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Quotebook Notebook – The Perfect Gift For Any Adult

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A comprehensive review of the Quotebook Notebook – A notebook that is perfect for recording precious memories in short form sections.

You know how little moments add up to a lifetime? And how often do we forget those simple moments?

In order to remember more, the family behind the Quotebook developed a family ritual so they could recall more of the positive stuff and even strengthen the family bond. Read more about their story here!

That’s my entire parenting policy – creating strong connections!

Which is why I love this quotebook so much.

I Love The Quotebook

I am a huge fan of the Quotebook for a few reasons.

The first reason is because it’s such a brilliant idea. I mean, it’s a condensed space for you to write down your precious memories, without being an intimidating blank page.

The second reason I am a huge fan of this notebook is because of how beautiful the actual notebook is.

I know these days a lot of our memories are in the form of technology but there is something to be said about holding a high quality, beautiful journal that holds memories in it. It’s more…special!

Because we are all connected, you can utilize a beautifully designed timeless connection symbol (the quotebook) to access that power in non-digital form.

What Is The Quotebook Like?

I love a good notebook, and I was ever so excited to receive this one in the mail!

It’s such a great size, and the quality of it is just perfect. Everything from the beautiful cover to the unique binding and the thick pages – it’s so well done.

The inside pages are split into 2 sections per page.

Each section is laid out like this:


There is definitely sufficient room in each quote section for you to write down the quote and then write the context of the quote.

There is a cute illustration at the bottom of each page too!

Why Do You Need A Quotebook?

No one NEEDS a quotebook just like no one NEEDS to eat chocolate, but it’s a nice to have!

It actually make a wonderful gift to a loved one, and it would also be a good gift for someone you don’t know very well. It’s a pretty well rounded item that can be used as a gift or as a personal quote journal.

The Quotebook is a souvenir journal for preserving the most treasured events in your family’s life. Your family will be able to quote it so they won’t have to try to remember it.

There are countless phone apps, digital pictures, and videos, but the majority of them miss the spontaneous, gut-punching, off-the-cuff comment that will have you smiling, sobbing, and cracking up for years to come.

Though pictures are still important, this is a new and different way to capture those memories.

Getting Your Memories Organized

If you are the type of person who has little notes and quotes all around you, then you might really need a Quotebook.

For example, my husband really loves Gary Vee and has a collection of his quotes scattered all the around house!

Well no more, those notes are going into the Quotebook asap.

Another way that we will use the Quotebook is to record all of the kids sayings.

Because honestly kids say the darnest things. They say funny stuff and lovely things that make your heart skip a beat and tears form in your eyes.

For our family, the Quotebook is a tool of inspiration as well as a tool for memories.

a Video Note From Michael – The Creator of Quotebook

How To Order The Quotebook

The Quotebook can be ordered by visiting this link and using this code FREEUSSHIPPINGTIRED to get free shipping from the Quotebook website directly.

You can receive 15% off your order if you submit a quote on the website here.

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