3 Important Things Your Child Needs To Hear From You

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Have you ever opened your mouth just to hear your parents speak? Being deliberate in what you say to and around your children may help shape who they become and how they interact with the world as they mature.

Here is a list of things you should say to your children on a frequent basis. It doesn’t matter how old they are; using these words and phrases in your relationship will enhance communication, boost self-esteem, and help your children grow up to be more resilient.

Things Your Child Needs To Hear From You

Simply by changing the way you communicate with your child, you may help them develop a good self-image and enhance your bond. Some parents, though, are stumped for words beyond “I love you.”

Try out these three life-changing phrases that every child should hear:

You Are Beautiful

It’s not the clothing or the hairdo that make your child attractive; it’s who they are as a person – as a one-of-a-kind individual.

Instead of saying, “You look stunning in that outfit,” add, “That dress is very vibrant!” Admire your children’s wonderful traits, such as kindness, patience, and compassion.

Make a remark on your children’s bright grin or expressive eyes.

You are Unique

It’s tempting to say, “I love all of my children equally,” but kids want to know that they are valued as individuals rather than as part of a group.

Make a point of sharing the characteristics that distinguish each kid; what you admire in each child, not as a source of competition or comparison, but as a source of real support. “You have a knack for making people laugh!” Alternatively, “I like reading with you.”

Your Opinion Is Important

Giving your child the opportunity to communicate, express their views, and convey how they feel creates trust and allows them to grow.

Demonstrate that you want your child to come to you when they have a problem through your behaviors. Listen to your child instead of giving them a lecture or correcting their incorrect view of an issue.

Assist them in thinking through the ramifications of a decision or how to properly communicate their feelings.

More Phrases You Can Tell Your Child

  1. I love you 
  2. I see you
  3. You matter 
  4. What you need matters 
  5. You are who you are, and that’s perfect 
  6. I trust you 
  7. I am proud of you 
  8. I am grateful for you 
  9. I believe in you 
  10. Don’t ever change

How You Talk To Your Child Matters

Will kids grow up to be self-assured individuals who understand their position in the world, that their wants and feelings matter, and that they have the freedom to express themselves authentically?

Will kids grow up trusting in themselves and their skills, understanding that they have the ability to change things that don’t work for them?

Knowing that they are not obligated to remain in a situation, a job, or a relationship that does not satisfy their needs?

Will kids grow up believing that they have aspirations and that they can achieve them if they put their hearts into it and use their talent?

Will kids realize that they have a place in the world, no matter “who” they are, as they grow up?

Will they be able to forgive themselves for their faults as they grow older? Will they be able to love themselves as they are as adults?

Will they grow up to love and accept all people the way they love and accept themselves? Will they be able to tell the difference between productive and destructive love?

Will they grow up to be happy and content people?

It is entirely up to you and the manner in which you communicate with your children.

Now, however, we have the skills, information, and awareness to do things differently. We have the ability to parent from the heart.

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