How to Manage Your Toddler During the Challenging but Rewarding Toddler Years 1

How to Manage Your Toddler During the Challenging but Rewarding Toddler Years

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Those toddler years are no joke. If you need reinforcements and help to manage your child, read these tips and remember you’re an amazing mom.

Mothers are the strongest people in the world. They juggle so much and they seem to do it effortlessly. No one really sees those moments where you feel like sleeping for a month straight. But we know about them. There are moments when it gets easier these are one of those times. Here are some tips on how to manage your child during their toddler years.

Keep them Healthy and Happy

A healthy toddler is a happy toddler. As they grow, so will their appetites. They might develop a sweet tooth and that’s okay. Sugar is good for them but of course in moderation. Look towards healthy sweets like fruits and snacks.

Try and avoid as much artificial sugar as possible. Once they get a taste, they might get hooked. Try an incentive method with them. If they eat something they don’t like so much, you’ll reward them with a treat afterward. Now you’ve just shown them how negotiation works, and they might even develop a liking for vegetables.

Encourage Their Curiosity

Toddler years are the why years. They are inquisitive little things, and we love them all the more for it. Some days you may not feel like answering questions but remember that they look to you for guidance always. You were there in the beginning, and they believe money knows everything.

Remain patient with them when they get determined to know why something is this way or that. If you don’t know the answer, be honest with them and reply “I don’t know, but let’s find out together.” You’ve taught them it’s okay to not know answers and they should always look for them for understanding.

Remember Their Development

They’re constantly growing in body and mind. These are the years when you’ll see their personality start to shine. It might reflect some of your mannerisms but there will be remnants of them in there too. Ask them questions about why they do things a certain way.

As they grow and develop make sure you use programs that help shape their cognitive skills. Additionally, provide them with the best footwear and clothing. Let their personality shine through their clothes and shoes as well.

Make Time for Play

There is a time to be serious and there is a time for play. Always make time for play. These are the moments when your child shines the most. When they have a moment for play, there is no telling where their imagination will take them.

Whatever game they come up with follow their lead to see how creative they can get. In everything they do, make sure safety is included. Never leave them to their own devices for too long because their curiosity can sometimes take them down a dangerous path.

Toddlers can be a challenge but you’ve done so great with them so far managing these years will be a breeze.

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