The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Venues: Ideas for Every Style and Budget

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The baby shower is a celebration of the arrival of your new bundle of joy, and it’s a great opportunity to show off how much you love the baby-to-be.

While there are many options available for venues, you want to make sure that they are going to be able to accommodate your group and help make it truly memorable. In this article we will go over some popular places for baby showers and how each one can add that special touch!

How To Pick The Best Place For Your Baby Shower

When picking a venue for your baby shower, consider these factors:

  • Is the venue comfortable for all guests?
  • Is the venue easy to find?
  • Is the venue safe?
  • How much does it cost (and how much will you have to spend on decorating)?

Also, think about if kids are allowed or not—because if so, some venues may be better than others. Also, keep in mind that some venues may not have kitchens and require you to bring in food from elsewhere or hire catering services.

A hotel

A hotel is a great choice for a baby shower, especially if you’re hosting the event in your home town and don’t want to drive far. You can rent out a conference room or ballroom at the hotel, depending on how many people will be attending and how much space you need. If you only need a small amount of space, there are also smaller rooms available that may be perfect for your needs!


Churches often have large, open spaces that make them ideal for hosting parties. They generally have a lot of room for food and gifts as well. Additionally, churches will usually be free to use or at a minimal cost if they charge at all. You can also ask to see if they have a kitchen you can use to prepare food in advance.

A restaurant

If your friends and family are looking for a central location where everyone can meet up, a restaurant is the perfect option.

You’ll have ample space to spread out, and with food and drinks served on the premises, there’s no need to worry about organizing catering or finding a caterer. The service could also make all of your guests feel more comfortable than they would at home. As for ambiance? Restaurants have tons of ways to make their spaces feel warm and inviting—with chandeliers and big windows that let in natural light (or even just dim lights) at night!

At The Pool

You’re not the only one who’s had a baby shower in your backyard. If you have a pool, there are lots of reasons why it might be the perfect place to hold your party.

  • Pool parties feel more informal than others, so they’re great if you want to keep things low-key or don’t have much space for people to mingle.
  • They can be held at any time of year, which means that no matter what kind of weather is happening outside (or how many guests show up), your party will still go on without any problems!
  • They’re also very popular with young families during their summer vacations because they know they’ll have fun while keeping cool under their umbrellas.”

Community Center

The Community Center is a good place to host a baby shower if you’re looking for somewhere that’s affordable, but still in a nice area. If you’re looking for more of an elegant setting, this might not be the best choice.

A National Park

National parks are great places to hold a baby shower. They’re beautiful, scenic and have great food services.

They also have wonderful views of trees and waterfalls. The scenery is so spectacular that you may not even want to leave your table!

Plus, national parks offer a wide variety of options for your event—you could celebrate at the visitor center, on top of a mountain or by the lake.


A backyard baby shower is a great choice if you want to keep the costs low and your guests close. It also gives you lots of opportunities to be creative with decorations and games.

  • Decorations – If you’re having your party in someone’s backyard, it’s probably already decorated in some way. But if not, don’t worry! You can make it look like a magical fairyland by hanging colorful streamers from tree branches or using fabric bunting to decorate a fence around the perimeter of the space. The best part about these decorations is that they’re inexpensive and disposable—and if things get too messy at the end of the party, then nobody will mind tossing them away!
  • Games – Depending on what time of year it is when your baby shower rolls around, there might be other things going on outdoors besides just having fun with friends and family members: maybe there’s also gardening happening nearby! So why not combine those two activities into one game? For example: guess how many seeds are in this bag (then count them together), or predict which flower will grow first when planted at certain times during its life cycle (then see whose predictions came true). This kind of activity could work well for both adults who are interested in learning more about nature as well as kids who don’t really care much either way but still want something fun while they’re outside during their break from school/work.

Your home

Hosting a baby shower at your home can be fun, economical and very personal. Decorating your house to match the theme of the shower is an easy way to create a memorable experience for all of your guests. You don’t have to worry about finding a venue that meets everyone’s needs; you can choose any type or theme that fits with the mom-to-be’s personality and passions.

Making food yourself is also cost effective, but it can be hard if you’re hosting a large party (especially if this isn’t something you do regularly). If this sounds like your situation, consider asking friends and family members who love cooking or baking to bring dishes—it’ll save money on food costs while still providing delicious tastes! And if things really get crazy at home with such an event taking place in full swing? Consider having everyone pitch in by bringing their own dish instead of paying for food tickets beforehand. This way everyone gets exactly what they want (and not feel obligated) when it comes time for dinner!

Banquet Hall

A banquet hall is a large room that accommodates a sizable number of guests at one time. Banquet halls are commonly used for weddings, birthdays, and other events. They usually have tables and chairs set up in rows with a stage at the front where speakers or entertainers perform.

If you’re looking for an alternative venue for your baby shower that offers more space than your dining room, then the banquet hall should be on your list of places to consider.

A Garden

A garden is a great place to host a baby shower. Gardens are beautiful, elegant, and have a natural feel to them. They are also great for an outdoor event because they give you the opportunity to enjoy nature by having your party outdoors instead of being stuck indoors all day long.

Country Club

A country club is an excellent venue for a baby shower. Country clubs often feature many activities and amenities that guests will enjoy. The space itself can be used to host the party, as well as provide ample space for other activities such as games or craft tables.

If you are looking for a venue that offers plenty of space, food options, and activities for your guests then consider hosting your baby shower at a private country club in your area.


A barn is a great place for a baby shower. They’re usually large and have plenty of seating, and can be decorated to look like the nursery with lots of pink and white streamers, or any other colors you want. Plus, they’re usually free or very cheap to rent!

If you do decide to hold your baby shower at a barn, make sure there are no animals in sight. Otherwise, it could scare them off while people are trying to eat their cake!


A spa is a great place to throw a baby shower! You can do a spa party, have a spa day, do a spa weekend or even just have a relaxing retreat at home. Whichever way you want to go with it, everyone will enjoy the day and you’ll be able to relax knowing that everything went well.

Nail Salon

Have you ever been to a nail salon? You should go, because they’re awesome. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the environment is relaxing, and they have all kinds of fun games to play with your friends (and maybe even your baby). If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your next baby shower, check out your local nail salon!

An ideal location for any type of event—especially super girly ones—nail salons are great venues for hosting a baby shower. Whether it’s showcasing new products or giving current customers an opportunity to relax and unwind on their day off from work, there are plenty of reasons why this would be a great choice. Plus if you go during one of their designated “bedtime hours,” when most people have gone home or left for the evening, this will allow you even more time at the salon without feeling rushed by other customers who may not understand what’s going on (or who might just be looking at all those pretty colors).

In addition to being able to bring in food if needed (which saves money), having your nails done while there gives guests some downtime during which they can catch up with each other as well as chat with professionals about what’s going on in their lives right now–even though it might seem like nothing more than just sitting still while getting pampered!

Art Studio

You’re hosting the baby shower for a mom who has always dreamed of being a painter, and now she’s about to be one! The theme of your event should be art. You can decorate the room with paintings by local artists, which can also double as party favors. If you’d like to have something more interactive at your venue, consider hiring a painter to teach guests how to paint canvases or murals on their own time.

Whether you are having your baby shower outdoors or indoors depends on what type of festivities you want at your location. For example: If you would prefer a picnic-style lunch where guests can mingle and play games with each other while eating their meals together (rather than sit down at tables), then choosing an outdoor place like a park or garden would create the perfect atmosphere for this type of experience while still keeping it inside since there will probably be rain threatening outside throughout most parts of springtime until early summer months start coming around again next year!


Museums are a great place to have a baby shower. A museum is the perfect venue for your baby shower, and it’s an ideal choice if you’re looking to host an event that involves history, art, or culture.

HOA Clubhouse

HOAs are community associations, usually located in the suburbs. They maintain their own clubhouse with a pool, gym and other facilities that members can use for free. Members pay an annual fee to belong to the HOA and get access to these amenities.

Your best bet is to start at the local government website and see if they have any listings of HOAs in your area. You can also look up “community association” or “homeowner association” on Google Maps and see if any pop-up nearby! If you don’t see anything there, try searching for specific neighborhoods on sites like Nextdoor or Yelp (be sure not to spam them too much though). You might be surprised by all those hidden gems out there!


Libraries are a great place for a baby shower. They’re quiet, which means you can talk without being overheard, and they have tables and chairs so you can set up a nice spread. Plus, libraries have books and magazines to look at.

When planning your library baby shower venue, be sure to check with the library first about their rules regarding decorations and food. Most libraries will ask that you leave all food outside or in the car unless it’s part of an organized event or event space rental package–and even then, some libraries might charge an extra fee for additional food brought in from outside parties (like yours).

Tea Room

Tea rooms are a great place to have a baby shower. They’re often quaint and cozy, decorated with antique china and tea sets, teapots, floral arrangements and other items that make them feel like an elegant home away from home. The ambiance of tea rooms makes them ideal for hosting showers as you and your guests can enjoy the experience of sipping on steaming cups of tea while enjoying one another’s company.


Another great option is a bed and breakfast. B&Bs are often in beautiful locations, and they often have a lot of character and charm. It’s also more affordable than other venues. A weekend away from the city can be a great way for your friends to relax before the baby arrives!

Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop terraces are a great place for baby showers. Rooftop terraces are large, and they often have a nice view of the city, which makes them airy spaces that provide plenty of room for guests to move around. Some rooftop terraces even have fire pits or hot tubs on their roofs!


You may be thinking, “What a unique idea! I’ve never thought about having a baby shower on a farm.” You’re right. It’s not the typical location for a baby shower, but it can be the perfect one!

There are many options when it comes to having your party at a farm. You may have already heard of some places that offer this service—they often advertise themselves as something like “Party in the Country” or “Farm Fun.” These venues rent out their farms and allow guests to use them for parties, events and other gatherings. Most farms have animals as well: cows, pigs and chickens are common animals you’ll find on farms.

Some people may think that they won’t like going to such an event because they don’t really want to see any animals. Other than the fact that there will probably be lots of snacks available (and who doesn’t love snacks?) these parties can be quite fun! Many times there will be music playing or performers singing live music at the party too which makes everything even more enjoyable for all involved. Imagine sitting around outdoors with fresh air blowing through your hair while listening to great music being played live by professionals outside next door! Who wouldn’t want that kind of experience?

At The Beach

A beach baby shower is an excellent way to celebrate the coming of a new life, but it can be costly. While the beach is beautiful, you will likely have to pay a fee for renting out space in the area and then pay for food and drink as well. If you are hosting your own beach baby shower, make sure that there are plenty of places nearby where people can park their cars so they don’t have to drive far from their vehicles when carrying heavy items from home or lugging presents through sand and dirt.

If anyone asks how much it costs to rent out space at the beach for a party like this one was supposed to be held at, be honest about what you paid per person before answering any other questions about pricing–they’ll probably want some kind of discount anyway once they hear about how much money went into making everything perfect!

At The Lake

This is a great option if you are looking for a place where you can take pictures on the lake. There are also plenty of activities that you can do while at the lake, like having a campfire or swimming theme.

Don’t Forget Virtual Baby Showers

A virtual baby shower is an online event that takes place on a website or social media platform. As the host of the virtual baby shower, you’ll invite your friends and family to visit the site where you have posted information about the guest of honor—and asked them to contribute gifts for her.

As this type of party has grown in popularity, many sites have emerged as hosts for virtual showers. Some sites allow guests to make their purchases through an integrated shopping cart; others allow guests to donate money through PayPal or other payment systems; still others require guests to buy gift cards in specific amounts (such as $50) and mail them directly to you or mail themselves so that they can be delivered by postal mail or UPS/FedEx ground service.

It’s important that when planning your virtual shower event, especially if there are multiple people helping with planning and execution, that everyone knows exactly what needs doing at what time so that everything runs smoothly! For example: If people are going out shopping for items on Amazon (which is a great way for busy people who live far away from each other), then it would be helpful if someone took responsibility for purchasing those items off Amazon (or whatever site is being used). This person should know what items need buying based on what was requested by all invited guests before starting shopping.”

Try A Drive-By Baby Shower

This is a great choice for an expectant mom who’s immune compromised, or if you’re concerned about your guests getting sick. Guests can drive by and drop off their gifts without having to face the possible discomfort of being around a bunch of other people at a party thrown just for them.

The best time to have one of these would be at night, when there will be fewer cars on the road and less traffic. You can also do it in broad daylight during non-peak times (such as before or after work).


After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what the best places are for your baby shower. If the venue is more important than anything else then you should consider going with something like a hotel. If it’s not too important then maybe one of these other options would be better suited instead.

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