4 Self-Care Ideas for the Postpartum Period

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Postpartum depression is very real for many moms. Keep track of your postpartum depression symptoms and practice self-care with these ideas.

After delivering a baby, most new moms develop depression during their postpartum period. As your due date nears, start thinking about ways to fight off symptoms of postpartum depression; consider using one of these four self-care ideas for the postpartum period.

Write in a Journal and Practice Affirmations

A common exercise therapists recommend doing is writing in a journal, but a new technique practiced by the modern mom is affirmations. Affirmations are statements of truth you repeat to yourself throughout the day, from first thing in the morning to right before you go to bed.

You don’t need to write down affirmations on a notepad; you can use an app on your smartphone. These apps keep depression symptoms at bay by reminding moms they’re essential and strong. Keep a journal close by as well, and write down thoughts you have throughout the day about gratitude, a cute thing your baby does, or a writing prompt on self-reflection.

Get Your Body Moving and Stay Active

Once you have the baby, the weeks after delivery are rocky, so you might find it hard to get out of bed. You don’t need to head outside immediately and take a lap around the block. Start slowly by incorporating light exercises, like yoga and simple bodily stretches, to wake yourself up and relieve stress.

You can get your partner involved in staying active as well for motivation. Start with pelvic floor exercises and work your way to going on a walk a day to help get your body moving and active.

Schedule Appointments for Self-Care Practice

Start scheduling those appointments now to start practicing self-care. While your baby does take up most of your day, you still need to give yourself “me time.” Connect with new mom groups and schedule plans with them, like going to the movies, beauty appointments, or even sitting at a park and venting.

After your delivery date, don’t stop making plans with yourself. The first months are difficult, and you and your partner won’t have much time to spend away from your baby. Start blocking out time now and create a list of family members and friends to help.

Set Up a Postpartum Corner in the Nursery

It can be hard to cope after the baby’s born. If you have the space, consider putting a postpartum recovery area as a station in your nursery. This area comprises a basket with creams, clothes, and medication to help with postpartum symptoms. Consider putting in other items like a soothing kit to ease anxiety or a face mask to use after putting the baby down. These small self-care items can make you feel better.

After the baby is born, new moms experience emotions that they don’t understand. Take care of yourself by practicing self-care with these ideas during your postpartum period. You are strong, and you are important, mama. 

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