Tips for Preparing for Your Baby's First Outing

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Baby’s First Outing: Tips and Ideas

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As you prepare for your baby’s first outing, you’ll need to decide on the ideal place and time, pack the diaper bag, and ensure your baby’s safety.

Having a baby is an incredible part of life that also comes with many new challenges. One of those difficulties is getting out of the house with the newest member of your family. It can be daunting, but with a bit of planning, it can turn into a fun and enriching experience for you and your child. Understand how to prepare for your baby’s first outing to ensure you have a fun time out together.

Start With Easy Outings

As a new parent, it’s natural to want to get out and explore the world with your baby. Think about nearby places you can visit, such as a close relative’s home. A trip to the grandparents provides a safe environment for your baby that you have control over. You’ll also feel more comfortable breastfeeding when it’s mealtime. 

During the outing, remember that you’re not in a rush. Instead, take your time to stroll so your little one can relax in their carrier. You should strive to keep the journey short—you’ll gradually increase the time out as your baby gets used to the great outdoors. Taking things slowly at first allows both of you to enjoy these outings and create lasting memories.

Carefully Pack the Diaper Bag

When you’re preparing for your short trip with your baby, make sure you pack the essential items into the diaper bag. Aside from the expected supplies like diapers and wipes, make sure you bring a blanket for your newborn. Babies sleep a lot, and if yours needs a nap during your time out, they should feel cozy and comfortable.

Pro Tip

Packing a blanket is also important if you visit public locations and need to breastfeed your baby. Although the task is completely natural, it can feel like you’re exposing a part of yourself. With a blanket, you can keep yourself and your newborn covered as they feed. You can also opt for a nursing blanket that’s specifically designed to make this task easier.

Protect Your Little One

Keeping a baby safe is always a top priority, so avoid crowded areas where there may be many people and loud noises. Strangers may want to say hello to your adorable infant, but it’s best to decline, since you don’t know what kind of germs they may be carrying. Many parents also have strollers with protective covers to keep their babies safe from pollen, pesky insects, and stray germs.

Another tip to help you prepare for your baby’s first outing is to pick the right time of day to go out. Experienced parents recommend walking during the early hours of morning or evening, when it’s not as hot in the summer, and while there’s still daylight during the colder seasons.

Pro Tip

Don’t head out until after you’ve changed and fed your baby. This helps lessen the risk of them cooing for one of these needs soon after you leave the house.

Bring a Walking Buddy

Taking your baby out for a walk can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking for any parent. Bring your partner or another immediate family member along for an extra set of hands to help carry everything your baby needs. They can also assist if you need to change or feed your infant during the outing. 

Walking is more fun when you go as a family unit! It’s time to plan your first outing with your baby, so they can begin exploring our fascinating world. 

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