9 Powerful TED Talks For Parents

9 Powerful TED Talks For Parents

TED Talks

Motherhood is the hardest job in the world. It is also the most joyful job in the world and those who are mothers, are lucky to have the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Motherhood doesn’t come with a guidebook.

Lucky for us, we live in a world where information is readily available to guide us in our Motherhood journey.

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Get Empowered With These TED Talks Devoted To Motherhood

For Parents, Happiness is a Very High Bar

Whether your child is in kindergarten or fully grown and has their own family, this TED talk is amazing for all moms from all walks of life. Jennifer Senior discusses the very real stresses that are put on modern families to make everything in children’s lives perfect so that our kids will all have wonderful happy childhoods.

This powerful message resonates with many modern mothers, myself included.

I mean, we all want our children to be happy, but what does happiness mean? Can we provide happiness if we are not truly happy ourselves in some cases?

So much to think about.

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Can We Have It All?

This is a slightly older TED talk but I feel is very relevant to our roles in motherhood today. Though highly controversial when discussing feminism, Anne-Marie Slaughter has some very good points regarding the roles of women in general.

Her points about working mothers and the ability to have them take time off to care for their families being an important thing is something I completely agree with.

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Judgement On Mothers

Being judged as a parent, or even a regular person these days is just something a lot of “deal with”. As mothers, we are shamed every single day for simple tasks such as breastfeeding or bottle feeding our children. I mean is it not enough that the child is fed?!

If we can put aside the guilt that the world is putting on motherhood and just raise our kids the best way we know how our lives get much easier. Maara goes into detail about the mom guilt and controversy surrounding motherhood in detail in her TED talk.

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Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, And Greatness of Girls

Leymah Gbowee blows this TED talk out of the water when she discusses how not enough is being done in today’s world to unlock the full potential for the girls in this world.

Be a good role model and you’ll raise good children.

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Responsible Parenting

Austeja Landsbergiene shares her know-how on parenting. She goes into detail about how raising kids with kindness will help build a solid foundation in the family and in turn, great memories will be created and a good life will be had by those kids.

This is one of my favourite talks. I write a lot about positive parenting strategies and so this topic, in particular, resonates with me strongly.

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Meet The Mom Who Started The Ice Bucket Challenge

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years back?

I honestly thought it was a silly thing people were doing and didn’t have a clue that it was all for a good cause.

Perhaps I was living under a rock- or maybe raising a newborn. Regardless, Nancy Frates goes into great detail about why her family started the Ice Bucket Challenge and how it has changed their lives and the lives of others battling ALS.

Unmasking Motherhood

I love how Katherine Wintsch goes deep into motherhood and the struggles we face on a daily basis. Every one of us is struggling with guilt and many of us hide behind a mask when we say words like “I’m fine” while still struggling every day.

We have got to stop the competitiveness of motherhood and be there for each other. Support each other. Lift each other up!

Why Moms Are Miserable

Motherhood can be so lonely. Sheryl Ziegler goes into the demanding and overwhelming parts of motherhood filled with pressure and expected perfection.

She talks about the fact that we do not have to do this all alone. There is support in our community, we just need to reach out for it.

Living Proof: Mother’s Intuition Is Real

Every mother has their story of a mother’s intuition. I have so many of my own.

Candy Peterson goes into detail about her path in life when she has faced with misinformation fro the doctor and knew in her heart there was more to her daughter’s illness than that was being addressed.

This is a really powerful story that tugs on your heartstrings but also empowers you as a mother and a person to follow your gut and allow yourself to feel the situation that your family goes through.

Elizabeth is a mom of 3 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive and peaceful parenting.

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