How To Create A School Morning Routine For Kids

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Make school morning easier on the whole family with a school morning routine that works! Great for kids that have power struggles during the morning chaos.

Creating a school morning routine for kids is challenging. Kids are natural daytime creatures who aren’t usually ready to start their school day at the crack of dawn.

In fact, many kids would much rather stay in bed until it’s time to get home again. Establishing a school morning routine can help your child get ready for school and leave you with fewer last-minute drop-off panic moments.

If you’re struggling to establish a school morning routine, these tips will help you get started.

The trick is to implement them one step at a time and not try to change too many things at once.

Make waking up easier

Your child’s school morning routine should start the night before. This will make the actual waking up process much easier – perfect if your child has a tendency to hit the snooze button.

You can help your child get ready for bed by creating a relaxation routine, like reading a soothing book together.

Relaxation activities like deep breathing exercises can help your child fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

If your child struggles with falling asleep, you might want to try removing electronic devices from her bedroom.

The blue light from electronics can trick your child’s brain into thinking it’s daytime, which can make it harder to fall asleep.

Make breakfast part of the routine

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many kids still aren’t eating it. Research shows that more than two-thirds of children in the US don’t eat a healthy breakfast.

Most kids are going to need a lot more time to get ready in the morning than they do at the end of the school day. If you’re trying to shave a few minutes off of your morning routine, consider skipping breakfast.

However, skipping breakfast can lead to irritability, poor concentration, and even health problems like poor blood sugar levels, weakened immunity, and low energy.

You and your child might want to reconsider if you want to be alert and productive all day.

School Morning Routine

Have your child choose an outfit the night before

Backpacks full of books, notebooks, and pencils aren’t fun to carry around, and they can damage your child’s shoulders and back.

Kids can deal with the extra weight on their own, but it can really be a burden for smaller children and tweens.

If your child is carrying a heavy backpack all day, he may come home feeling worn out and not be able to do as much as he would like to. If you notice your child is struggling with the weight of his backpack, have him lighten the load.

If your child can choose his outfit the night before, he can leave his bag un-overloaded and unburdened by things he doesn’t actually need.

Establish a drop-off point

Your child may be a morning person, or she may be a night owl. No matter which type of kid you have, though, she’ll need a couple of minutes to get ready for school.

Depending on her age, you may want to let her walk to the bus stop or wait at the corner for the school bus. That’s fine, but make sure she has plenty of time to do so safely.

School bus drivers are required to pick up kids who are within a certain distance of their bus. Make sure that your child doesn’t arrive at the bus stop too early.

Kids who get to the stop too soon can be distracting to drivers and may cause accidents.

Set a timer for showering and teeth brushing

School mornings are busy, and kids may rush through their morning routines. If your child doesn’t have time to shower, she can wash her face and hair in the sink.

If your child is rushing through her morning routine, she may want to set a timer for each activity.

For example, she might want to set one timer for brushing her teeth and another for showering. Setting a timer can help your child stay on task and prevent her from rushing and skipping important activities like brushing her teeth.

Easy Breezy Morning Routine

What Our Morning Routine Looks Like (2 Kids in school)

I understand that with kids, every school morning can be a little different. Somedays the kids are super tired and drag their little butts, and others they are up and ready before I even get MY butt out of bed.

It’ll take you a few days to really figure out what takes a long time in the mornings and if there are tasks you can eliminate from your routine.

This is what a great morning in my house looks like before a school day:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes before the kids and get dressed and ready
  2. Wake kids up and help them dress with positive affirmations and no rushing
  3. Make some simple breakfast (remember that breakfast is an important meal of the day) and put lunches into bags (lunches packed the night before as part of our bedtime routine)
  4. Warm up the car (we need run the car for about 20 minutes on -30 degree days!)
  5. After breakfast and brush teeth, help the kids get their “gear on” (Winter coats, snow pants, hats, gloves, boots) or in the summer, sneakers and a sweater.
  6. Pile into the car and leave the house. I set an alarm for the time I need to leave my house so when the kids hear it and we are still at home, they know they need to hurry up.

Dancing always makes for great mornings and sets an awesome happy tone for the rest of the day so we squeeze it in if we have time.

That’s right, we groove to children’s music like miss Rachel or Blippi..

Music gets my kids energized and ready to take on any adventure in the morning.

And plus it’s a good way for mommy to wake up a little more too.

Be consistent and positive

You can’t expect to create a school morning routine in one day. It will take time, and you’ll need to remain consistent and positive as you work through it.

Even if your child sleeps in on the weekends and has longer bedtimes, try to keep her up a little later on school nights. You can also try to get her up a little earlier on weekends.

These small changes will help your child’s body get used to the new schedule and make it easier to get up and start the day on school days. It’s important to keep your child’s routine as consistent as possible.

If you’re flexible, your child will learn that he has some leeway to be a little late or to skip a step if he needs to.

As your child gets more used to the routine, it will get easier for him to follow through.

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