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The Best Sleep Clocks For Toddlers [And Why You Might Want To Get One]

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The best clocks that help toddlers stay in bed and establish a better bedtime routine!

If you are looking to improve toddler sleep and help your early riser stay in bed, then you need to find the best sleep clocks for toddler to help you out.

Sleep is important and it benefits every member of the family. If you don’t get enough sleep, your work and life can be affected. Unfortunately toddlers aren’t so in tune with their sleep needs and we need to guide them towards healthy sleep habits with a nap timer and other sleep cues.

Toddler sleep clocks can help your child with visual and sound signals to help create cues for nap, night sleep and wake up times. Just as you train a newborn to sleep at night and not during the day, you have to guide a toddler for healthy sleep too.

Toddler sleep clocks can help make nap time, quiet time and night sleep a more manageable and positive experience and hone self-regulation skills.

These toddler sleep clocks are awesome visual aids to guide your little one to better and healthier sleep.

The best sleep clocks for toddlers is the Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine!

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What Is A Toddler Sleep Clock

A toddler sleep clock is a training clock that can help your little one determine if 4 am is a good time to wake up or not. It provides sleeping cues and colors which can help lengthen naps.

They also help with transitioning your little one from a crib to a toddler bed. It’s a trainer clock, an ok-to-wake clock, and it lets our little ones know when it is ok to get out of bed when they don’t know how to tell time.

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Guide: Best Toddler Sleep Clocks

Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine, Night Light, Time-to-Rise plus Audio Monitor

The Hatch Sound Machine Nightlight is a great tool for new parents. It can be used for the newborn stages as a sound machine, in the toddler stages as a sleep trainer and in the older ages as a night light. It’s a tool that can grow with your child.

The sound machine has a select library of sleep-inducing sounds and lullabies which help kids doze off to sleep.

The night light has a rainbow of colors which you can choose from to create an ambiance perfect for sleep in your little one’s bedroom.

You can also set programs to help your child understand when it is time for a nap, bed, or time to wake.

There is also a two-way audio monitor which allows you to check in and speak to your little one, and they can speak back to you if needed.

The LED clock is there to help your little one understand time concepts. this feature can be turned off completely or dimmed in order to not be an annoyance at night.

This system automatically adjusts to daylight savings time, so you don’t need to adjust it manually when the time comes.

This cute little sleep trainer is Alexa enabled, which allows you to change the light and sound patterns without lifting a finger. If you need to, this little unit can be used cord-free on battery power for quick naps and as a backup for power outages.

Bunny Kids Alarm Clock

This adorable little rabbit clock is an affordable toddler sleep clock that is packed with fun and practical features such as the digital clock display.

There is a 12 or 24-hour display so your child can get used to looking at the digital time which will help with establishing a sleep routine.

The temperature sensor inside can measure temperature automatically and switch between °C / °F, which can help you ensure your young children are dressed properly for the night.

The alarm clock portion has R1/ R2 dual alarm system which can help your toddler wake up for the morning and from naps as well.

This toddler alarm clock is also a nightlight which is a soft light that helps your little one drift off into slumber.

The automatic screen saver can be activated by sound and vibration. When sound is detected, the display screen will light up, after 15 seconds, it will automatically close the display.

With a strong magnet, it can be attached to the refrigerator or any other iron parts, you can also place the desktop for easy timing and viewing.

this cute bunny design can also make your child be excited about this toddler sleep clock which can help the transition from early waking easier.

Gro Clock

The Gro clock is a sleep system that is very popular and has been proven successful in training toddlers to stay in bed longer.

Starting with bedtime, you can read your child the “Sleepy Farm” book which comes with the clock which explains to the toddler what the stars and in around the moon on the face of the clock mean.

This ok to wake clock has a screen display that shows the stars for the night and the sun for a day to make it easy for children to understand the clock.

The stars fade during bedtime to help your child understand that it is nearing sleep time.

There is an alarm so you can use it to help your little one get up in the morning or from a nap and you can set weekend and weekday alarms.

This is a very basic and simple to use system that has been proven to be effective in helping your toddler wake up, or sleep later as well as go to sleep more peacefully.

LittleHippo Mella

The littlehippo mella ready toddler sleep clock is a functional top-rated alarm clock with a digital display that can help you through those toddler years.

It is easy to understand and super simple to program too.

There are colors and facial expressions which help your little one know when it is time to wake up and when they should stay in bed.

The additional features are 3 sound options and 5 night light colors as well. The three-alarm sounds and both an alarm and silent countdown for timed activities for older children.

This is a good alarm clock for older kids too so it can really grow with your child for a long time.

Made up of child-safe ABS and silicone, this alarm clock is FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH and CPSIA approved.

LittleHippo’s mission is to create beautiful, modern children’s products. LittleHippo designs products that customers wouldn’t necessarily think were children’s products at first glance, yet still bring delight to children everywhere. With LittleHippo products, parenthood just got easier.
We love hearing from fellow parents who have had success with our products and bringing joy to little ones!

In 2016, our family saw a gap in the market for well-made children’s electronic products. We were looking for a children’s clock and realized everything was cheaply made or unreasonably expensive. After 2 years in development, we launched our idea on Kickstarter and raised 300% our funding goal!
As parents ourselves, we are always looking for ways to make the job of parenting easier.
Because we’re a small family-owned business, we consistently seek feedback and listen to you. As a result, we are always improving our products over the years!

My Tot Clock

The My Tot Clock is a premier toddler sleep clock and is a great parenting tool for families that have smaller children.

There are 5 colors on the clock face to help toddlers understand time. Blue light is bedtime, Yellow light is for wake-up time, Cyan light is for nap time, Green light is for a fun time and Red light is for quiet time or time out.

This clock has bedtime stories, lullabies, white noise and plays music as well.

You can change the faceplate on this clock too which makes it a fun experience for your child. The main model that ships have a star and moon faceplate but you can buy Dora the explorer, teenage mutant ninja turtles or dinosaur train faceplates too.

There are also energy saver features, weekend wake time features, hidden parent controls, and digital clock displays.

I love that you can customize the look of this sleep trainer clock, and even use the different lights to signal quiet time, nap time, and bedtime too.

Skip Hop Dream & Shine Toddler Sleep Trainer

The Skip Hop Dream & Shine Toddler Sleep Trainer is a cute cloud design and is perfect for a baby or toddler bedroom. The cloud lights up with simple to read and follow visual cue for little ones.

Red light means is time for bed, Green light means it is ok to get up, and Yellow light means it is almost time to get up.

This toddler sleep clock has light-up mode which provides 20 minutes of a warm glow that consists of 3 brightness levels.

This cute little cloud also plays white noise and gentle rain sounds as well as 3 different lullabies.

This sleep clock for toddlers also features an alarm clock mode which can wake your little one up with a sweet song and gentle lights.

There is also an auto power save feature which allows the music and lights to stay on for 20 minutes before shutting off.

This 4-in-1 design works as a Sleep Trainer, Soother, Nightlight or Alarm.

Other Toddler Sleep Clocks You Might Enjoy

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Teach Me Time Kids Alarm Clock

TNTANTS Ok to Wake Clock

Dinosaur Alarm Clock Children’s Sleep Trainer

Wake Up Light Sunrise

Toddler Time to Recharge! Sleep Trainer and Smart Nightlight

Opopark Kids alarm Clock

Zazu Kids Sam Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock

Do Toddler Sleep Clocks Really Work?

Yes! They are amazing. Many of the sleep clocks actually have other features to them too which make them multifunctional and super useful beyond the clock feature. You can start using a sleep clock around the 2.5-3 year mark.

Your child should be able to grasp the concept of color and what the colors on the clock mean for them. Here are some basic tips to help the toddler sleep clock work for your family.

  • Get excited: Get your little one excited about the clock. Pick it out together, set it up together, and show your enthusiasm about it. The more excited you are, the more excited they will be.
  • Talk about it: Talk about the sleep clock before you receive it, when you receive it and after you set it all up. Review the rules over and over and over again (not in the same sitting) and let the guidelines sink in. You can even make a game out of it and role play waking up and going to sleep with the clock.
  • Positive Reinforcement: You can use a sticker chart or some sort of reward to make the toddler sleep clock introduction a positive experience.
  • Review: Keep reviewing the rules and keep practicing.
  • Don’t give up: Persistence will pay off. Don’t give up! Children learn through repetition. Eventually over time your child will begin to understand the concept of the toddler sleep clock and it will become a useful and important tool in your home.

How to choose the best toddler sleep clock for your needs

There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to toddler sleep clocks. All of this information can be so overwhelming for parents.

So how do you choose the best toddler sleep clock for your toddler? Check out these criteria:

  • Visual Cues: Multiple colors to indicate sleep and wake times will help your toddler tell the difference between night time and sleep time. Some clocks have yellow, red and green light options. Some clocks only have a white light option.
  • Extra Features: Some toddler sleep clocks are sound machines as well. Some can act as a night light and some even have music. What do you need your clock to do?
  • Power: If you need a clock that runs on batteries or a clock that plugs into the wall, then the power source should be something to keep in mind when you shop.
  • Long-term use: If you want a clock that can be used for years to come, then you may want to consider a clock that has a more neutral aesthetic.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best sleep clock for your toddler, so to make your job easier, I compiled a list of pros and cons above.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Toddler Sleep

What Age Should You Use The Wake Clock?

Children under the age of 2.5 will likely have trouble grasping the concept of a sleep clock. It’s good to introduce a toddler sleep clock around 2.5-3 years of age.

What time should a 2-year old go to bed?

A toddler should have an early bedtime. Most toddlers go to bed between 6:30 and 8 pm. It will depend on your family’s needs when you start a bedtime routine. Some toddlers stay up until 10 pm simply because they prefer to sleep in until 10 am the next day.

Is there a 2-year-old sleep regression?

Yes, there is! You can read more about that here.

How do I stop my toddler from waking at 5 am?

You’ll have to play around with your wake windows during the day and shift your sleeping routines to figure out the perfect schedule for your toddler.
Try shifting bedtime 15-30 minutes later.

How do you explain a clock to a child?

A toddler will not be able to tell time on a clock, however, you can try to teach your child how a clock works even if they don’t quite understand.

Does the GRO clock act as a night light?

The GRO clock can be used as a nightlight if you like.

What is the best sleep training clock?

The best sleep clocks for toddlers in my opinion are the Skip Hop Sleep Training Alarm Clock and the Hatch sound machine and light.

best toddler alarm clocks Bottom Line

Parenting can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to helping your toddler get a good night’s sleep. Mirari OK to Wake! clocks offer a fun and easy solution with its cookie monster or big bird designs and fun animations.

The clock features a Bluetooth speaker and two modes, red for sleep and green for wake, inspired by traffic lights. You can set specific times for wake up and soother modes, and the clock even has an alarm mode. The Hatch Baby Rest is also a good option, with its first-night guarantee, child lock feature, and a USB charger.

Both clocks are at a reasonable price and are a good fit for families looking for a cute little clock to help establish sleep patterns and provide a good night’s sleep for their young children. With easy-to-use interfaces and sound levels suitable for younger children, these clocks are a good way to introduce the concept of time and help your child get a better night’s sleep.

Whether it’s through the use of gentle wakes or soothing ocean waves, these clocks have been met with great success and are well worth the investment for any parent looking to ensure their child gets the rest they need.

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