19 Calming (Low-Stimulating) Shows For Toddlers 1

19 Calming (Low-Stimulating) Shows For Toddlers

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Have you ever struggled to find TV shows for your toddler that aren’t too overstimulating or too advanced for their age?

Trust me, you’re not alone!

As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to find age-appropriate and educational shows that can engage and entertain our little ones without overwhelming them.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the best low-stimulating TV shows for toddlers (shows my toddler loves!)

From Bluey to Franklin, these shows are sure to keep your kiddo entertained while also providing some valuable lessons!

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Best Low Stimulating Shows for Toddlers


“Bluey” is an Australian animated children’s television series created by Joe Brumm. The show follows the adventures of a lovable Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family, including her father Bandit, mother Chilli, and little sister Bingo.

Set in Brisbane, the series explores the joys and challenges of everyday family life, emphasizing play, imagination, and strong family bonds.

With its relatable stories, humor, and positive messages, “Bluey” has gained widespread acclaim for its appeal to both children and parents alike.

Trash Truck

Have you heard of the show Trash Truck? It’s a super cute and fun show for toddlers that’s definitely worth checking out.

The show follows the adventures of a young boy named Hank and his best friend, a giant trash truck who loves to play and explore. Together, they go on all sorts of adventures, meeting new friends and learning new things along the way.

One of the reasons Trash Truck is such a great show for toddlers is because it’s full of fun and excitement. Kids will love watching Hank and his trash truck friend zoom around town and discover new things together.

But the show is more than just fun and games – it also teaches important lessons about friendship, empathy, and problem-solving. As Hank navigates the challenges of growing up, he learns how to be a good friend and how to work through difficult situations.

Overall, if you’re looking for a show that’s both entertaining and educational for your little ones, Trash Truck is a great choice. It’s sure to become a favorite in your household in no time!

Storytime Book

The show features a group of adorable animal friends who love to read books and go on adventures. Each episode is centered around a different storybook, and the characters act out the story as they read it together.

One of the reasons Storytime Book is such a great show for toddlers is because it promotes a love of reading and storytelling. Watching the characters act out stories in a fun and engaging way can help kids develop a deeper appreciation for books and reading.

But the show also has important lessons about friendship, problem-solving, and empathy. As the animal friends navigate different storybook worlds, they learn how to work together and help each other out.

Overall, if you’re looking for a show that’s both entertaining and educational for your little ones, Storytime Book is a great choice. It’s sure to inspire a love of reading and help your child learn important values along the way.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

The show is based on the beloved characters from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and follows the adventures of a young tiger named Daniel and his friends. Each episode focuses on a different theme, such as sharing, kindness, or patience.

One of the reasons Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is such a great show for toddlers is because it’s designed to teach important social and emotional skills. The characters model positive behavior, such as empathy and problem-solving, that kids can learn from and apply in their own lives.

Another great thing about the show is the catchy songs that go along with each theme. The songs are easy for kids to sing along with and help reinforce the lessons in a fun and memorable way.

Overall, if you’re looking for a show that’s both fun and educational for your little ones, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a great choice. It’s sure to entertain and inspire your child while teaching important life skills along the way.

Chip and Potato

“Chip and Potato” is a delightful animated series tailored for toddlers, offering a low-stimulating and calming experience. The show revolves around the adorable friendship between Chip, a pug, and Potato, a tiny mouse. With its gentle pace, colorful visuals, and positive messages about friendship and problem-solving, it’s a perfect choice for young viewers.

Tumble Leaf

“Tumble Leaf” is a captivating and tranquil show designed for toddlers. The stop-motion animated series follows Fig, a blue fox, as he explores a whimsical world filled with intriguing objects. With its soothing narration, imaginative storytelling, and emphasis on curiosity and discovery, “Tumble Leaf” provides a perfect blend of entertainment and education.

Sea of Love

“Sea of Love” is a heartwarming kids’ TV show that dives into the magical underwater world of friendship, adventure, and marine life. Join our young heroes as they explore the deep sea, solving mysteries, and learning valuable life lessons. With vibrant animation and captivating storytelling, it’s a delightful aquatic journey for young viewers.

Puffin Rock

“Puffin Rock” is an enchanting animated series that transports young viewers to a picturesque island off the coast of Ireland. The show follows Oona, a curious and kind-hearted puffin, as she embarks on delightful adventures with her brother, Baba, and their friends. With its gentle storytelling and stunning visuals, “Puffin Rock” is a captivating and educational treat for children.

Charlies Colorform City

“Charlie’s Colorform City” is a vibrant and imaginative animated series perfect for preschoolers. Charlie, a lovable character, uses his Colorforms – magical stickers – to bring the world around him to life. With its creative storytelling, interactive elements, and lessons on problem-solving, the show sparks young children’s creativity and curiosity.


“Arthur” is a beloved animated series that follows the adventures of an 8-year-old aardvark named Arthur Read. Set in the fictional town of Elwood City, the show portrays Arthur’s everyday life, school experiences, and interactions with family and friends. With its engaging stories and positive messages, “Arthur” has been praised for its educational value and entertainment for children of all ages.

Llama Llama

Llama Llama” is a heartwarming animated series based on the popular children’s book series by Anna Dewdney. The show centers around Llama Llama, a curious and lovable young llama, as he navigates various childhood experiences with the help of his family and friends. With its relatable themes and gentle life lessons, “Llama Llama” is a delightful and educational show for preschoolers.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

“Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom” is a delightful animated series that follows the adventures of Ben Elf, a young elf, and Holly Thistle, a fairy princess. Set in a magical world filled with enchanting creatures, the show showcases their playful escapades, problem-solving skills, and the importance of friendship and cooperation. With its charming characters and imaginative storytelling, “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom” captivates young audiences and encourages their creativity.

19 Calming (Low-Stimulating) Shows For Toddlers 2

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Twirly Woo’s

“Twirlywoos” is a popular British-Canadian children’s television series created by Anne Wood and Steve Roberts. The show features adorable, bird-like characters called Twirlywoos, who live on a big red boat and explore the human world with curiosity and wonder. Each episode follows their amusing and educational adventures as they interact with everyday objects and people, promoting learning through play and discovery. The show is known for its colorful animation, catchy music, and entertaining humor, making it a hit among preschool audiences.

Care Bears

If you’re looking for a great show to watch with your toddler, Care Bears is definitely worth considering! Here’s why:

First of all, the show is specifically designed with young children in mind. It’s full of bright colors, catchy tunes, and easy-to-follow storylines that are perfect for little ones.

But it’s not just fun – Care Bears also has a really positive message that focuses on kindness and empathy. These are important values that we want our kids to learn from an early age, and the show does a great job of promoting them in a way that’s easy for toddlers to understand.

Another great thing about Care Bears is that it’s all about emotions and social skills. By watching the characters work through their own emotional struggles, toddlers can learn a lot about how to recognize and manage their own feelings. And the emphasis on friendship and empathy can help them develop better relationships with others, too.


“Franklin” is an excellent low stimulating show for toddlers due to its gentle pacing and relatable themes. The animated series follows Franklin the turtle and his friends as they navigate everyday experiences, promoting emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and friendship. Its calm visuals and engaging storytelling offer a soothing and educational viewing experience for young children.

Little Bear

“Little Bear” is another fantastic low stimulating show for toddlers. This gentle animated series revolves around the adventures of Little Bear and his woodland friends, fostering imagination, kindness, and creativity. With its slow-paced storytelling, warm visuals, and emphasis on friendship and family, “Little Bear” provides a comforting and enriching viewing experience for young audiences.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” is a wonderful low stimulating show for toddlers. This animated series features the lovable giant dog, Clifford, and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, as they embark on heartwarming adventures. The show’s positive messages, simple animations, and slower pace make it ideal for young viewers, offering valuable lessons in friendship, kindness, and empathy.

Guess How Much I Love You

“Guess How Much I Love You” is a beautiful low stimulating show for toddlers. Based on the classic children’s book, the animated series follows the endearing adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare and his father, Big Nutbrown Hare. The show’s calming visuals, sweet storytelling, and themes of love and connection create a soothing and heartwarming experience for young viewers.

How Important Is It To Show Low Stimulating Shows to Toddlers

Showing low stimulating shows to toddlers is highly important for their overall well-being and development.

Toddlers’ brains are still developing, and exposure to excessive stimuli can overwhelm their senses and hinder cognitive growth. Low stimulating shows, with gentle visuals and calming content, promote healthy attention spans, emotional regulation, and creativity.

These programs encourage imaginative play, critical thinking, and language development without overloading young minds. Moreover, limiting high-stimulation content reduces the risk of adverse effects on sleep patterns and behavior.

By offering appropriate, age-specific shows, parents can create a balanced media experience that fosters learning, nurtures curiosity, and supports toddlers’ healthy growth and development.

What Makes a Show Overly Stimulating for a Toddler?

Several factors can make a show overly stimulating for a toddler:

  1. Fast-Paced Visuals: Rapidly changing scenes, flashy animations, and bright colors can overwhelm a toddler’s developing visual system, making it hard for them to focus or process information.
  2. Loud and Intense Sounds: High volume levels, loud music, and constant sound effects can be distressing to toddlers, leading to sensory overload and agitation.
  3. Chaotic and Busy Scenes: Shows with numerous characters and complex storylines can be difficult for toddlers to follow, causing confusion and frustration.
  4. Excessive Action and Violence: Programs with intense action or violence can be too emotionally intense for toddlers, making them anxious or scared.
  5. Repetitive and Overused Content: Endless repetition of songs, phrases, or actions can become monotonous, reducing a toddler’s interest and engagement.
  6. Lack of Predictability: Toddlers thrive on predictability and routine. Shows with unpredictable or jarring content can disrupt their sense of security.
  7. Excessive Screen Time: Prolonged exposure to screens, even with low-stimulation content, can lead to negative effects on attention spans and overall development.


What kid shows are not overstimulating?

“Bluey,” “Twirlywoos,” “Puffin Rock,” and “Llama Llama” are excellent examples of kid shows that are not overstimulating. These series strike a balance between gentle storytelling, calming visuals, and age-appropriate content, offering young viewers an engaging and educational experience without overwhelming them with excessive stimulation.

What shows are over stimulating for toddlers?

Shows that are overstimulating for toddlers often have fast-paced visuals, loud and constant sounds, rapid scene changes, and intense action sequences. Some examples may include highly animated action shows or programs with rapid editing and bright, flashing colors that could overwhelm young viewers’ senses and attention spans.

What is the best show for toddlers to fall asleep?

“The Goodnight Show” by Sesame Street is an ideal choice for toddlers to fall asleep. This calming and soothing program features classic Sesame Street characters engaging in bedtime routines, gentle storytelling, and lullabies. Its soft visuals and relaxing content help create a peaceful environment, making it easier for little ones to drift off to sleep.

Is CoComelon overstimulating?

CoComelon is well-known for its vibrant and colorful animation, which can lead to overstimulation in toddlers. The constant visual stimuli, coupled with the repetitive songs and fast-paced scenes, may overwhelm young viewers and impact their attention spans. Parents should consider monitoring screen time and opting for more calming shows to create a balanced viewing experience for their children.

How do you fix overstimulation in toddlers?

To address overstimulation in toddlers, create a calming environment with minimal distractions. Offer predictable routines and limit excessive screen time, loud noises, or chaotic activities. Encourage soothing activities like reading, gentle play, or spending time in nature. Pay attention to the child’s cues and provide a safe space for relaxation and emotional regulation.

Is Bluey Low stimulating?

Yes, “Bluey” is considered low stimulating for toddlers. The show features gentle storytelling, colorful but not overwhelming animation, and relatable family scenarios. It promotes imaginative play and emotional learning without excessive stimuli, making it an excellent choice for young viewers’ development and engagement.

What are signs of sensory overload in toddlers?

Signs of sensory overload in toddlers include covering their ears, avoiding eye contact, becoming irritable or restless, displaying repetitive behaviors, having meltdowns or tantrums, or seeking isolation. They may also become overly clingy or resistant to touch. Each child’s response may vary, so understanding their unique cues is essential for addressing sensory overload effectively.

19 Calming (Low-Stimulating) Shows For Toddlers 3

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