My Manual Pinning Strategy -Organized In Trello

Manual Pinning Strategy

Isn’t it funny when you’re looking up a manual pinning strategy, someone somewhere is trying to sell you an affiliate ebook? I mean that’s great, everyone is trying to make an income online, myself included. BUT this isn’t one of those posts.

This is a straight forward tutorial on how I personally organize my manual pinning using Trello.

I don’t want to confuse anyone, so I want to say that this is for someone who knows how to use Trello at least a little bit. If you're new to Trello, I suggest you go learn how to use it. It will be a life-changing aspect to your blog or business...and even in life (meal planning made easy!)...

Trello is free to use, I highly suggest you check it out. It will be life-changing.

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What Is Pinterest (Super Basic Explanation)

Pinterest is a search engine. It works like Google when pulling information for a user who inputs an inquiry into the search box. The major difference between Pinterest and Google is the visual aspect of it. Many pins go to blog posts or affiliate links rather than videos within Pinterest.
For more information on what Pinterest is please read this article. 

Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest guru. Everything you need to know about it can be found on her website. She even has a killer course, but I'm not here to sell you on that.

You can know all the tips and tricks on Pinterest, and can still be super confused on how to organize an actually pinning strategy, which is why I wrote this post!

What is Trello

Trello is an organization platform that works like sticky notes on a whiteboard. Each card is like a sticky note that you can move around into different columns or lists, depending on the task you want to complete. Here is a guide on how to use Trello. 

The really neat thing about Trello is you can start off using it as a single person, but as your business / blog grows, you can add collaborators and create teams. It gets pretty extensive. There is a GOLD version of Trello that is paid, and if you have a large team you may need to invest, but the free version is pretty amazing as is.

The Manual Pinning Strategy

Open A Trello Account

When you have your Trello all set up, open a new Trello board for your new Pinterest Strategy. I called my board, Pinterest Strategy TEST because I wanted to make sure the system worked before I shared it with everyone.

It'll be good to start a fresh board for this so you don't get confused with any other items you have on the go.

How to open a new trello board


Creating Board Lists

The second thing you'll want to do is start creating boards lists with all of your personal and group boards separated by niche.

Am I speaking alien yet?

I personally have 3 (now 4 with this random Pinterest post) niches and it got a little confusing which posts I could pin to which boards. So to simplify this process I created board lists to keep me on track.

Here is what that looks like.

Board Lists Example

You can see here that I have kids and parenting, anything goes, organization, saving money/living frugal lists etc.

I won’t pin my frugal living pins to my kids and parenting boards because according to the rules of those boards, that niche is not allowed to be pinned there.

My anything goes board list means just that. The board owners do not care which niche is posted within that board so I can pin any of my posts to this board.

I do have a TW schedule list which is a screenshot of the most popular times for me to pin from Tailwind. I signed up for the FREE tailwind trial and sometimes, rarely, I'll submit a post to tailwind Tribes. Tailwind tribes are super trendy right now. Everyone tells you that you need to join a tribe, and also sign up through Tailwind through their affiliate link. You can do that, heck I've got a tailwind affiliate link myself, but honestly, you can do without all that nonsense. The only thing that's useful to ME with tailwind is the smart schedule so I can pin at optimal times. However, even then, Pinterest favors people who are active on the platform, so the time you pin isn't a make or break part of your strategy.

Anyway, back to creating board lists.

Go through each board you have, group boards and personal boards, and go ahead and categorize them. Create your board lists and then you can go onto the next step.

I’m not going to lie, it took me a few days to put together all of my board lists. BUT it has been a lifesaver for me, so I am so happy I did it.

Create a master list of all your pins

This is time-consuming also, yes, but you only do this one time.

To create this list, you’ll need to add a list and name it, master list, or something along those lines.

Then you’ll want to create a card for each pin that you have.

Name the card with the title of your blog post (or affiliate program)

In the description, box add the URL of that pin.

PS. Did you know you can go to and find every single pin that points to your website?

PPS. You can do that with any website, so you can check your competitions pinning strategy this way too. 

Back to the strategy...This is what my pin cards look like.

Ps. If you are in the parenting niche, you can steal this group board list and apply to them if you want! (this is a link that takes you to the board lists pdf)

pin card example


I even have a preview of the pin image in there, but it's not needed, the URL is enough for you to get the pin job complete.

Then you’ll want to add checklists of your boards to these cards. Remember how you created cards with all those boards separated by niches in step 2? Yeah, you’re going to need to use those now. You can’t really skip around in this tutorial..sorry folks, no shortcuts.

You'll want to go to the checklist option on the side of the card where it says ADD TO CARD: Members, Labels, Checklists...etc.

Pick checklists and find your checklist (or lists) that pertain to your pin.

For example, If I have a kids and parenting blog post I’ll want to add my kids and parenting board list as well as anything goes board list...because anything goes!

Once you go through each pin and complete the setup process for these pins, you’ll want to set up your strategy, or pinning process.

pin card example

Pinning process

For the actual pinning process, I use my “master list” List and a new list which I called “30 pins/day strategy (Refill Daily)”

my lists

So how this works.

Every day, I’ll pull over 30 pins from the master list. I’ll pull them in order as they are on the master list, to keep things simple.

Then I’ll go to the pins in the 30 pins/day list and open the first pin on the list. 

I’ll click the link to that pin. 

I’ll add that pin to the first board on the list.

Then I’ll take the card for that pin  and put it on the bottom of the “master list” list.

I'll start the same process for the second pin on the list.

Pin it to the next board on the list.

For Example: This morning routine pin will be pinned to "kids and parenting tips and advice"
Click the little box next to the kids and parenting tips and advice list item.

The NEXT pin in the kids and parenting niche, will be pinned to Mom Life group board.

The next pin, in the kids and parenting niche, will be pinned to Everywhere Mommies group board.

and so on.

pin card example

I’ll do this 30 times a day in 3 sessions.

My pinning schedule:

10 minutes in the early morning around 7am

10 minutes around noon

10 minutes after kids bedtime 8pm

Before I head to bed, or before I start a new pinning session in the morning, I make sure that my “que” has 30 pins in it so I don’t get confused on where I am at in my pinning process that day.

If Trello is super confusing and you prefer to use Excel, I found this super awesome tutorial by Meera Kothand when I was googling away for a manual pinning strategy. I don’t enjoy excel, so this is why I chose Trello. Also, I prefer to sort my pin strategy by pin rather than board

Let me know if this is helpful, or if you have suggestions for modifications to make this even better.

118 thoughts on “My Manual Pinning Strategy -Organized In Trello

  1. This is a great resource for new users of Trello. I have never used this platform so I’ll be saving this to refer to later if I ever use it for my pinning strategy!

    1. I didn’t pay much attention on my Pinterest. But since the shutdown of Google+ then it’s time for Pinterest. Thanks for this!

    1. Just open an account and start playing around with Trello, you’ll figure it out in no time. Its super user-friendly. Like sticky notes on a wall!

  2. hello fellow trello-er 🙂 I am super excited to try out your strategy! I am using trello to plan out all my blogging tasks (you know there are like a million ;)). I have recently been learning all about pinterest/tailwind and trying to figure out how to get my own strategy going. Thank you for taking the time to explain all this! Yes, trello is alien 😉 but I think it can be a super effective tool when used correctly. I will be refering back to this post 🙂

  3. I’m lost. I guess I need to start with the “guide on who to use trello.” I’m also going to look into the part about going to and find every single pin that points to your website. Thanks for the info.

    1. Trello is pretty simple to use, you just need the basic tutorial on how to actually use it. Honestly just download Trello and poke around, see how it works and then come back and read the guide!

  4. It sounds so organized but I couldn’t find this kind of time to do this. I think I have like 10,000+ pins. It blows my mind just to think about it. I will consider it thoug because it does sound effective.

    1. That is a lot of pins, but do they all perform nicely?! I would take the time and find your best 200 and start a new pin rotation!

  5. Well written post. Pinterest is one of the biggest drivers of traffic. I think manual pinning is the best way to go on pinterest, and it seems Pinterest prefers manual pinning over automated pinning. Thanks for sharing these great insights.

  6. I’ve never heard of Trello but Pinterest has been a main interest of mine lately! I’m glad I came across this! I’ll have to learn how to use Trello before it all completely comes together for me tho! Do you also use Tailwind? Or is this your only Pinterest method?

    1. I do not use Tailwind. I bought the yearly subscription and it just sits empty. I find the manual pinning more effective.

  7. We use Trello at my office and it is s huge time saver. I never really gave it much thought to use it for something like Pinterest Pins. I use Hootsuite which is automated so now I’m concerned it’s not as effective. I’ll have to check it out. Thank you!

    1. I’m sure hootsuite is fine too! Its really just a way to organize the content. It’s not yet clear if scheduled content has less reach than manual, so i wouldn’t worry about it and keep doing what you’re doing if it works!

    1. You can probably use this strategy WITH tailwind if you wanted to. I found it difficult to remember which pins i pinned where every week and got really confused with my tailwind account, so i ditched it for manual pinning.

    1. No problem! I have the hardest time trying to find a free resource like this, so i just had to create one once I figured out a system.

  8. I’m looking forward to implementing this. I loved Pinterest when I first started several years ago, but utilizing it with my blog has been challenging. I’ll be using your post as a worksheet to follow. Well laid out steps. Thank you for helping me break through into Pinterest.

    1. Not a problem! I was struggling and i see many others struggling too, so If I help one person I’m so happy!

  9. This is a very helpful post, thank you! I also wondered if there was a fee for Trello, so thanks for answering that. I have not had the time to dive into Pinterest but a manual pinning strategy as you described it sounds workable for me. This seems like the next step.

    1. I hope this helps you wrap your head around Pinterest a little bit! It took me a long time to “get it”

    1. Trello is great, I’m not a huge fan of Excel but there is a strategy by Meera Kothand done in excel that you can follow!

  10. ok as promised I’m back 🙂 hopefully my previous comment came through. I am working on adapting your strategy – thanks again for sharing! I know this wasn’t really the point of your post, but was wondering if you could share how you got accepted to group boards? I have been sending requests and haven’t heard anything back yet. I saw something else where someone mentioned needing to demonstrate your value to the board (like your pin was repinned by one of their contributors or something). Did you find this to be true or were you easily accepted to boards when you requested? Thanks again for your very valuable tutorial <3

    1. Hi Annie! Yes your other comment went through, I just have SO many to reply to right now so I’m still sifting through. To answer your question, I literally applied to hundreds of boards. I believe I spent about 2 days just straight applying to boards and I got accepted to maybe 10% of the boards I applied to. It’s so heartbreaking BUT if you can find the boards that have the “request to join” button it’ll be a little bit of a faster process. Here is my email that I send out for requests:
      Subject Line: Group Board Collaboration Request
      Email: Hello,

      I really like your pins and have followed you on Pinterest!

      May I please be added to your group board, [GROUP BOARD NAME HERE]? I feel
      my pins would be a great addition to the board. I blog at
      [MY BLOG HERE ] and have beautiful pins and great articles to
      share. I would love to be a part of your group if possible.

      Pinterest email: [MY PINTEREST EMAIL]
      Pinterest account: []

      Thank you for your consideration!

      xx, Elizabeth

    1. I was really hoping to explain it as simple as possible, i hope i got the job done and it was useful to you

    1. Trello is really good for so many things, and it’s free to use. It’s like sticky notes in columns that you can rearrange anytime. I love it.

  11. I love Trello! I’ve been organizing all of my blogs there. I have a different card for each blog with a checklist as to what to do for each and move it along in an editorial calendar such as “writing”, “scheduled”, “promote”, and “repromote” then I add a date to create a new pin.

    Each blog card has the links to the blog, pins, and social posts I have done so I can easily grab the link. I’m currently using Tailwind Plus to schedule everything though so I can bulk schedule on Sundays.

    How do we steal your group board list? I didn’t see a link.

  12. This is intense. I finally got the hang of Trello this year because I used it at work. I’m going to look into creating a more organized Pinterest strategy. I’ve yet to have one pin go viral.

  13. Awesome tips! I am still working on the whole pinning process and not sure if I am doing things my best. Thank you so much, things just became more clear to me

  14. my boyfriend and i use trello to stay organized too, and it works so well for us. we work for ourselves so staying organized and on top of schedule is key! xx

  15. Ohhh! I just started Pinterest this week (yeah, I know, I’m a decade behind the times, but I wasn’t trying to blog back then). I’m so excited to learn more. Thanks for the Trello tips!

  16. This is amazing! Always torn between using auto pinning and manual pinning! Thank you for the golden tips!! I haven’t used trello to strategise my pinning though

  17. What a very informative post! It’s hard to do so many things at once and this strategy to be more organized in manual pinning is really awesome! I love using Pinterest so this is going to be really helpful.

  18. I don’t have a Pinterest account, so I don’t know much about it. Reading your article has helped me to understand how it works, and how I could possibly benefit from it.

    1. Do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? It accounts for 90% of my blog traffic, so i found it kind of difficult to wrap my head around my many pins and when they were going out. When i pinned without a method, i got banned for Spam!

  19. Oh wow. What a great strategy!! It looks a bit intimidating for me, although I do know both Trello and Pinterest, I actually never thought I could use them “together”! Thank you for sharing this strategy. I need to take a few hours and go through it again and again 🙂

    1. Thank you! It can seem totally intimidating to look at this and the amount of work it takes, but honestly, after set up, its an easy 30 min a day

    1. You are not failing! I’ve seen your account, it’s looking good. Just keep going and don’t give up.

  20. This is a great article! I use Trello for other things but I hadn’t thought about using it for pinning. I think it would work really well instead of smart Loop!

    1. Smart loop I heard is really nice to use as well. I actually tried to see if I can use my trello strategy with Tailwind but it ended up placing my pins to the same boards on the same days and the schedule looked super spammy. I scheduled 500 pins and then ended up cancelling the whole thing because manual pinning just makes more sense to me.

  21. Great post! I’m just confused on one point. The tutorial says “Then you’ll want to create a card for each pin that you have. Name the card with the title of your blog post (or affiliate program). In the description box, add the URL of that pin.” But on the screenshot of your card, it looks like the URL is to your blog post.

    1. I just haven’t pinned that pin yet to pinterest, so it did not yet have a pinterest URL. Once I added it to Pinterest, I had a URL. I didnt even notice, thanks for pointing that out!

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