The Best Way To Celebrate Dad On Fathers Day

The Best Way To Celebrate Dad On Fathers Day

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Do you have any ideas for how to shout dad’s name from the rooftops this Father’s Day?

We’ve got loads of ideas for stuff he’ll actually want to do this year, no matter what Pops is into.

We have plenty of options for him, whether he is an outdoorsman or a homebody, a foodie or a competitor.

So, toss away that necktie and prepare to offer him the present he truly desires: time with you doing the things he enjoys!

The Best Ways To Celebrate Dad On Fathers Day

the Dad Who Loves Outdoors

This one is simple; simply put on some sturdy shoes and go outside with Dad. Take a walk or ride your bike. Perhaps take out one of those electric scooters and go for a spin downtown together to get a different perspective. If you prefer to get away from the city, you can do so with some bird watching or a picnic. Bring some outdoor games, such as corn hole or horseshoes, or simply fly a kite together.

Plan a camping trip at your favourite location, complete with an early morning fishing expedition and a relaxed afternoon at the beach, to make it more than a day.

for Dad Who Loves To Eat

There’s enough to keep your dad’s heart and tummy full on Father’s Day, whether he likes waffles to walking or beer to bike trips.

Why not serve him his favourite breakfast in bed (Mother’s Day isn’t only for moms). Better still, take the time to cook his favourite dinner with him. Fondue or a pizza party is always a wonderful way to spend time together, and you can top it off by creating homemade ice cream together.

Make it a BBQ if he wants to cook in the vast outdoors (you can even create your own special spice rub together first).

You can’t have a great Father’s Day lunch without you have something to drink, so why not host your own wine or beer tasting for dear old dad?

You may spice it up by making it into a blind tasting and putting his knowledge of his favourite wine or beer to the test.

Of course, if dad enjoys food but likes to leave the cooking to others, you may always take him to his favourite restaurant (make it special for Father’s Day by renting a private room if feasible or phoning ahead to have the chef select a certain dish he is sure to enjoy).

For The Dad Who Is Handy

Why not make a day of it if tools are on your list for your handyman father? Take up a task collectively. It could be as easy as constructing a birdhouse or a toolbox for his new toy, or as involved as finally constructing that treehouse or deck expansion.

Dad will cherish the time he spends with you and teaching you how to do what he enjoys more than any tool money can buy.

If he enjoys tinkering with autos, work on one with him while asking him questions along the way. Alternatively, plan a trip to a car show together. You can even go on a drive together to see if you can spot any cool autos on the road.

If you prefer to stay at home, you may always redesign the garage to make it simpler for him to find his tools and even turn it into a man cave by putting out some lawn chairs, snacks, and a fridge with a few beverages. Perhaps even a TV, PC, or iPad to watch a game together.

For Dad Who Loves Shows

Speaking of screen time, if your father enjoys movies, why not make Father’s Day a movie day?

Watch all of his favourite movies (without whining) and stock the pantry with his favourite foods.

Is your father a gamer? Spend the entire day playing video games and learning tactics of the trade.

If you’re looking for something different, why not take some virtual tours together? You can virtually go anyplace. Concerts, National Parks, Disneyland, and even Mars!

With a screen addict like your father, perhaps you got him some technology as a gift. Examine the new device and spend the day learning how to use it together.

for The Dad Who Loves To Be Home

If Dad prefers to stay at home, there is much to do there as well. Start playing with that new LEGO set you got him, or work on a puzzle together.

Make some paper aeroplanes and see which one flies the farthest.

Allow him to listen to his favourite music for a change. Or, if he is a history enthusiast, put together a time capsule with items that are meaningful to you and preserve it somewhere safe to be opened at a mutually agreed-upon date.

If he is interested in astronomy, go stargazing at night and let him teach you the stars.

Take some time to research everything he is interested in.

For The Super Competitive Dad

Do you have a competitor? Make a day of it by competing in whatever fun “sport” you can think of.

Bowling, mini golf, board games, axe throwing, an escape room, a fitness challenge… the options are virtually limitless.

Making up events to participate in at home can be even more entertaining than participating in organised events like this.

Who can consume the most cereal in the shortest amount of time? From across the room, who can throw the most socks into the washing hamper? What about a backyard obstacle course or a good old-fashioned sack race? Anyone up for a round of poker?

Bottom Line

Whatever you decide to do on the big day, it is crucial that you take the time to do something that your father enjoys and appears to be interested in.

If there is one thing that nearly every father enjoys doing, it is sharing his wisdom with his children and teaching them a little of what he has learned in life.

So put away the “Awe dad!” comments (no matter how bad that dad joke was) and give him this day to spend with you doing what he enjoys.

That is actually the greatest gift of all.

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