Breathing Exercises for Kids

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  1. I love that these breathing techniques can be incorporated into everyday activities like bedtime or homework time.

    It makes it easy to build them into our family routine, and helps to reinforce the idea that self-care and relaxation are important parts of our daily lives. Thank you for these wonderful ideas!

  2. I work with kids who have experienced trauma or anxiety, and I have found that breathing techniques can be incredibly helpful in supporting their emotional well-being.

    These simple strategies are a great addition to my toolbox – I can’t wait to try them out with my clients. Thanks so much for having such an insightful blog!

  3. This post is a great reminder of the power of breathing to help regulate our emotions.

    I appreciated the scientific explanation of how deep breathing affects our nervous system – it helps to make the techniques feel more tangible and grounded in research.

    These are great tools not just for kids, but for adults too!

  4. I love that these breathing techniques are designed specifically for kids. It can be hard to know how to teach mindfulness and relaxation to young children, but these strategies are so accessible and engaging.

    My child loves the ‘balloon breath’ technique in particular – it’s become a go-to tool in our house. The hardest part is actually getting my child to participate, but with patience it does work.

  5. I am so grateful for this post! As a parent, I sometimes struggle to help my child regulate their emotions, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed or upset. These simple breathing techniques are a game-changer – they’re easy to implement, but incredibly effective at helping kids calm down and feel more in control.

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