54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 1

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers

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Are you ready to discover a world of fun and excitement for your little ones? I’ve got something fantastic to share with you today.

We all know how important it is for toddlers to engage in active play, right? Well, I’ve put together a list of 54 amazing active toys that will keep your toddlers happily on their feet and having a blast!

You see, active play is not just about burning off that seemingly endless toddler energy (although it does help!).

It’s also a crucial part of their development. Through active play, toddlers enhance their gross motor skills, build strength and coordination, boost their cognitive abilities, and even improve their social interactions.

Plus, let’s not forget the sheer joy and laughter that come with a great play session!

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey through a variety of active toys that your toddlers will absolutely adore.

We’ll explore outdoor toys that let them roam and explore nature, indoor toys perfect for those rainy days, water play toys to beat the heat, educational toys that engage their curious minds, and so much more.

There’s something for every little adventurer here!

But before we dive into the toy wonderland, let me give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Picture your toddler zooming around on tricycles, giggling as they conquer slides, or even putting on a mini concert with musical instruments.

The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re looking to enhance their balance, boost their creativity, or simply provide hours of entertainment, you’ll find the perfect active toy right here.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 2

Outdoor Active Toys For Toddlers

These outdoor active toys are perfect for letting your little ones soak up the sunshine while they burn off some energy. Trust me, these toys will turn your backyard into an epic playground!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 354 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 4

First up, we have tricycles and balance bikes. These are classic choices that never go out of style. Watching your toddler pedal their way to freedom is pure joy. And balance bikes? Oh boy, they’re excellent for building their coordination and preparing them for the two-wheelers in the future.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 554 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 6

If your toddler is ready to roll in style, scooters and ride-on toys are where it’s at. Whether it’s a speedy scooter or a flashy ride-on car, these toys provide hours of fun and help develop their balance and motor skills. Just imagine the wind in their hair as they zoom around with big smiles on their faces!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 754 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 8

Now, let’s talk about playhouses and tents. Who says indoor play is the only way to go? Set up a charming little house or a colorful tent in your backyard, and watch your toddler’s imagination soar.

They’ll have their very own secret hideout, perfect for pretend play adventures with friends or even some alone time with their favorite toys.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 954 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 10

What’s next? Ah, ball pits and inflatable play centers. Get ready for a whole lot of giggles! These soft, bouncy wonderlands are like mini amusement parks for your little ones. Dive into a sea of colorful balls or explore the different play features of an inflatable center. Trust me, these toys are pure joy in a backyard.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 1154 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 12

Last but not least, we have climbing structures and slides. Time to channel your toddler’s inner monkey! Climbing structures come in various shapes and sizes, from simple climbing frames to more elaborate jungle gyms. And once they’ve conquered the heights, they can slide their way down to victory! These toys are perfect for developing their balance, strength, and confidence.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 1354 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 14

Indoor Active Toys

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 1554 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 16

First up, we have indoor trampolines. Bouncing fun without even leaving the house? Yes, please! These mini trampolines are perfect for letting your toddler jump, hop, and release their boundless energy.

Plus, it’s a great way to improve their balance and coordination. Just make sure you have enough ceiling clearance!

Next on the list, we have mini basketball hoops. Turn your little one into a basketball superstar! These hoops are designed for pint-sized players, allowing them to practice their shooting skills and have friendly competitions with siblings or friends. It’s a slam-dunk of indoor fun!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 1754 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 18

Now, let’s talk about soft play mats and foam blocks. These are like building blocks for active play.

Create a safe and cushioned area where your toddler can crawl, roll, or even practice their first somersaults.

The foam blocks are perfect for building towers, tunnels, or anything their imagination desires. It’s a creative and safe way to let their energy flow.

How about some bowling sets and target games? Bring the excitement of the bowling alley right into your living room!

These mini bowling sets are perfect for little hands and will have your toddler giggling with delight as they knock down those pins.

And if bowling isn’t their thing, there are plenty of other target games to choose from, like tossing rings or darts. Even punching bags for toddlers can be a huge hit! It’s all about aiming and having a blast!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 1954 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 20

Let’s not forget the power of music and dance! Musical instruments and dance mats are excellent choices for indoor active play. Give your little one a drum, a xylophone, or even a mini keyboard, and watch their inner rockstar shine. And with dance mats, they can groove to their favorite tunes and burn off some serious energy. It’s a rhythm-filled indoor adventure!

Active Toys for Water Play

Let’s start with kiddie pools and water tables. Set up a mini oasis in your backyard and watch as your toddlers splash, giggle, and cool down in their very own pool.

Add some water toys like cups, buckets, and floating balls for extra fun. And if you prefer a more interactive experience, water tables are a big hit!

Your little ones can explore pouring, squirting, and creating little water worlds right at their fingertips.

Next up, we have water slides and sprinklers. Turn your backyard into a water park with these exciting additions. Watch your toddlers climb up the slide and slide down with squeals of joy!

And sprinklers? They’re the perfect way to add some water-filled fun to your outdoor space. Let your little ones run through the sprays and stay refreshed all day long.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 2154 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 22

Bath time can be transformed into a playful adventure with special bath toys and water squirters. From rubber duckies to floating boats, these toys will make every bath a splashy and entertaining experience.

And when it comes to water squirters, the options are endless! From cute animal-shaped squirters to water guns, and even reusable water balloons, your toddlers will have a blast aiming, squirting, and engaging in water battles (with supervision, of course!).

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 2354 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 24

For some added safety during water play, consider floating toys and swim vests. These toys provide extra support and confidence for your little ones as they explore the water. Whether it’s a cute inflatable animal or a swim vest that helps them float, these toys give you peace of mind while your toddlers have a whale of a time.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 2554 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 26

Last but certainly not least, we have water activity centers and playsets. These amazing toys bring the excitement of a water park right to your own backyard. With features like slides, sprays, and interactive elements, your toddlers will be captivated for hours. It’s the ultimate water adventure without having to leave home!

Educational Active Toys

These educational active toys are here to prove that playtime and learning go hand in hand. Get ready to spark your toddler’s imagination, boost their cognitive skills, and watch them grow while having a blast!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 2754 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 28

Let’s kick things off with alphabet and number mats. These colorful mats are like a giant puzzle that teaches your little ones about letters, numbers, and even basic shapes.

They can hop, skip, and jump from one letter to another, making learning an interactive and playful experience. Plus, it’s a great way to enhance their motor skills and coordination.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 2954 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 30

Electronic learning tablets and talking plush toys, these gadgets are designed to engage your toddler’s curiosity and stimulate their minds. They can learn about colors, shapes, animals, and even practice their ABCs and counting. It’s education disguised as play, and your little ones won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

Let’s not forget about puzzles and shape sorters. These classic toys are perfect for developing your toddler’s problem-solving and fine motor skills. Whether it’s fitting the right shape into the corresponding hole or putting together a jigsaw puzzle, they’ll have a blast while exercising their cognitive abilities. It’s like a little brain workout in the form of playtime!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 3154 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 32

Building blocks and magnetic tiles are also fantastic choices for educational play. Watch as your little architects construct towers, bridges, and imaginary worlds. These toys not only enhance their creativity but also improve their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Plus, knocking down their tower and starting all over again is just as exciting!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 3354 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 34

Let’s add a musical touch to the mix! Musical instruments and sound toys are great for sensory exploration and enhancing your toddler’s auditory skills. From mini keyboards to shakers and tambourines, these toys allow your little ones to discover different sounds and rhythms. They can create their own little band or simply enjoy the joy of making music.

Active Toys for Gross Motor Skills

These active toys are specially designed to help your little ones develop their coordination, balance, and overall physical abilities. Get ready for a whole lot of active play and big movements!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 3554 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 36

Let’s start with balance boards and wobble cushions. These toys challenge your toddler’s stability and core strength while providing a fun and engaging experience. They can stand, rock, and balance their way to better coordination. Plus, it’s a great way to enhance their posture and body awareness.

Next up, we have hula hoops and jump ropes. These classics never go out of style! Hula hooping helps improve your toddler’s rhythm, coordination, and flexibility.

They can twirl, spin, and master impressive tricks. And with jump ropes, they can jump, skip, and hop their way to better cardiovascular fitness and motor skills. It’s all about finding their rhythm and having a blast!

Parachutes and tunnels add a touch of excitement to active play. Unfurl a colorful parachute and watch your little ones work together, moving it up and down or even running underneath. It’s a great way to foster cooperative play and coordination.

Tunnels, on the other hand, provide a sense of adventure as your toddlers crawl through and explore their own secret hideaway. It’s all about crawling, maneuvering, and using their muscles in new and exciting ways.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 3754 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 38

Bean bags and tossing games are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Whether it’s throwing bean bags into targets or playing catch with soft balls, your toddlers will improve their aim, accuracy, and hand dexterity.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to engage in friendly competitions and have some active fun with siblings or friends.

Last but not least, let’s talk about obstacle courses and agility sets. Set up a mini course with cones, hurdles, and tunnels, and watch your toddlers navigate through like little champions.

It’s a wonderful way to enhance their agility, balance, and spatial awareness. Plus, it’s guaranteed to bring out their inner adventurer as they conquer each challenge.

Role-Playing and Pretend Play Toys

Calling all little actors and imaginative minds! It’s time to dive into the world of role-playing and pretend play. These toys are perfect for sparking your toddler’s creativity, encouraging social interactions, and nurturing their storytelling abilities. Get ready to watch their imaginations soar!

Let’s start with dress-up costumes and accessories. Transform your little ones into princesses, superheroes, doctors, or firefighters with a variety of costumes and props.

Watch as they step into different roles, engage in imaginative play, and create their own adventures. It’s a world of make-believe where anything is possible!

Next up, we have play kitchens and food sets. Watch as your toddler becomes a master chef, whipping up delicious imaginary meals. With miniature stoves, pots, and utensils, they can pretend to cook, serve, and host their own little restaurant. It’s a wonderful way to enhance their creativity, fine motor skills, and even introduce healthy eating habits.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 3954 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 40

How about tool sets and workbenches? Let your little builders and fixers unleash their inner handyman or handywoman. With toy hammers, screwdrivers, and workbenches, they can pretend to repair, build, and create. It’s a great opportunity to develop their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination. Who knows, they might just surprise you with their engineering skills!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 4154 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 42

Let’s not forget about dollhouses and action figure playsets. These toys provide a stage for your toddler’s storytelling and role-playing adventures.

Whether it’s arranging furniture, playing with miniature characters, or creating their own little world, they’ll immerse themselves in imaginative play.

It’s a fantastic way to encourage language development, social skills, and empathy as they engage with their tiny friends.

For those who love to shop and run their own stores, cash registers and shopping carts are the perfect toys.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 4354 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 44

Let your little entrepreneurs set up their own pretend store, scan items, and engage in pretend transactions. It’s a wonderful way to introduce basic math skills, money concepts, and social interactions as they play the role of both the shopkeeper and the customer.

Last but certainly not least, we have puppet theaters and puppets. Bring stories to life with these interactive toys.

Your little ones can put on their own puppet shows, create characters, and engage in imaginative storytelling. It’s a great way to boost their communication skills, confidence, and creativity. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun for the entire family to watch!

Active Toys for Social Interaction

It’s time to gather your friends and engage in some active play that encourages social interaction and teamwork. These toys are designed to foster cooperation, communication, and friendship while having a whole lot of fun. Get ready to bond, laugh, and create memories together!

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 4554 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 46

Let’s start with team sports toys like soccer balls, basketballs, and volleyball sets. Organize a friendly game and watch as your toddlers work together, pass the ball, and score points. Team sports not only improve their physical abilities but also teach them the value of collaboration, sportsmanship, and sharing a common goal. It’s a win-win situation!

Next up, we have cooperative games and board games. These toys are perfect for promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Whether it’s working together to solve a puzzle, strategizing in a board game, or cooperating to complete a task, your little ones will learn the importance of listening, taking turns, and supporting each other. It’s all about fostering a sense of unity and shared achievement.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 4754 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 48

Obstacle courses and relay race sets are excellent choices for encouraging social interaction and friendly competition. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard and watch as your toddlers cheer each other on, help overcome challenges, and celebrate their successes together.

Relay race sets add an element of excitement as they pass the baton and work as a team to reach the finish line. It’s all about building camaraderie and enjoying some active fun as a group.

How about musical games and dance parties? Get those bodies moving and grooving to the rhythm! Musical games like “Musical Chairs” or “Freeze Dance” encourage cooperation and following instructions while having a blast.

And with dance parties, your toddlers can let loose, learn new moves, and dance together. It’s a joyful way to express themselves, boost their confidence, and connect through music and movement.

54 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 4954 Fantastic Active Toys for Toddlers 50

For imaginative social play, puppet theaters and playhouses are perfect choices. Encourage your little ones to work together, take on different roles, and create their own stories. They can engage in puppet shows, put on plays, or play house, fostering collaboration and imaginative play. It’s a world where imagination knows no bounds and friendships are formed.

What to Look for in Active Toys for Toddlers

Educational value

  • Letters and numbers: Toddlers love to learn how to spell their name, count and identify shapes. Look for toys that help you teach your child letters, numbers and colors.
  • Counting and spelling: Toys that teach your toddler how to count or spell can be very helpful when it comes time for them to start school!
  • Animals and nature: Children love learning about animals, plants and nature. These types of toys will help them do just that by giving them an interactive way to explore these topics in a fun way!


When it comes to safety, there are three things to look for: the materials used, how appropriate the toy is for your child’s age and size, and whether or not there are any hazards that could result from playing with it.

  • The first thing you should do is make sure that the toy you’re considering buying is made of safe materials. This means avoiding toys with toxic chemicals and other potentially harmful elements. There should also be no sharp edges or small pieces that can come off and become choking hazards if swallowed by your little one.
  • Secondly, look at how appropriate the toy will be for your child’s age and size (and remember that this may change over time). If you have a toddler who’s still learning how to walk around safely on his own, don’t buy him something that requires him to move quickly—it might lead him into dangerous situations! On the other hand if he’s older than 5 years old but still short enough that he can’t reach high shelves safely on his own yet then maybe give him some sort of stool so he doesn’t have access


The next thing to consider is how well-made the toy is. You want it to be made of sturdy materials so that it can withstand your toddler’s abuse and still be fun for him or her. Look at the material used in the construction, and make sure that it will not break if stepped on or thrown; this includes pulling at seams, which can happen very easily with some toys! If there is a battery involved (such as in a remote control), check out whether the battery compartment has screws holding it shut; otherwise, your toddler may open it up and swallow whatever’s inside!


The price range of active toys for toddlers is between $10 and $50. You will want to consider what you can afford, how much you are willing to spend, and what type of toy your toddler needs.

For example, if your child has a lot of energy and loves playing outside, then it would be best for him or her to have an outdoor active toy such as a trampoline or a slide. If your child loves playing games on his or her tablet device but wants more physical activity as well, then he or she might enjoy one of the new interactive game consoles like the Nintendo Switch (which costs around $300). The point here is that there are many options available when buying active toys for toddlers—and no single option will be perfect for every toddler’s needs. It’s important to think about what kind of activities interest each individual child before making any purchases so that everyone gets something fun!


With so many options out there, choosing the right toys for your toddler can seem like a huge task. We hope this article has helped you make that decision easier with our tips on what active toys offer and what to look for in them.

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