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Educational Shows On Netflix Kids Will Absolutely LOVE

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Sometimes screen time can be a much-needed break for busy moms. Ease your mind and put on an educational show on Netflix while you take some time for yourself to recoup or get some stuff crossed off your to-do list.

It can be exhausting trying to find engaged and learning activities for our kids to play all day long, who says Mr. screen can’t be a good learning tool? While screen time is a controversial topic these days, if you make informed decisions, streaming shows on Netflix can be an educational and non-damaging experience.

You can even download your favourite educational shows to a tablet or phone and take these educational shows with you on the go. Perfect for road trips.

This post may contain affiliate links. Full privacy policy and disclosure here.

Educational Shows On Netflix Kids Will Absolutely LOVE

The Best Educational Shows On Netflix For Kids

Super Why

Learn super reading and story interpreting skills with Super Why. This show is all about learning the alphabet and reading.  I love the classic storybooks they reference and all the little extra fun ways they incorporate learning. This show brings life to the alphabet and makes learning fun.

Llama Llama

This cute little show is all about learning feelings and dealing with emotions. Emotional learning is very important for all kids and the way that this show educates dealing with big feelings is very easy to understand for little ones.

Wild Kratts

Join the adventure of the Kratt boys while they learn about exotic animals, have scientific adventures all while travelling the globe. This show is great to watch with your child so you can discuss all the awesome things that the Kratt boys come across during their adventures.

Ask The Story Bots

Story Bots is a really fun colourful and whimsical show that teaches all sorts of things about life. The “Ask The Story Bots” show features questions that kids ask, and the Story Bots answer those questions in easy to understand terms.

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The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus has been around for many years, in fact, I used to watch it when I was a child! There are so many lessons that are taught in each and every episode from learning about the human body to all space adventures and everything in between.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

This is a continuation of the original Magic School Bus with a new class and new adventures. Learn all about the wonderful world around us with simple, easy to understand explanations.

Veggie Tales In The City

This is a spin-off show from the original Veggie Tales that I used to watch as a child. Children learn about moral values that are often connected to Christianity. Join Bob the Tomato and Larry the cucumber on their city adventures.

Veggie Tales In The House

Veggie Tales In The House is another spin-off from the original Veggie Tales. Different adventures take place in a house and moral lessons are learned through each and every episode. I love the colourful illustrations and fun songs that the Veggie Tales franchise has to offer.

Super Songs

This is a Story Bots extension that features music. This is a fun way to get kids dancing around the living room and grooving to some of the best wiggle worthy songs I’ve ever heard.

The Treehouse Detectives

This is a mystery solving show that has a brother and sister team up to solve mysteries around them. The educational value is lower than other shows that I’ve suggested, but the value is still there. There are good examples f teamwork and perseverance when the detective bears are having a tough time solving various puzzles.


This is a wonderful show in an ocean setting that teaches children about the wonderful things that the ocean has to offer. There are many fun facts about various sea creatures in every episode and the little characters show valuable friendship lessons too.

Little Baby Bum Learning Songs

Go through the classic songs from Old Macdonald to Ba Ba Blacksheep.  The songs provide learning potential through simple number sense and learning about letter sounds and colours. Most of the songs provide rhyming and rhythm for little minds. All great things to be exposed to when learning!

Beat Bugs

Learn about friendship and problem solving with these bug friends. Often the bugs are faced with problems that need to be solved in a teamwork setting. This is a fun show that teaches about teamwork.

A Storybots Christmas

Another Story Bot spin-off that teaches kids all about the wonders of Christmas! Kids call in and their questions are answered in simple to understand manners.

True And The Rainbow Kingdom

The main character uses magic and determination to solve problems around her. This show is full of examples of compassion, kindness and empathy.

Justin Time

This is a wonderful show that teaches about science for toddlers and preschoolers. The characters are thoughtful and helpful to animals that they come across. The family life at home is represented as encouraging and supportive too. Many values in the show.

Educational Shows On Netflix Kids Will Absolutely LOVE

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Best Ways to Enjoy Educational Shows

As parents, it’s important to make the most out of our children’s screen time by choosing educational shows that are both entertaining and informative. One great way to do this is by using smart TVs or streaming devices to access educational shows on Netflix. This allows for an interactive viewing experience and the ability to pause and rewind as needed.

Another great way to enhance the educational value of these shows is by incorporating them into family activities. For example, you can have “field trips” based on the habitats or locations featured in a nature documentary or “fun adventures” based on the scientific concepts covered in a show. This not only helps children retain the information better, but also allows for bonding and learning as a family.

Additionally, older siblings can play an important role in helping younger children understand and retain information from the shows. Encouraging them to explain and discuss what they’ve learned with their younger siblings can help solidify the concepts and make the learning experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Overall, by incorporating educational shows on Netflix into our daily routine in a fun and interactive way, we can make the most out of our children’s screen time and ensure they are learning valuable information in a enjoyable way.

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Learning through Screens

Different animals are a fascinating subject for young children, and educational TV shows like “Sesame Street” and “Wild Kratts” offer a great way for them to learn about these curious little creatures. From the cutest animals to the most dangerous, these shows provide fun facts and information that can spark a lifelong interest in science and the natural world. For older kids, shows like “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet,” “Blue Planet,” and “Planet Earth” offer a deeper dive into the world of science and the environment, covering topics like climate change and the exploration of different cultures. And while these shows are great for grade schoolers, even middle school students can learn something new from these nature documentaries.

Another great way to enjoy educational TV shows is by incorporating “field trips” or “fun adventures” based on what is being learned from the shows. With the help of smart TVs and streaming devices like Apple TV, families can easily find and watch educational shows on Netflix and other platforms. And older siblings can play an important role in helping younger children understand and retain information from the shows.

Other educational shows worth checking out include “Dino Hunt,” “Ada Twist, Scientist,” “Bill Nye Saves the World,” “Storybots,” “Wonder Lab” and “Odd Squad.” These shows cover a wide range of subjects including history, science, and the arts, and they feature animated characters and live-action sketch comedy that appeals to a young audience. And don’t forget to check out other streaming services like Amazon Prime, where you can find popular book series turned into fun and educational shows like “Justin Time.”

Bottom Line

All of these shows are currently available on Canadian Netflix. There are some others that I wish I could include but are not available on Netflix in our area.

In the United States, I believe Daniel Tiger is available and that is a wonderful show that teaches about dealing with emotions in a gentle and caring way.I hope this list of educational shows on Netflix was helpful to you!

Make sure you take that moment for self-care mama and don’t worry about rotting your children’s brains with TV time, especially if they are watching good, educational shows….as long as it’s not all day!

Educational Shows On Netflix Kids Will Absolutely LOVE

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