5 Things To Do If You Want To Calm Kids Down At Bedtime (1)

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  1. Great tips here! Someones we incluse some stickles right before bed! Laughter has been shown to help with the production of melatonin production (I have a post about 4 ways to help your child laugh to a better night’s rest ;))… Routine is key!

  2. Bedtime routines are really important to start when they are young. My kids even as preteen/teenagers do really well with a bedtime routine.

  3. Kendall | Is it nap time yet? says:

    Having a bedtime routine was a game changer for us! Now we have almost no temper tantrums when it’s time to go to sleep.

  4. These tips are so amazing! Our oldest is about to turn 2. We are still riding the baby bedtime routine as she is still in a crib, but I know I will have to make some adjustments once we hit the toddler bed. Will be back soon to study more I’m sure 😉

  5. Great tips! The Daniel Tiger Bedtime Routine song is another great anchor for a sleep routine.

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