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Hey! you're probably here because you were scrolling Pinterest trying to find a solution for organizing your life. Well if that IS why you are here, I've got some tips for you.

Getting life organized is an ongoing process, and it is something I used to struggle with as well. There is nothing more stressful than looking at your to-do list and not getting anything completed by the end of the day.  If you have experienced this disappointed feeling and are overwhelmed in your daily tasks, then keep reading, this post is definitely for you.

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A life planner is a system used by many to get organized. Some may use it for to-do lists, school calendar tracker, as a notebook or a combination of those elements.   Simply put, it is a journal with lines laid out in ways to help you organize your thoughts. Erin Condren, is credited using the life planner design. You can really make your life planner beautiful by adding stickers, washi tape and drawing beautiful graphics within the many already beautiful pages.



1. Set up a day and time to plan your week

Isn't it funny how It's recommended to plan for planning? But if you don't plan to plan, your plan may not get written out and then you're just wasting precious planner space!

I know you have the best intentions when you get that shiny new beautiful planner and set up a daily and weekly routine, you were ready to conquer your life weren't you? Well for a lot of people, this energy runs out weeks after the planner arrives and life just gets in the way. We forget about our planner, and then get unmotivated to keep planning and then we lose track of time completely.

Let's avoid this problem by setting up a time to plan, so we can get our plans in motion.

I like to plan on Sundays, after I put the kids to bed. I have a set schedule for most of my tasks, so my planning process is fairly basic. Just a copy and paste system for my repetitive tasks. (write your repetitive tasks on a sticky note, and just transfer them to the following week)

Stay accountable, and plan your planning day.

2. Categorize your life for easier planning

Sometimes it feels like we have so many things to keep track of, it makes sense to use different planners for different aspects of your life. That's the beauty of the life planner. There is space in there to plan ALL the aspects of your life in one book. I organize my kid's lives, my blog life, our family appointments and family gatherings in one planner. I also like to colour coordinate all of the separate aspects of my planning with those pens I mentioned earlier, so at a glance, it's easy to tell which area of life is the busiest in a day, week or month.

3. Sticky notes for revolving tasks and future plans

I love sticky notes. I use the larger ones on big wall calendars and small notes all over my planner. Sticky notes are great because plans change all the time, and if something is not set in stone, it can be canceled or moved. I really do not enjoy scribbling in my planner, it looks bad and makes my gut cringe a little. Perhaps I'm a little nutty with my planner, but I can't help it. I'm in love with my Life Planner.

4. Create your own system and have fun with it

Planning can be done "your own way" and there is MUST DO SYSTEM to follow. Have fun with your planner (I do!) and create a system that works for you. There are so many planenrs to choose from, you certainly do not have to choose the same planner I use, although it is my favorite and I swear it brings me great success. But there are other ways you can use a planner. You could even grab a dollar store journal and doodle your notes in. The paper may not be the best quality, but if it works for you, DO IT! That's your choice 🙂 If you are finding that you are not using your planner often, re think a system that will force you to complete your planning routine and get your organization back on track. YOU CAN DO IT!

Supplies You Need To Start A Life Planner

One of the best things about the Life Planner is that it already has so many awesome features (not to mention it is so beautiful!) that not many supplies are needed.

I made sure to stock up on colourful pens and sticky notes when I got my planner. I really enjoy having the freedom to move around my not solid plans around within my week (or month) and my sticky notes are my saving grace. I hate to "ruin" such a beautiful planner if I need to make a change in my day.


Let's Get That Life Planner Started!

So where should we start our journey? How about supplies! Most of these items are probably already hanging out in your home like pens and post-it notes, but I'm going to show you the exact supplies I use in my Life Planner.

My Favorite Planner Of All Time

The Planner – This popular planner design is the  Erin Condren 12 month 2017 Life Planner which comes in a multitude of colors.  It is a durable, quality notebook, that will stand the test of time (and kids) which makes this a good investment.

Best Colourful Pens For The Life Planner

The Pens – These pens are perfect for the Life planner thick paper style. The pens are  24 Fineliner Color Pens which come in a multitude of colors.  The ink does not go through the pages and the pens glide across the paper with ease. These are great for colouring in the bonus colouring pages that come in the back of the planner.

The Original Black Pen

The Black Pen – You'll need a basic black pen to write in your new journal. I recommend these classic BIC Atlantis Exact Retractable Ball Pens.These pens do not smudge on the beautiful paper of the planner and make writing fun in your new planner.

Sticker Fun

Fun Stickers – Make your planner even more exciting with these planning stickers. Dress it up and have so much fun with your new Life Planner by using these, Life Planner Stickers  stickers.

Planning isn't boring, it's fun. What motivates me the most is the saying" A goal without a plan is just a dream" and I'm no dreamer baby.
If you have planner tips for me to add to this post, let's hear it!
Until next time,
xx, Elizabeth

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