Second-Time Parents How To Prepare for a Second Baby

Second-Time Parents: How To Prepare for a Second Baby

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Are you getting ready to welcome your second child into the world? Get advice on how you can prepare yourself and your family for this change.

When you were expecting your first baby, it seemed like everyone had some advice to offer you. 

There were books on preparing for motherhood and all sorts of toys and learning tools that relatives said you needed. When baby number two comes along, though, it may feel like all the helpful hints are sparse. But you may feel you need it even more now!

Get some second-time parent advice on how to prepare for the second baby so that you can fight off stress and happily welcome the new arrival.

Know What You Have

You may have old clothing, toys, and furniture from when your first child was a newborn. Sort these items and decide which you can pass on to baby number two. Now is the time to begin transitioning your first child into a toddler bed so that you can use their crib for your new infant.

Rather than buy duplicates of what you don’t need, invest in essentials like a double stroller like this. After all, you’ll have two little ones to go exploring with now, and you’ll want a stroller that can hold both of them. Also, hold onto the changing table, car seats, and other big-ticket items.

Buy What You Wish You Had 

A bonus to having a second child is that you learn more about what to expect and what items are necessary.

For instance, pacifier clips are parenting must-haves because you attach them to the binky and can clip it to anything! Plus, you can buy this item for your newborn and toddler, so you don’t have to worry about losing their pacifier.

Now’s the time to buy everything you wish you purchased the first time to keep caring for your little ones a breeze.

Have a Family Meeting

A key part of getting ready for baby number two is ensuring your whole family feels prepared.

Have a family meeting with your partner, child, and other household members to discuss the expected changes.

Tell your kiddo that things will be different, and that’s okay. Then, as a family, you can plan extra special bonding days before your new arrival.

Begin Nesting

Nesting refers to a few things. First, you’ll have to decide whether you want to use your existing nursery or prepare a new one. As you do this, decide on a theme, furniture layout, and paint colors. 

Additionally, stock up on newborn diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and more! Finally, take time to organize the house and stock the fridge so that you can enjoy your time at home with your household.

By the way, do you suffer pregnancy allergies? I have some tips for you here!

Make Time for Yourself

The final bit of advice is among the most important—relax. Pregnancy is a lot of work, and raising children is a full-time job. Remember to make time for yourself to take a warm soak or read a book.

Create a reliable support system that you can turn to when you need help with the kids so that you can take care of yourself as wonderfully as you take care of your precious children.

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