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9 Calming Bedtime Games Toddlers Love

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How to make sleep much easier, as well as the best strategies to build connection and calm at the end of the day.

After a long day with your toddler, bedtime can be stressful. These games are sure to calm your little one down before bedtime.

games to calm your little one down before bedtime

It’s time to calm down your little one. Bedtime is a stressful time for toddlers, and it’s important to be able to walk them through their bedtime routine without any meltdowns.

These games will teach your child how to relax and put their mind at ease by focusing on calming activities. These games will help them get ready for bed, so that they can drift off into a peaceful sleep when it’s time for lights out!

1. Glow in the dark bubbles

  • Use a bowl and spoon to mix two tablespoons of water, one tablespoon of liquid soap, and one tablespoon of Borax.
  • Add a few drops of glow in the dark paint to this mixture (make sure it’s non-toxic!)
  • Pour the mixture into a container with a lid for storage. It should sit for several hours or overnight if you don’t want to make it right away before your toddler can play with it.
  • Blow bubbles with your toddler! You can try blowing different shapes together as well as making them disappear using other toys like feathers or fans!

2. Night sky sensory bin

A night sky sensory bin is a great way to help your toddler settle down at the end of the day. It’s also a great way to share an interest in astronomy with them!

You’ll need:

  • A bin (or large bowl) for each child you are making this for
  • Dried pasta or rice (about 2 cups per bin)
  • Black and white paint/construction paper, cut into small squares
  • A variety of small toys that fit inside the bin, such as plastic dinosaurs or toy cars

3. Build a pillow fort

Building a pillow fort is a great way to let your toddler de-stress at the end of the day. Pillows, blankets, and sheets are all you need to build this cozy space that will make bedtime feel like an adventure rather than a chore. If you want to get really fancy with it—and we do recommend this—you can even add in some soft lights, a blanket tent and maybe even some bubbles!

While most kids love building pillow forts in their bedrooms (or living room if they’re lucky enough), there’s no reason why you can’t build one together in other places too. For example:

  • On top of the dining table during dinner time (raise your hand if you’ve done this before!).
  • Underneath their bed covers (yes!).
  • In front of the TV (no surprises here).

You can also use a fort kit like this to create forts at home.

4. Pillow maze

Pillow maze is a fun game that can help children sleep better. The basic idea is to create a maze on the floor using pillows and then have your toddler navigate it before bedtime.

To play:

  • Place one or more pillows on the floor in any random pattern you like to create your “maze.” This could look like an actual maze, or it could just be some lines connecting several different spots on the floor—whatever makes sense for where you are playing!
  • Then let your child crawl through it when they’re ready for bedtime (or whenever else you’d like them to use this method). This may seem silly at first—and it really is kind of silly!—but don’t underestimate how much fun toddlers can have crawling through things, whether they make sense or not.”

5. Indoor obstacle course

If you have a small space in your home, you and your toddler can create an obstacle course. Grab cushions, pillows and blankets to make the obstacle course. You can use a play mat on the floor as well.

With fun music playing (or the sound of crickets chirping), have your child jump over each obstacle with their eyes closed. Then, turn off all the lights so that it’s pitch black for a few minutes—this will add another element of fun!

Afterward, turn on a flashlight (or some other source of light) and do it again for another round! This activity is great for strengthening their legs as well as encouraging them to pay attention to what they’re doing when they’re moving through unfamiliar terrain in darkness or with limited visibility around them

6. Kitchen utensils bucket band

You’ll need:

  • A bucket
  • Various utensils to fill the bucket with (spoons, ladles, whisks)
  • Timer or clock

7. Bath time play-dough fun

This is a great activity for toddlers who are at least two years old, but it’s also the kind of thing that can be done with babies.

All you need is some flour, water, and an egg. Separate the egg into its yolk and white parts and add them to a bowl along with enough flour (about 1/2 cup) to make a paste that looks like lumpy mashed potatoes.

Knead until smooth—or as smooth as you can get it—then roll out into snake shapes or balls that your toddler can play with. If they’re not interested in playing with their creations right away, just let them dry overnight so they’ll be stiffer when play time rolls around again tomorrow night!

For cleanup after bath time fun: use damp paper towels or rags soaked in warm water to wipe away any excess dough; then have fun trying new recipes until your little one grows bored of this activity!

8. Bed time yoga poses

Calm your toddler before bed with these basic yoga poses.

Bed time yoga poses are a great way for your child to relax and calm down before bedtime, or even during the day if they are having trouble focusing. Yoga helps children learn how to focus on their breathing, which can help them stay calm when things get hectic. Plus, stretching is always good for anyone!

If you have never done yoga before yourself or with your child, the best place to start is with a few beginner poses like downward dog (or Table Pose) or cat/cow pose (which loosens up the back). Once you’re comfortable with those exercises, try incorporating some of these more advanced poses into your routine:

  • Tree pose – This pose helps kids strengthen their core while also working on balance and coordination skills as they stand on one leg at a time while holding onto something stable like a wall behind them or another person’s hand. The entire body will be engaged in this exercise as well as focused on building strength through both legs at once without letting go until it’s time for our next move!

9. Star play-dough mat activity

A star play-dough mat is a great option for toddlers, who are often interested in making things with their hands. This activity uses cookie cutters to make different shapes and adds a fun twist by using food coloring to make different colors. You can also use glitter for sparkle!

To get started, you’ll need:

  • play dough – any color or scent of your choosing!
  • cookie cutters (you could also use small containers or other round objects like plastic cups)
  • paintbrush or cotton swabs with water

Try these fun activities at night after a long day with your toddler

  • Make a list of things that your toddler likes to do.
  • Put the list in a jar or baggie and shake it up.
  • Take turns pulling out one thing from the list and doing it together, then put it back in the container.


Although night time can be a stressful time for toddlers, there are ways to help them relax. Try these fun activities at night after a long day with your toddler. You’ll both enjoy your bedtime routine more if it’s filled with laughter and joy!

Having trouble getting your toddler to bed? Check out these 9 calming bedtime games that your little one will love. From sensory play to storytelling, these games will help create a peaceful bedtime routine for your toddler. Say goodbye to bedtime struggles and hello to sweet dreams with these fun and effective games. #bedtimeforkids #calmingbedtimegames #toddlerbedtime #parentingtips

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