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Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud of Them

Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud of Them

It is important to let your children know that you are proud of them. Here are some ways to let your children know you are proud of them and some reasons why you should let them know your about pride in their accomplishments.

When you tell your children that you are proud of them, you are being emotionally generous. There are a few different ways to tell your little ones that you are proud, you don’t always have to use the phrase, “I’m proud of you kid.”

It seems that as parents, we need to provide a lot of guidance to our children and it can be hard to know what to do and what not to do. It is important to consider the rationale behind the words we use with the kids and when we can, focus on the positive instead of the negative. Children and teenagers can feel like your words are always about damage control which is why it is important to tell your children you are proud of them and do it at the right times too.

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Ways To Let Your children Know You Are Proud Of Them

When you tell your child that you are proud of them you should always back up your reason why. For example, I am so proud of you, you worked very hard on this. You did a thoughtful and generous act. You created something beautiful and original.

When saying these things, make it real. Show your pride on your face and hug them.

Be sure to not show your pride over something they have no control over, such as physical appearance.

Remember to not praise too much, and to also show encouragement through your pride and appreciation.

Praise Them for Things That Matter: Praising your children for doing things that matter such as working hard on a project and creating something beautiful is more important than praising them for something that maybe wasn’t in their control. If your child didn’t do well on a project because they didn’t work hard on it, you should not praise your child for participating. Significant accomplishments should be praised if it is deserved.

Be Proud Of The Process: Sometimes the outcome isn’t what was expected, but that doesn’t mean the process isn’t praiseworthy. If your child worked really hard on learning the science lesson but ended up bombing the test, then you should still be proud of your child for trying so hard, even when it didn’t work out. On the other hand, if your child practiced really hard on their piano and then did excellent at the competition, you should be proud of the process and the accomplishment. You can mention to them how good it feels to have the hard work and practice actually pay off in the end.

Note The Obstacles: When an accomplishment happened, an obstacle was overcome. Difficulties occur naturally in many areas of life and sometimes kids have to make sacrifices like time with friends in order to practice the skills they need. Even losses in competitions are obstacles that they may have to overcome. Be proud of them when they overcome obstacles.

Encourage Confidence: When you are proud of your child for something they accomplished, you should tell them to be confident about their success. If your child did something well, you should appreciate the effort they put into the experience which can help them hear and internalized that pride.

Don’t Overdo It: While you should be showing your pride in your children, you should try to not overdo it. Like with everything in parenting, it’s all about balance. You may want to mention the great grade on a test, but throwing a party for it is overdoing it.

Keep an Eye On The Timing: You should show your pride around the time of the event which made you proud. Waiting weeks to tell your child you are proud of them makes the whole comment obsolete.

Don’t Add Negative Points: I’m the worst at this myself, and this is how I grew up.. negative comments among the proud comments. Avoid this if you can. If you are proud of your kiddo for getting a good grade, don’t mention the fact that the answer they did get wrong was one that you practiced for hours the night before. That doesn’t matter, and if you do go ahead and mention the negative point, you bet your buttons that your kiddo won’t remember the pride you felt. They will dwell on the wrongdoing. I still get upset when I think about the moment I got 99% on a science test and my father asked me where the 1% went and sent me to my room. Ouch.

Take Yourself Out Of The Phrase: When you are showing your pride to your child, take yourself out of the equation. Say you are proud of them for something they accomplished. You don’t need to mention the fact that you worked hard together to make that happen. Keep the focus on the child.

Phrases Your Children Need To Hear From You

Here are some things you can say to your children on a daily basis, even when they haven’t done a specific task which warrants an “I’m proud of you” phrase

  • I love you
  • Go for it! (You can do it!)
  • I believe in you
  • Will you show me how you did that?
  • I’m here for you

Why You Should Let Your Children Know You Are Proud Of Them

They Need To Be Proud Of Themselves: Parenting children is a tough job. We should be attempting to raise our kids with good values and telling our kids we are proud of them shows them which behaviours are important to our family and to society. This helps them develop a sense of pride and accomplishment within themselves. We hope that they bring those values with them into adulthood and demonstrate pride in themselves when they accomplish similar things in the future.

Parent feedback is always important: Parental feedback is important through all stages of life, including the teenage years. When you are proud of your kiddo, you have to let them know to keep that connection strong. You’ll be providing feedback to your child even after they leave the house and live on their own, just don’t forget to give that feedback while they still live at home with you.

Focus On The Positive: Many times we focus on the behaviour which needs to be improve (growth mindset)d when it comes to raising children. When we say we are proud of our kids, we focus on the positive. Children need to hear that they are doing things right. This will help prevent them from feeling like a failure and slumping into depression.

They Grow Up Fast: Parenting is challenging and it evolves as children get older. We need to continue to guide our children into adulthood and beyond. Teenagers are tricky because they look like young adults but they do not yet think and act like adults. It is easy to get caught up in immature actions but we must remember that how we speak to them is important, and they cannot process tone and conversation as well as adults do. Telling our children that we are proud of them helps impact their identity.

Pride In Your Children

I hope you learned some ways you can show you are proud of your children in this article. Remember to praise your children for things that matter, be proud of the process, note the obstacles and encourage confidence. Keep the timing right and don’t overdo the praising. Kids grow up fast, and before you know it, they are on their own, raising their own kids in the blink of an eye.

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Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud Of Them

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