37 Fun Board Games For Families

37 Fun Board Games For Families

Fun and exciting strategy and board games for families to really enjoy family time and create connections and memories that last.

board games for families

Family game nights are fantastic for creating memories and strengthening bonds, and there is no reason preschoolers can’t join in on the fun.

With the high amount of technology that we deal with daily, having get-togethers with family and friends is not as popular as it once was.

It is fantastic to be able to play games on our devices, like these wifi free games for toddlers you can play on your apple or android device, but those are best saved for road trips or long plane rides.


But do you get the same satisfaction and the fun when you play a game on your iPad as you would play with your family?

I mean come on, nothing beats a toddler smile when they’re having fun!

My husband and I decided that board games should be a regular part of our weekends so we can get the family together in one room and enjoy the time together.

Life is so busy sometimes that simple family time without TV and cell phones is easily missed.

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Can A 3 Year Old Play Board Games?

Absolutely! Board games are great for three-year-olds and preschoolers.

The amount of learning through play that happens during a game is fantastic.

Toddlers and preschoolers can fine-tune their fine motor skills, sharpen their analytic capability, and even learn a lot about colors and counting during one game with the family.

There is a lot of value in playing games with preschoolers.

Board Games For Families

Where Is Bear?

Feed The Woozle

Snail’s Pace Race Game

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot


Busytown, Eye Found It


Wonder Forge Cat in The Hat I Can Do That!

eeBoo Pre-School Lotto

thinkfun Heads Talk


eeBoo Preschool Picture Dominoes

Candy Land

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo 

Orchard Toys Shopping List

Frog Party

Math for Love Tiny Polka Dot

Color Go Fish

Elefun Game

Enjoy this game with your preschooler by catching butterflies together. Butterflies are flown out of the trunk, and kids use nets to chase the butterflies around the room.

This game has fun music and sounds and encourages you to get up and get silly.

Soggy Doggy

Enjoy this action-packed game with your preschooler and try not to get soaked!
The point of the game is not to get soaked, but you never know when the Soggy Doggy is going to shake things up and get you all wet.

This game will keep you on your toes, and your little one will laugh and squeal with joy at this fun family game.

Let’s Go Fishing

This game is not recommended for ages under 4, but it is really easy to play. Even though it’s not recommended this game is great for 4-year-olds. I remember playing this game when I was growing up, so much fun! The little fish open their mouth to reveal the magnet and you have to try to catch the fish with the fishing pole. This is a great game for hand-eye coordination. Just make sure your kids aren’t eating the fish…or you could land a trip to the hospital!

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Card Game

This is a super silly game. The little ones have the best time with this one and it is one of the best board games for toddlers. Feed your furry friends with the whole family. Best played with a minimum of 3 people. This game is super affordable and the Amazon reviews are all positive so check them out. 

Gobblet Gobblers

This game is fun! It’s like a twisted tic tac toe. You’ll need some strategy to get through this one. I would consider this one of the best board games for 5 year olds. This is really fun for the whole family! 

Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up Board Game

Build towers before the block smasher arrives! You can play this game a few different ways. One side is better suited for the younger kids where you can color match the blocks and the other side is where you can stack and play the actual game. This is perfect for the family, gets everyone involved. Really fun and best game for toddlers.  

Guess Who

A classic fun game for family game night. My husband and I take turns with each kid to play this game. It really gets the kids to look at the cards and figure out what’s different about each person that is in front of them. This is a great board game for 4 year olds to get their memory wheels turning. A must-have in the family game cabinet.

Richard Scary Busy Airport

This is a really well made high-quality colorful board game. It is so much fun! Join Hackle cat and lowly worm on a Busy town adventure, racing around Busy town to search for hidden objects in this fun-filled collaborative. Richard Scarry’s classic world comes to life in the gigantic, colorful game-board. This is a great game and activity for a 3 and 4 year old.

Pop The Pig

Have a good old time feeding the pig hamburgers until he pops. This game provides a lot of laughs and is totally fun for anyone over the age of 2. This game is the best board game for preschoolers and toddlers.

Toilet Trouble

Get splashed in the face with toilet water when you lose your turn! This game is a hoot! We found this was the best game for 4 year olds, but the younger ones didn’t love being splashed in the face with “toilet” water.

Don’t Step In It Game

Be careful not to poop out while playing this hilarious game with messy consequences! put on a blindfold, spin the spinner, and then take that many steps across the game mat. But watch out! little pile of compound, molded in the shape of poop have been strategically placed on the mat. 

Hungry Hippos

A classic family game! Have a chompin’ good time with the hippo-feeding Hungry Hungry Hippos game. Hungry Hippo and his pals are ready to join in the feeding frenzy. Release all the marbles onto the game base, and then start chomping. 

Connect 4

This was one of the first games we got when my son was only 2 years old. The concept is simple and its a fun game for any age. Do you go up, to the side, or diagonally? Start in the middle or at the edge? It’s your choice in Connect 4 Game. Stack the 4 discs vertically, line them up side to side, or go on the diagonal. As long as you get 4-in-a-row, you win. 


Your patient Cavity Sam is feeling a bit under the weather. Can you “operate” and make him better, or will you get the buzzer? grab the tweezers and try with all of your might to take out all of his funny ailments. Can you help him with his pulled muscle or the frog in his throat? operate with your steadiest hand, but don’t forget to steer clear of the sides and avoid lighting the light. 

Pie Face

The exciting Pie Face game is filled with fun and suspense, and somebody’s bound to get splatted! Just put some delicious whipped cream from home or the wet sponge on the “hand” of this hilarious game unit and start turning the handles. It could go off at any time, so keep your fingers crossed and hope you’re not the one who gets a splat in the face! 

Woo-Hoo! Kids Board Game

The garden gnomes have gathered in the playground to collect all the toys left behind by the young children during the day. But the giant elephant slide is just too fun for the gnomes to resist! So the they make a game of it. 


Multi-shape, colorful peg sets featuring delightful, inspiring models, offered in handy storage and carry cases. These sets have been Quercetti best-sellers for decades. 

Watermelon Smash

Take a chance on the Watermelon Smash game. The all-new hilarious twist on the water roulette challenge. Fill in the watermelon with water (or watermelon seeds, as provided in the pack). Each player spins the spinner in turns and pressed the watermelon against their head as many times as said on the spinner. A suspenseful game in which you never know when the watermelon cracks and you lose. 

Yeti Set Go

Kick your meatballs up the mountain! you and your Yeti are a teams mean, lean kicking’ team! it’s up to you to aim Yeti and then Bop him on the head to make him start kicking’ meatballs, trying to get them onto the mountain ledges!

How Do Board Games Help Child Development?

Children need to feel a connection with their parents; that’s something that everyone needs in life.

Spending time with parents makes them feel joy. Spending time with your kids builds self-confidence and makes them feel important.

I know my kids light up when I bring up the idea of doing an activity together, even if it’s to grab the popcorn and watch a movie.

But what makes a Family Game Night so important for kids?

Playing games with the family is an easy way to spend the time that isn’t hurried and can be super enjoyable.

Not to say we haven’t had some crying and tantrums during our game nights, but each time we play, the kids learn how to self-regulate their emotions more.

Kids learn so much when they play board games.

Some skills and concepts that are learned during a family game night might be:

The really great thing about games is they don’t have to be educational in theme. The point of the game is to have fun. Games can be super silly and still teach amazing skills.

My children learn that they can be pretty much for quite a long time within a game, but one roll of the dice can change the way their game is going in an instant.

This can make them very upset sometimes, but this is a great learning moment that you can talk through.

The Losing Conversation

Children take to winning and losing very seriously.

We need to be there to help them with their emotional reaction, especially if its a negative one when they have lost the game.

When we first started to play games, my son would run away to his room because he was upset about losing, or sometimes even losing a turn in the middle of a game.

We need to be there to guide them through their frustration and provide a positive experience during this fun time with the family.

It can be daunting to play a game with a toddler who can explode with unhappiness at any given moment, but it’s essential.

You can always help toddlers win; they need that guidance when playing the game. You will probably want to keep your toddler happy when playing games with the family, to keep the peace.

Remember that even though games are great for learning, they are also great for just plain fun.

I hope you enjoyed this amazing list board games for families. These games have brought my family a lot of joy, some tears, but mostly joy 

Remember that kids take to losing seriously and it is really important to walk them through their disappointments when that happens.

I hope you truly enjoy your phone free family games nights with these awesome games.

Elizabeth is a mom of 3 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive and peaceful parenting.

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