Benefits of a Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder

Why Every Parent Needs a Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder

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This blog post explains the benefits of using a stuffed animal pacifier holder, including keeping the pacifier within reach, providing comfort and familiarity for the child, and preventing the pacifier from getting lost or dirty.

If your little one uses a pacifier, you know how easily a pacifier can fall or get lost. Using a pacifier holder or clip helps keep the pacifier visible and with your baby. Read on to find out the benefits of a stuffed animal pacifier holder compared to other designs.


A properly made stuffed animal pacifier holder is safe for baby to use. As with all stuffed animals for small babies, look for one with embroidered eyes since beaded eyes can present a choking hazard.

Another popular pacifier holder design is a beaded pacifier clip. If the clip breaks and the beads come apart, it can also create a choking hazard for your baby. 

With any product for babies, adult supervision is essential. Whether you’re putting baby down for a short nap or for the night, don’t let your baby sleep unsupervised with a pacifier holder of any type. 

Tactile Fun

Another benefit of a stuffed animal pacifier holder is that babies love to squeeze and pet these soft accessories. Babies have fun strengthening their dexterity and improving their hand-eye coordination with these whimsical toys.

When a newborn stops sucking on their pacifier and it falls, the holder will keep the pacifier nearby. As your little one gets older and stronger, the plush holder can help them pick up their pacifier independently if they drop it. 

With all this playtime, you’ll want to be sure to keep the pacifier holder clean. Look for a model that’s easy to care for and detaches completely from the pacifier so you can clean them separately. You can put some stuffed animals into the washing machine, while some need hand washing.

Transitioning Away from the Pacifier

When your child is old enough to stop using a pacifier, you might encounter resistance. But protracted use of a pacifier can increase the likelihood of your child developing dental problems.

Combined with other weaning methods, a stuffed animal pacifier holder can help ease the transition. Without the pacifier, the pacifier holder can turn into a simple stuffed toy. The familiarity of their old friend can transform the holder into a comfort object your child can use for self-soothing.

To keep your baby’s pacifier within reach, use a stuffed animal pacifier holder. The safe design will help your child develop their dexterity, and once your baby outgrows their pacifier, they can continue to use the stuffed animal as a beloved toy.

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