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How To Create A Parenting Mantra

How To Create A Parenting Mantra

When you pick up your children from school, you hear the usual moans and complaints about their day.

When they get home, they wander around the kitchen, opening and closing cabinets and fussing about how there isn’t enough “good food” in the house.

Then the battle begins.

No one wants to give up the remote control. The sibling squabbling grows louder. It’s difficult to ignore and the anger bubbles up.

When you go into the room, they each start feverishly recounting (in excruciating detail) the other’s wrongdoings.

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A Good Parenting Mantra

This situation may proceed in a number of different directions. You could scream if you wanted to. You might impose a one-year suspension. You could put everyone on a timer. You could start crying.

You may also keep repeating your parenting mantra or motto.

A parenting mantra is a short phrase that reminds you of a trait or characteristic as a parent that you want (or already have).

This sentence can be repeated several times in your thoughts or out loud. It may assist you in making decisions that align with the parent you want to be in the heat of the moment.

Instead of responding right away, you may repeat the words, “I am calm,” or “I am patient,” as an example. Your mantra will be unique to you and your scenario. Use positive phrases and envision what you want to Accomplish instead of what you don’t want to do while composing your mantra.

There are countless options, but here are a few examples:

“I am certain.”
“I take it easy and pay attention.”
“I demonstrate my love for you by spending quality time with you.”
“I am a patient person.”
“I am in love.”
“I am patient.”
“I try to see the bright side of things.”
“I am the parent,” says the narrator.
“It’s fine to say ‘No.'”
“This is something I can let go of.”
“I encourage my child to be self-sufficient.”
“This isn’t a life or death situation.”

Consider a typical situation in your house that you’d like to manage differently. Alternatively, pick one aspect of your parenting that you’d like to improve (growth mindset). Make a short, basic sentence that you may use as your mantra.

Make a note of it and post it somewhere conspicuous (car steering wheel, kitchen cabinet, mirror). It’s likely that you’ll need to refer to it frequently.

The chant, like your answer, will become second nature with time.

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