What Baby Things Are Worth Keeping in Storage?

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Deciding on what baby things are worth keeping in storage and what you plan to let go of is a complicated job that all parents must do with logic in mind.

Your house never feels so small as when you have your first baby. The rooms that used to be clean and organized now have random toys or dolls on the floor that you’ll inevitably step on.

That said, you wouldn’t change anything to get your old life back because ten great memories follow every Lego you step on. And because of these memories you dearly cherish, you feel emotionally taxed when getting rid of items. Learning what baby things are worth keeping in storage will help you decipher what you should keep and what you should let go of.

Expensive Items

When your little one takes their next step in growing up, you may need to upgrade your car seat, crib, and stroller. Still, it’s worth keeping the older ones in a safe place. These cost a pretty penny, so you don’t want to toss them aside if another child comes along or a friend or family member needs them. At the very least, you can put them up for bid in an online marketplace to get a little extra spending money.


We can relate to never wanting to see another baby bottle again once your child passes that stage, considering cleaning them multiple times every day will wear on you. However, it’s wise to keep those baby bottles around. One of their primary perks is that they’re reusable without an expiration date. You can throw away other parts of the bottle, such as the nipples, as rubber and silicone weaken over time.

Precious Keepsakes

Many of the things you’re debating whether to toss in the trash, recycle, give away, or store have a price tag that dictates your decision. Yet, some items have sentimental value, making them difficult to part ways with.

Every child has a stuffed animal that gets them through many of their most traumatic experiences. And although they no longer lean on it for comfort as they grow up, you may still see your little angel as they were whenever you look at them.

You can turn their old stuffed animal into a treasured keepsake so that it’s worth holding onto. If you want to scratch your arts-and-crafts itch to make something memorable, you’ll find this both fun and satisfying.

Old Toys

Similar to their cuddly creatures, many parents cannot part with their children’s old toys. In a practical sense, toys rarely lose value for future children. A toddler can look at a rubber spatula and think they’ve struck gold, so anything with some bells and whistles on it will still bring kids joy later. Plus, passing down your kid’s old toys to their children when you’re a grandparent will fill your heart with joy.

Sifting through and determining what baby things are worth keeping in storage helps you declutter your home, basement, or garage of the things that no longer have any use or sentimental value. Our best advice is to treat this chore like a Band-Aid and rip it right off. The longer you prolong doing this, the harder it will be to complete.

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