4 Dangerous Baby Products To Avoid Buying

4 Dangerous Baby Products To Avoid Buying

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A good baby room has safe furniture, but sometimes products that are deemed safe actually aren’t. Look at what products to avoid buying for your nursery.

You should always do your research before buying baby products. Often, there aren’t enough studies to guarantee that certain products are safe for babies. Let’s take a look at some dangerous baby products to avoid buying while you’re putting together your baby’s room.

Crib Bumpers

Many parents used to use crib bumpers to prevent head injuries in infants. However, in 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics changed its guidelines and recommended mesh crib liners instead. Mesh is still soft and smooth, and it doesn’t pose the risks of suffocation and strangulation that crib bumpers do.

Drop-Side Cribs

Parents have preferred drop-side cribs since the 1940s because they could easily pick up and put down their children. However, the government banned drop-side cribs in 2011 due to accidents. When enough force was placed on the drop bar, it could fall, bringing a child with it and causing injury. Strangulation and suffocation are also dangers of drop-side cribs.

Now that this crib style is banned, parents should opt for cribs with slats no more than six centimeters apart and a bar that doesn’t move. This safe distance between the slats protects infants from getting stuck or falling out. Also, pick a firm mattress for the crib.

Blankets and Pillows

Children often have their favorite blankets and pillows, but these items should not go into a crib whatsoever. If an infant were to lie face-down on either, they wouldn’t be able to turn themselves over. Instead, opt for blanket sleepers. These sleepers often feature quilted fabric to keep a baby warm. You could also use a sleep sack.

Changing Tables

A changing table isn’t always ideal because it may lack a safety strap for your wiggly baby as well as storage for essential items. Instead of a changing table, opt for a dresser and a changing tray. A good nursery dresser will be more functional for you and your baby, and you’ll also be able to transport the changing tray around the house if necessary. The best choice will have drawers that fit everything and offer enough space on top for a changing tray with a strap that keeps infants still.

Knowing which baby products are dangerous can help you know what to avoid buying, even as a new parent. Use this guide as research to find functional, safe furnishings for you and your bundle of joy. After you’ve explored the many baby products, you can build a safer nursery.

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