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Best Parenting Blogs You Must Read In 2021

Best Parenting Blogs You Must Read In 2021

The best parenting blogs 2021 edition!

There are many resources out there to help you with your parenting journey, but mom blogs are my favorite.

While many moms aren’t trained therapists and experts, they do offer insight based on real life parenting challenges that they themselves have often faced.

Since there are so many mom blogs out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are great and worthwile to read.

Enjoy this list of best mom blogs to read in 2021.

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The Best Parenting Blogs

  1. The Pragmatic Parent
  2. Parenting For Brain
  3. Tired Mom Supermom
  4. Self-Sufficient Kids
  5. Lemon Lime Adventures
  6. What Moms Love
  7. Happy You Happy Life
  8. Smart Mom Ideas
  9. A Mother Far From Home
  10. Family Felicity
  11. The Military Wife and Mom
  12. Paper Heart Family
  13. Seaside Sundays
  14. Your Modern Family
  15. Playful Notes
  16. Pint-Sized Treasures
  17. My Brave Guide
  18. This N That Parenting
  19. Kids N Clicks
  20. Messy Yet Lovely
  21. Mommy On Purpose
  22. Baby Gadget List
  23. Very Anxious Mommy
  24. Aha Parenting

The Pragmatic Parent

Corinne at the Pragmatic parent writes about positive parenting which helps you feel connected with your children and helps you remain calm when life throws curveballs your way. She writes about staying calm, helping your children learn to listen and even tackles common sleep problems to help you in your parenting journey.

Parenting For Brain

Pamela at Parenting for brain writes about common parenting struggles in order to help parents raise healthy and happy children who are successful and well adjusted.

Pamela is an author of the best-selling book “Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs where she offers advice on how to stop the terrible two’s from becoming terrible and turning terrific.

Tired Mom Supermom

Well you got me, Tired Mom Supermom is my blog. Not to toot my own horn, but I had to add it to the list.

I am a parent of 3 children and I love to write about positive parenting in an easy to understand manner to help parents through tough situations at home. My overall goal is to write from the heart and avoid confusing terminology to help parents process the information that they are reading and apply it to real life quickly.

I gained most of my knowledge from an online parenting course called “positive parenting solutions”.

If you want to become a positive parent, I definitely recommend taking the course. Read my in-depth review of positive parenting solutions here.

Self-Sufficient Kids

Kerry at Self-Sufficient Kids is a mom of 2 tween and teen girls and has gone through some tough corners of parenting. Kerry talks about creating a parenting balance between being strict and firm, yet loving and gentle. Karen also is a certified positive discipline parent educator, which makes her a very good source of information.

Lemon Lime Adventures

Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures is a bestselling author of 2 books and her blog gets 3 million visitors a year. (Definitely a dream of mine!) Dayna is an excellent teacher and has helped over 200, 000 parents gain control of difficult behaviour using the Calm To Chaos framework which she has created.

What Moms Love

If you love a good parenting blog that talks about it all, then what moms love is a good one for you. What moms love is a destination for modern and savvy moms. Most of the content on this website is about lightening the load on your shoulders and keeps you up to date on parenting products, best gift guides and friendly recipes that your children will enjoy. This blog highlights all the things that moms love, and is definitely one of the best parenting blogs.

Happy You Happy Family

Kelly is a mom of four beautiful children and is a certified parenting educator as well as an author of a book called Happy You, Happy Family. She advocates for self-care and filling your cup so you can be the best parent you can be and nurture a loving parent-child relationship. Kelly is all about building a home with children that children will want to come back to without sacrificing personal needs.

Smart Mom Ideas

Elna is a wonderful author of many powerful websites, and smart mom ideas is one of her golden gems. Elna writes about Pregnancy and being a mommy on Smart Mom Ideas. Elna is a mom of twins, and she sure has her hands full!

Elna also writes on where she teaches other moms how to become bloggers and earn a living.

A Mother Far From Home

A beautiful blog is written by a beautiful person, a mother far from home is one of the best parenting blogs out there today. Rachel is a mom of 5 and a child sleep consultant too. She is also a language of listening coach and has a BA and MS too. She writes about turning your chaotic life with children into a calm and peaceful household. Enjoy parenthood and read Rachel’s great tips on parenting and motherhood.

Family Felicity

A personal favorite blog which I couldn’t leave off the list of best parenting blogs is Family Felicity. This is a blog about motherhood and family life. Brenda talks about self care for moms and also features activities for children on the blog.

The Military Wife and Mom

Laren is a wonderful writer, and I relate to her often. She writes about the chaos of parenting and created a safe space on the internet for parents to turn to in time of need. This website is full of peaceful parenting resources which help foster the parent-child relationship. She shares tips on handling strong-willed children and battling strong emotions.

Paper Heart Family

Brenda is a mom of 2 and the author of Paper Heart Family. She shares information you need to read that is well researched and accurate from pregnancy to baby and bey9nd. She provides real-life information about baby sleep, breastfeeding and everything in between. Paper Heart Family is a must-read mom blog and definitely one of the best parenting blogs on the block.

Seaside Sundays

An all-around lifestyle blog, seaside Sundays has a wonderful parenting section that you will enjoy reading. There is information to help with baby training, breastfeeding and pumping as well as saving money when your family is growing and help and advice for getting free baby stuff online. No to mention an array of toddler crafts and activities too.

Your Modern Family

Becky at Your Modern Family is a wife, teacher, play therapist and child developmentalist. She writes about family life, motherhood and marriage too. She hopes to help you build a home-based on love and respect.

Playful Notes

Raluca at Playful Notes is a wonderful human being is so full of love and joy. I can just tell from her writing style. I am on her email list, and you should be on it too. She provides families with fun ideas on how to spend quality time together. I love it because she gets pretty specific and with life being SO busy, I love having ideas in front of me so I don’t really have to think about these things.

I can’t tell you how much I love Playful Notes, it is most certainly one of the best parenting blogs out there.

Pint-Sized Treasures

Allison is a mom of 6 little people and is the author of Pint-Sized Treasures. She really covers all the topics the moms need in their lives such as recipes, marriage tips, parenting tips and awesome activities to keep kids busy. Pint-Sized Treasures is not a blog to be missed, check it out!

My Brave Guide

A relatively new blog on the block is My Brave Guide. Ruth is the author of My Brave Guide and has her master’s in counselling and has worked with families in crises. She is also a foster parent and an elementary teacher! Go Ruth!

My Brave Guide is all about offering guidance and resources for parents who have children who struggle with managing their emotions. Ruth has an abundance of parenting resources that help parents navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis.

This N That Parenting

Shelly over at This N That Parenting is a close personal friend of mine, and we met each other because of our interests in positive parenting! Cool right?

Shelly loves to help parents by guiding them through raising confident and emotionally balanced children without the use of violence such as spanking and yelling. I’m totally on board with all the information Shelly writes about, and you should check it out too.

Kids N Clicks

Kids N Clicks is a blog which focuses on growth mindset, internet safety and building confidence in children. It is full of good information on how to keep your children safe online in this digital age. This website is also full of screen free activities to keep your kids busy too. Definitely worth checking out!

Messy Yet Lovely

Waheeda is the author of Messy Yet Lovely and she writes about parenting, self-improvement and even travel. She has a passion for positive parenting and wishes to change people’s minds on the traditional conventional parenting methods. She is a big advocate for treating children fairly and not harming them physically and emotionally.

Waheeda is my kind of person, and I fully support her blog.

Mommy On Purpose

Carly over at Mommy On Purpose is a wonderful writer and she writes about all things moms endure. From pregnancy information to handling anxiety and even some cute storage organization tips, she covers many of the most popular mommy topics you might be looking for. Beyond parenting and mommy tips, Carly also teachers others how to blog and how to master Pinterest too.

Baby Gadget List

Baby Gadget List is a new blog to the block, but it is a fabulous resource for new parents who are looking to purchase baby gear. Some baby gear is not required, and some products are better than others. If you are reviewing baby products before you make a purchase or have questions about When To Start Buying Baby Stuff, then definitely check out the best parenting blog baby gadget list.

Very Anxious Mommy

Heather writes about parenting children with Autism! I love her content and her writing style too. Her work is very easy to understand. I really love that Heather writes about children’s activities, green living and healthy recipes too. Very Anxious Mommy is a must-read parenting blog for sure.

Aha Parenting

Aha parenting is a wonderful resource for parents who want to transform their child’s behaviour and even their own behaviour. It has articles on specific challenges you may be facing and many tips to help you handle difficult behaviour. This website is written by Dr. Laura Markham who is a trained Clinical Psychologist and a mom! She also provides tools for parents to help parents regulate emotions and use coaching instead of controlling parenting methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parenting Blogs

Are Parenting Blogs Profitable

If you want to become a blogger, the parenting niche is a good one to get into. Mom blogs that talk about babies and parenting tend to do very well.

What is a parenting blog?

Parenting blogs are articles online on a single website where parents like you write about their parenting journeys in hopes of helping someone else out with parenting struggles. Parenting blogs are often voices of mothers who have been there, done that and are a wonderful resource for new parents.

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