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7 Best Teenage Parenting Blogs

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The best teenage parenting blogs to help struggling parents of teens get through tough times with the right tools available online 24/7.

Can parenting articles assist you if you’re having issues with your adolescent? If you’re raising adolescents, I’ve hand-picked 7 fantastic parenting blogs for you to read and follow.

There’s no denying that raising teens is difficult. Conflicts and bad attitudes abound, turning your home into a battleground. But don’t worry, these parenting blogs are fantastic and full of useful parenting advice.

I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “I can’t wait for him to start college.” There will be no more worry, and peace and calm will finally rule. Until you realise you’re responsible for three more teens.

However, you’ve reached a moment where you’ll need to brush up on your parenting skills in order to properly deal with the drama that comes with teens.

Here are some amazing resources for teen parents to help get you through that difficult time of raising independent, confident, and strong young adults.

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Best Teenage Parenting Blogs


Dr. Laura Markham established this fantastic website. I like the term because it conjures up an epiphany that has the potential to revolutionise your parenting. She is a strong supporter of the Peaceful Parenting ideology.

Dr. Markham is a professional Clinical Psychologist who is also a mother, which adds a whole new dimension to the site’s material. She provides easy-to-follow advice so that parents may enjoy being parents.

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Another great resource is triplep-parenting.ca which is Canadian parenting blog and full on program where parents of teenagers can go and learn how to be a positive parent for free.

Although Triple P is a parenting curriculum, it does not teach you how to be a good parent. It’s more of a collection of concepts in online courses and blog posts. You select the strategies you require in your daily life. You get to decide how you want to utilise them. It’s all about using Triple P to your advantage.

Because every family is unique, Triple P offers a variety of options for obtaining your positive parenting program. From single-visit consultations to public seminars, group courses to individual sessions, there’s something for everyone. You can even complete Triple P online, from the comfort of your own home or somewhere else!

I was pleasantly surprised when I signed up for it the first time, and all the concepts were explained to me in the best way!



I absolutely adore everything Amy McGrady has to offer parents. Positiveparentingsolutions.com is a parenting blog that helps parents with kids of all ages get through all those tough situations.

She offers a free parenting class as well as a paid parenting course that goes over different ways to use positive parenting techniques in the real world.

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Stephanie Silverman and Susan Borison, two friends, founded Yourteenmag.com. They needed information to assist them raise their own kids, but they couldn’t find any relevant or helpful resources for parents of teenagers.the good news is they took a deep breath and created their own resources for parents!

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Sheryl is the owner of momsoftweensandteens.com and has written SOS! The Technology Guidebook for Parents of Tweens and Teens: Get The Answers You Need, Keep Them Safe and Enjoy Your Kids Again. She is also a parenting expert and helps support moms as they grow in their self awareness, , become more effective parents of young adults, and build stronger connections with their adolescents and families.

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Freerangekids.com is another wonderful site that focuses on raising self-reliant children and promotes increased child responsibility.

This is a fantastic resource for parents who want their adolescents to grow up to be responsible, streetwise young people but are hesitant to let go.

It is written by Lenore Skenazy and does not contain the typical blog content that parents have grown to anticipate, such as excellent recipes, homework assistance, and so on.

It focuses on a variety of issues, some of which are taken from the news and others which are intended to make us think about the world we live in.

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Nancy, a mother of three who understands the ups and downs of parenting teens, founded this website. This site discusses critical things that keep you up at night, from easy family recipes to ingenious gift suggestions, as well as tips on getting through school and college.

Being a teenager today is difficult. Your teen is under a lot of pressure to do well in school, perform in sports, and keep up with the responsibilities of family life.

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Why Read Parenting Blogs?

Reading teenage parenting blogs is a great thing for single moms who want to raise their teenage son to be the best version of themselves. It is a great place to find support, advice and guidance on how to navigate the often challenging world of raising teenage girls.

The main goal of these blogs is to provide parents with a good reason to believe that they are not alone and to share personal experiences that can help them to save money and find professional help if needed. These blogs also provide a great way to connect with other parents on social media platforms and find useful articles on suicide prevention, college admissions and other topics that are important to teens and their families. With a lot of time and effort, a single mom can find the best books, lesson plans, and survival mode tips to raise her son.

A certified stepfamily coach or Dr. Phil can help to open the lines of communication and provide the best advice for the adolescent brain. It is a great way to spend much time with your family and make good decisions for your teens. With internet access, you can find a free Facebook group where you can share your story, ask for advice, or just vent about the challenges of raising teens.

The early years are critical and it’s important to learn effective ways to navigate through the struggles of body image, video games, and internet access. It’s a great way to find a safe space and get the support you need to make the right things happen for your oldest daughter, especially if she has bipolar disorder.

Reading teenage parenting blogs is a great way to learn and grow as a parent, and it can be much fun, too. It’s a terrific blog that offers a lot of value, especially when you’re in survival mode and feeling like you’re in it alone.

If you’re a dear friend of a single mom, it’s a great thing to suggest these blogs to her, it can make a big difference in her life and the life of her old girl.

Overall, reading teenage parenting blogs can be a great way to stay informed and get support while raising your own teens, especially during the last year.

Best Parenting Blogs For Teen Years Bottom Line

There are many resources available online to help you parent your young adult in high school. Here is another great resource if you’re struggling with a burnt out teen. The truth is, their mental health is so important at this age and parents of teens have the hardest job in helping teens navigate huge emotions during this time.

These teenage years sneak up on new parents quickly and having to navigate everyday life and peer pressure among teenage girls and boys while teaching hard life lessons and dodging mood swings is one heck of a task.

My two favorite parenting blogs – Aha Parenting and Triple P Parenting are wonderful resources that can help you navigate screen time and other digital world issues that you never had to deal with little kids. There are many other popular parenting blogs such as scary mommy, but they offer a lot of quick tips instead of deep rooted solutions to your parenting problems, which is where Aha Parenting and Triple P Parenting come in hot.

Teenage parenting blogs should help you with topics such as self image, social skills, teen pregnancy, panic attacks, family activities, teen depression, middle school drama, quality time, and even teen suicide.

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