop next if you were an inventor?

    • I loved some of the questions, but I couldn’t apply them to my son, who is 32 and we haven’t seen each other in 6 years!!

    • Every day on the drive to school, I ask my kid to identify three things he is grateful for. I always advise him not to repeat past responses.

    • These are fantastic! Thank you very much We nearly always ask our children, “What was the high and low of your day?”

      They’re getting tired of answering that one, so I’m grateful for some new stuff!

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