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NEW Positive Encouraging Words for Kids

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Words have the power to both energise and deflate children, which is why choosing good things to say to your child is so important.

What are you going to put in their bucket?

If you tell a child they’re bad, they’ll be awful. If you tell a child they’re good, they’ll do the same.

You can begin to fill that bucket with love, generosity, positivity, and confidence by thinking some encouraging words for kids or good phrases to speak to your child.

It is undeniable that when children experience warmth and affection from their parents, it has a long-term impact on them.

As adults, they acquire healthy self-esteem, are emotionally happier, and are less worried.

So let’s get started: let’s shower our children with love, use positive language, boost family communication, and empower our children with a bucket of love and support!

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NEW Positive Encouraging Words for Kids

benefit of using encouraging words for kids

Instead of barking, consider saying, “Come help empty the dishwater— right now!” “You are a very helpful person; thank you for helping me unload the dishwasher!” you could say.

Isn’t there a change in tone here?

These encouraging things to say to kids can be sprinkled throughout your day in a variety of ways.

The kind of praise we offer our children inspires, empowers, and influences them later in life, according to research.

  • It aids in the development of a positive outlook in children.
  • Creates a safe and nurturing environment at home
  • Boosts self-esteem and encourages children to believe in themselves.
  • Encourages imagination and creativity.
  • Encourages children to work harder (have you considered making a chore sheet for children?)
  • Improves children’s self-esteem
  • Perseverance, self-confidence, and determination have an impact.

Tips on using positive phrases for kids

When speaking positively to your child, experts recommend doing the following:

  • Say their name, this gets their attention
  • Don’t speak over the child
  • Use eye contact
  • Get down on their level
  • Be sincere and be honest

Get Specific: Instead of saying “good work, buddy,” try “the way you shared that toy with Tommy was incredibly compassionate.” Being overly broad does little to assist a child in determining how their efforts resulted in a good grade.

Focus On Effort: We teach kids a growth attitude when we say good things to them that emphasise effort. They can then piece together how their effort contributed to their achievement, as well as how they can better without feeling like a failure if they didn’t succeed.

Give Just Enough Praise: Giving undeserved praise to children might have long-term consequences. Don’t praise people who don’t deserve it; it’s counterproductive. Overpraise reduces motivation and can lead to the development of narcissistic children, according to research.

Practicing encouraging Words At Home

  • Choose one phrase to say each night before going to bed. (Plus, if you pair it with one of these 5 mindfulness practises, you’ll score even more bonus points.)
  • If you’ve had a quarrel, say something uplifting out of the blue.
  • Use lunch box notes to keep in touch with your child during the day (even if you aren’t present).
  • Play games and color books like this that promote awareness.
  • Get down on your child’s level and tell them something specific that you admire about them.

positive words of encouragement for Kids

  1. You are loved
  2. You make me smile
  3. You are SO intelligent
  4. I think about you ALL the time
  5. You can be a great leader
  6. I’m glad you’re here
  7. You can tell me anything
  8. Your choices matter
  9. You are kind
  10.  I love spending time with you
  11. My world is better with you in it
  12. You are beautiful!
  13.  I know you will do GREAT things
  14.  You are special
  15. Your honesty makes me so proud
  16.  It’s fun to do things with you
  17. Follow your heart
  18. Wow, what a thoughtful kid you are
  19. I believe in you
  20. You mean the world to me
  21. I love you!
  22. I’m grateful for you
  23. I need you!
  24. You are amazing!
  25. I will always be here
  26. Your laugh is one of the best things about you
  27. The world needs you
  28. You are gifted!
  29.  I am proud of the person you are becoming
  30. I am so proud of you
  31. I will love you no matter what
  32. You are unique!
  33. Tell me about what you are doing
  34. Just keep going and keep trying
  35. Not giving up is one of your best traits
  36. Participation and effort are more important than winning
  37. Don’t give up, and start what you finish
  38. The view from the top is spectacular
  39. You can ask for help
  40. If you believe it, you can achieve it
  41. Your mistakes are chances to learn
  42. Reach for the stars
  43. You are unstoppable
  44.  Challenges make you stronger
  45. Make an effort, NOT an excuse
  46. Think before you act
  47. Follow your dreams
  48.  Don’t think too much
  49. This feeling will pass
  50. Work towards solving problems
  51. Take a break and come back to it
  52. I love seeing you work together
  53. What you are feeling is normal
  54. Go play!
  55. You can always try again
  56. You don’t always need to win
  57. It’s okay to feel scared, it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to feel angry too
  58. Everyone worries sometimes
  59. Nobody is perfect, and that is ok
  60. You are MORE than your emotions
  61. Everyone feels upset sometimes
  62. Have fun!
  63. Trust your instincts
  64. Don’t be afraid
  65. In time, you will feel better
  66. Enjoy the moment!
  67.  Don’t worry, be happy
  68. Let your mind settle, like the sand in the ocean
  69. You will feel better after you get some rest
  70. You will get through this
  71. This is not the end, but the beginning
  72. You have a kind heart, so always be kind, no matter what.
  73. Not all days are bad
  74. You got this!
  75. The sun will come out tomorrow
  76. You can’t always make everyone happy
  77. Stay positive, keep dreaming
  78. Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get
  79. Nothing call dull your shine: you are beautiful inside and out.
  80. Get back up!
  81. You are strong
  82. Always help those who need it
  83. Pause, breathe, everything will be okay
  84.  Tell me something that made you smile today
  85. I believe in you.
  86. Be honest, even if you mess up!
  87. I see you working really hard
  88. Thanks for being a great helper
  89. You are one smart cookie
  90. There is only one you, so be yourself
  91. You can say no!
  92. You are growing
  93. You are learning
  94. I’m proud of you
  95. I believe you, I believe in you
  96. Your ideas matter
  97.  I am curious, what do you think?
  98. Let’s try it your way.
  99. You are a good boy/girl
  100. You don’t always need to follow the crowd
  101. Treat others the way you want to be treated

Bottom Line

Make an effort to incorporate these nice things to say to your child into your daily conversations. Positive words and phrases can and will have a significant impact on your children. Words have the ability to take your child high into the sky, allowing them to dream big and achieve anything!

Words matter, so how will you use them today?

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NEW Positive Encouraging Words for Kids

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The series is an offshoot of the award-winning animated series, The Paper Girls Show, which aims to empower children to be resilient, confident and curious learners. The podcast is a great tool for parents, educators and caregivers to introduce children to mindfulness and help them develop a positive attitude towards making mistakes and growing from them.

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