6 Energy Tips For Sleep Deprived Moms (Yes, Really)

Inside this post: Energy tips for tired moms who wake up tired and go to bed tired day after day.

energy tips for tired moms

Is it just me, or do we wake up tired and go to sleep tired as moms?

No, I know it’s not just me…I’m pretty sure all of the moms I see look just like me..exhausted. “This is just my face now”.

So how do you go about getting more energy as a mom who seemingly has no more hours in the day to get that to-do list completed?

You know…the laundry list of housework, kids’ homework, bath time, bedtime and more.

I wish sometimes I could just cuddle in bed, put on some Netflix and ignore the house that seemingly exploded since the last time you cleaned it up (like an hr ago..) BUT there just isn’t time for this. There is always so much that needs to get done.

So if you’re like me, and need a little energy boost, here are some energy tips for tired moms.

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Energy Tips For Tired Moms

1. Get Enough Sleep

Well, that might be an obvious one, and not always as easy as a mother. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to have a decent sleep at night.

If you create a good bedtime routine for your children and even a stress-free morning routine for your busy mornings, a good night’s sleep can be achieved.

Trying to get to bed earlier yourself and turning off electronics at least an hour before it is time to sleep can help you get a better rest throughout the night can really help as well.

Now if only I could guarantee your child will sleep the whole night, or won’t come into your bed and kick you so you’re half-awake for most of the night….that would make things easier.

But you can try to achieve more sleep by creating efficient systems and routines.

2. Energize With Exercise

As counter-intuitive as it seems to get energy by using energy, this actually isn’t the case.

When you get moving, you get the oxygen in your system to flow, which in turn leaves you feeling energized and refreshed.

In my house, a good old fashioned power clean always wake me up!

If you’re extra ambitious, a nice walk around the block in the fresh air can get your blood flowing, or if you have an indoor treadmill, hop in that for 15 minutes.

I have also noticed a good Yoga video can help energize me and it turns out, I love to do Yoga with my toddler too!

When a 30-minute exercise is too long, you can try shorter workout routines that are 10-15 minutes long. Leslie Sansone offers a great mini walk workout or power mile walks if you want a short, effective workout!

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3. Start Your Day Off Right

A well-balanced diet, in general, will provide your body with the right kind of energy so you can keep up with the business of mom’s life.

Starting your day off with a breakfast that provides your body with vitamins and minerals, will help you fight off fatigue throughout the day.

Try to go for a meal that is packed with protein. A good example is a whole-grain toast with peanut butter or avocado/banana.

At our home, we have protein bars on hand, for those mornings that are rushed and I just need a super quick breakfast to throw into my purse.

4. Drink Lots Of Water

Did you know that not drinking enough water can drain all of your energy? Your body needs water to survive, but it also needs water to thrive.

If you have trouble drinking plain water, try to get hydrated with natural fruit juices or even carbonated water ( my favourite!).

You can also use this Hylands Good Morning caffeine-free alertness aid. This helps with mental & emotional feelings that come with being tired.

You don’t have to follow the 8 glasses of water per day rule either, you just need to listen to your body and provide enough hydration to keep your energy up.

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5. Belly Laughs Are A Must

Laughter really is the best medicine. When you laugh you boost your immune system, boost your mood and even dimish pain.

I don’t know about you, but my children are always making me laugh. If you need some good shows to make you laugh, I highly suggest picking up an Adam Sandler comedy on Netflix!

On family game nights, I usually feel pretty tired and totally not up to playing silly board games with my kids, but the thing is, once the board game is open and the kids start playing, I feel like I have more energy from all the fun we have. My kids are hilarious so that totally helps!

Our favourite simple super funny family games: Stinky Pig, Gas Out, Pop The Pig, Trouble.

6. Light Up Your Life

The simple act of opening the curtains can immediately help energize you. In the wintertime when it is dark and dreary outside for more hours of the day than not, you can drift off into tired, cranky mom mode pretty quickly.

Letting as much light into the room you are in will help you overcome the challenge of fatigue.

Spend some time playing outside with the kids in the backyard in the summer months and play indoor activities near a window on the days you can’t go outside.

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Get Energized

Enjoy these tips for getting a little more energy into your busy life.

As mothers, it can seem impossible to ever catch up on sleep and boost our energy levels, but these small steps can help you get that energy with minimal effort.

Be sure to drink water, eat well and sleep as much as possible at night time.

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