Sunday Night Mommy Routines For A More Successful Week

Sunday Night Mommy Routines For A More Successful Week

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Let’s face it: starting a new week can be difficult at times. Here are some Sunday evening habits for busy moms to help alleviate some of the stress:

Sunday evenings are the ones that can set the tone for the rest of the week.

There’s a phenomenon known as the Sunday Scaries.

It’s like… Monday is approaching; I’m not looking forward to it, but it will arrive nonetheless, and I may not be fully prepared.

A fantastic method to avoid the Sunday Scaries and the Monday Mood Swings is to conduct some pre-planning on Sunday evenings through Sunday evening rituals.

What To Do Each Sunday For An Easier Week

Meal Plan And Grocery Shop

Food planning makes the week go so much more smoothly. Not only that, but it can also be more cost effective.

You may jot down the main dinners you intend to cook, or you may make comprehensive plans for each day.

Whatever way you use, incorporating weekly eating goals into a Sunday night habit is a terrific idea.

Have you considered pre-ordering your groceries to be picked up/delivered? When I do this, I find that I make less impulse purchases.

Not only that, but when I sit down and plan out exactly what I need to buy, I feel more organised.

Review Your Schedule

I’m not sure about you, but I occasionally feel like I need a personal assistant to help me coordinate where I need to go… and when.

But it’s a lot less stressful when I get organised on Sunday evening (for the week).

  • Examine your plans for the coming week (sports, activities, church events, date night, etc.)
  • Make phone calls or contact persons with whom I need to interact.
  • Make plans for rides, food, and who is bringing what…
  • Inform family members of everyday plans or significant events.

Check Forecast and Plan Outfits

Having a week’s worth of clothes ready for your children is not a crazy idea. In fact, this pastime might be an excellent addition to a Sunday evening routine.

It can actually be calming or delightful. I’ve been known to use this time to bond with my children (talk about their loves and dislikes).

It can also aid in the establishment of laundry regimens. Consider… always knowing that your children have matching socks on hand.

Write The To Do List

This practise can help alleviate stress on its own.

Taking the time on a Sunday evening to jot down anything and everything for the next week on a master list is a fantastic idea.

You can go back and organise it later, but for now, you can go into the week knowing you have a “list” written down and it’s off your mind.

Discuss Events

Sunday evenings are an excellent opportunity to sync your calendars. When you do it every Sunday evening at the same time, it’s easy to remember to sync schedules.

Busy schedules and extracurricular activities can be daunting for some people. What’s even more difficult to deal with?

When you forget to notify your spouse of an important event for which you require assistance and he already has real commitments of his own.

Tidy Rooms

You might already be doing a daily sweep. However, on Sunday evening, you can spend 15 minutes or so relocating items to their proper rooms.

Throughout the week, baskets, toys, and linens always end up in the wrong rooms. Sunday is a great day to make sure everything is back in its place.

It feels good heading into the week knowing that everything is in its proper place.

Set Goals

I’m not talking about unrealistic targets… since they only add to the stress. Set some goals for yourself to help reduce stress.

How much time do you plan to spend each day doing something enjoyable for yourself, such as reading or simply relaxing?
What activities will you plan with your children to give them that much-needed one-on-one time?
How are you going to stick to your diet and exercise plan?

Set some goals, schedule them, and hope for the best.

ditch The Screens

Moms all over the world are discovering that electronics appear to aggravate some circumstances. The winding down, end of the day, plan for tomorrow position is one of these circumstances.

Let’s face it: it can be stressful.

Why? There are occasions when electronics are ineffective.

When all they can think about is their game, it’s tough to convince youngsters to participate with planning, organising, or prepping. It’s as if their brains refuse to cooperate.

So, adopting a Sunday evening electronic-free habit might be a relaxing approach to get things done.

Get rid Of Clutter

If your house is anything like mine, certain surfaces seem to accumulate items during the week. It’s simply a fact of life.

Mail, toys, art supplies, books, strange items from the truck, and so on. They all appear to clog surfaces throughout the house.

Here’s a hint:
Make a basket for all surface left items and “sweep” them into it.
Family members must retrieve their belongings (and return them to their correct spot) or you will dispose of them.
There is no reason, in my opinion, to leave survives cluttered to begin the new week. Plus, when you can see, everything feels cleaner.

It’s a fantastic way to start the week.

check Your Doors!

Nothing beats a cluttered front porch or entrance way on a Monday morning. During the week, do you have heaps of things outside your door?

Packages, unwanted products (donations, returns, etc.), and even pizza boxes

What about the front porch?

Don’t leave the weekend’s activities out where they’ll be tripped over on the way out the door on Monday morning.

Reduce stress by dedicating a Sunday evening to tackling those piles. Make your front door the transition to a stress-free Monday.

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