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The Only Toddler Bucket List You Need

The Only Toddler Bucket List You Need

The best toddler bucket list so you can get some ideas on how to spend time with your child who is 18 months to 3 years old.

Toddlerhood comes and goes pretty quickly. It seems as if you blink, and boom they are 5 years old. I’ve been there twice already, and if I blink again my baby will be a toddler and beyond soon too! As I write this article, my baby is 4 months old and sporting 2 teeth!

It’s all right. It’s impossible to have a fantastic day every day. An exciting outing cannot be planned for every day. There are dishes to wash, bills to pay, and you don’t want to be seen in public if you haven’t taken a shower in a long time. I understand.

Toddlers are pretty busy little people. If you’re not watching, they can get up to no good in mere seconds.

Once upon a time, one of my sons got up before 5am and toddled out to the kitchen at the ripe age of 3. I woke up at 5am and discovered the entire kitchen floor covered in white sugar, topped with bread and cereal.

YES toddlers do keep you on your toes. They also provide some funny stories to tell to their wives and husbands later on.

But this messy time of life is just a blur, and before you know it you’ll be begging your kids to spend time with you.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to spend time with your toddler, or you need a bucket list so you make sure you don’t miss out on any precious moments in this short time, here is a toddler bucket list for you.


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Why Make A Toddler Bucket List

So, block off the shame of becoming a mother. Take advantage of a quiet (well, somewhat quiet) day at home. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of ideas ready to go for the days when you have the time and energy to leave the house? What about some activities you may do at home to pass the time on a rainy day?

That’s why there’s a toddler bucket list. My spouse and I trade off our work schedules in our family so that we don’t have to plan daycare during the week. With the kids, one of us is constantly at home. That’s fantastic for them, but it’s tough for us. We often feel as though we are single-parenting it. Many SAHMs, I’m sure, share my feelings of loneliness.

When we do have a day or afternoon off together, it’s usually on the spur of the moment. Unplanned days, as tired as we are each day, don’t always go as planned. They become a “what do you want to do?” situation. “I’m not sure– do you have any suggestions?” Does this ring a bell? As a result, you wind up doing nothing.

A family bucket list might also assist with this. It’s a ready-made treasure trove of locations to see and activities to partake in. Customize it with your own favorite local spots, and you’ll never be caught without a plan, even if it’s a last-minute one.

Now, just because you have school-aged children doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this list. A list of activities is a fantastic concept for any family, in my opinion.

The preschool years, on the other hand, are a unique period. When everyone else is in school, you can really go someplace. On weekdays, you may benefit from reduced pricing and fewer traffic. You’ll be confined to weekends and school holidays to attempt to fit everything in once your kids are in school.

It’s great to go on a trip during the school year with only preschoolers.

The Toddler Bucket List

In Nature

  • Puddle jump – you should join in and get messy too for twice the fun
  • Rake up leaves and jump in them. Make sure you do a mini photoshoot while throwing leaves into the fall air.
  • Have a picnic lunch, even in the backyard. Bring bubbles, balls and frisbees.
  • Climb trees
  • Do some simple hiking trails
  • Do a day trip road trip
  • Play hopscotch with sidewalk chalk
  • Host a backyard camping trip with marshmallows a fire and a tent
  • Go berry picking
  • Go for walks often, daily is great if the weather holds.
  • Teach them to ride a bike or scooter
  • Fly a kite
  • Roll down a grassy hill together
  • Build a snowman or an igloo (or a sandcastle if you don’t have snow)
  • Go to the zoo
  • Explore ea farmers market and sample fresh berries
  • Wash the car and get super soapy
  • Find new playgrounds to play at
  • Walk through a forest
  • Collect rocks
  • Plant flowers and watch them grow

Places To Go

  • Museum
  • Friends home
  • Play center
  • Free play places such as MacDonald’s
  • Botanical gardens
  • Trampoline park
  • Public library play center
  • Science experiments

Sensory Play At Home

  • Create sensory bins
  • Do paper arts and crafts
  • Paint
  • Squish playdoh or clay
  • Scoop water beads
  • Fill the sink with water and let them play
  • Let them pour and measure water with simple kitchen items
  • Have them help you wash the dishes and squeeze sponges
  • Play with bath paint
  • Magnet tiles
  • Make slime
  • Make handprint art
  • Blow bubbles
  • Blow up balloons and set them free in the house

Other Ideas

  • Go to a live show like Paw Patrol or Blippi
  • Visit a festival
  • Go to a pop-up carnival
  • Have a neighbourhood scavenger hunt
  • Eat breakfast for dinner
  • Bake cookies and deliver them to friends
  • Take yearly Santa photos
  • Create an obstacle course in the house
  • Have hide and seek with flashlights game
  • Take them to work to meet the co-workers
  • See a movie
  • Go stargazing
  • Write letters to grandparents and friends
  • Ride the city bus for a day
  • Build a blanket fort
  • Go bug hunting
  • Build a bird feeder
  • Always get a treat when running errands
  • Watch airplanes take off and land at the airport
  • Go to the Lego store and play
  • Do chores
  • Give them a large box to play with
  • Feed the ducks
  • Have paper airplane races
  • Sing together and have dance parties
  • Make gingerbread houses and cookies at Christmas time
  • Organize baby photos together
  • Have a tea party
  • Bake
  • Cook dinner together
  • Teach them about colors and numbers (educational activity)
  • Enrol them in some sort of club or class
  • Create music
  • Print out coloring sheets

Those are all the ideas I have for you! Make sure you include lots of hugs, kisses and play in every single day you have with your little one.

Why Use A Toddler Bucket List

You don’t need a toddler bucket list, but it’s nice to have one on hand if you’re lost for ideas on how to spend time with your toddler. Life is busy, and sometimes work gets in the way of quality time with our babies, so a list can be handy.

Children will remember the fun times you had together, especially when you complete some of these things many times over and over again.

If you are a new parent with baby #2 or 3, then it can be hard to use that new mom brain to come up with fun activities, so a toddler bucket list can be helpful that way too.

Most children love to play in the grass and look at clouds and honestly it doesn’t take much to keep a toddler entertained. If all else fails, take them outside!

Frequently Asked Questions About Toddler Activities

What can you do with a 2-year-old inside?

Indoor activities can be anything to do with sensory such as playing with rice, waterbeads or slime. You can also play pretend, dress up and do lots of arts and crafts.

What do you do with a 3-year-old all day?

The best way to spend time with a 3-year-old is to have a schedule or routine to follow. If you can set up a specific time for quiet time, indoor play and outside play, your day will go a lot more smoothly.

Do 2-year-olds need social interaction?

Yes, toddlers need as much social interaction as they can get. This will prepare them for school and will help them regulate emotions and learn how to share.

Do 2 year olds make friends?

A 2 year old can have a friend. They will likely play side by side rather than with each other at that age, but they can enjoy being around other kids.

Is Playdough safe for 2 year olds?

Yes, playdough is safe for 2 year olds. All sensory materials should be used under supervision.

Do toddlers need toys?

Toddlers do not need toys. In fact, they can be fairly happy playing with household items like tupeprwear and clothes. It is nice to have toys around, but they aren’t needed.

Toddler Bucket List Wrapping Up

I know some days you might feel like you didn’t do enough with your toddler due to being tired or having to work. Don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re a great mom (or dad!)

Hopefully, you can see that if you take your child outside often, give them lots of hugs, kisses and love that you are a great parent for your toddler. Make them laugh daily, and create those deep connections.

Having a routine and charts for daily activities will help your toddler understand how the day works, and this will in turn create a happier, well-balanced toddler who is less likely to throw a temper tantrum.

You can also say yes more often than no, which will help you create a more friendly relationship with your child.

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