Child Always Chooses Wrong, Though Knows Right

Traditional parenting responds to a kid’s misbehaviour by imposing an emotional or physical “consequence” in the hopes that the child will choose to avoid that consequence in the future by engaging in other behaviour. However, this implies that the kid can control her emotions and, as a result, her behaviour. In reality, experts are increasingly agreeing that children who engage […]

Negative Children: 7 Strategies for Dealing With a Complaining Child or Adolescent

Let’s face it: “No” elicits a response. Children thrive on the connection they have with their parents, and if a child is always negative, their parents will generally react negatively. As strange as it may seem, your childrens negativity isn’t always intended to sound as awful as it does. They could just want to make touch with you, even if […]

Positive Parenting Means Kids Do Whatever they Want…Right?

Parents are frequently perplexed when it comes to calm parenting. They believe that if they quit disciplining their children, they would allow them to do anything they want. However, this presupposes that there are only two options: permissive or punishing. What if you set high standards for yourself while also providing your child with the awareness and support he or […]

Is Entitlement Just a Stage for Demanding Kids and Teens?

Your 10-year-old kid asks you to purchase the most recent video game for him. “All my buddies have it,” he exclaims. Why can’t you just be like the rest of the parents? They buy their children anything they want!” Alternatively, your 16-year-old daughter could be irritated by the fact that she must drive the old beat-up automobile to school. “I […]

The Key to Raising a Self-Disciplined Child

The boundaries we set for our children teach them self-control. But only if we set those limitations with empathy, and this is crucial. This is how it goes. The Secret of Raising a Self-Disciplined Child We may describe self-control, often known as “self-discipline,” as the ability to manage our desires in order to achieve greater goals. When we practise self-discipline, […]

Most Misbehaviour Can Be Prevented With These 5 Strategies

Unfortunately, the capacity to manage one’s emotions and behaviour is still growing in a two-year-old’s frontal cortex. That means kids toss food, destroy objects, have tantrums, bite when angry, and doodle on the furniture. To put it another way, they act like two-year-olds. Even older childrens often lack the cognitive control to act as we’ve taught them because the brain […]

What You Say Is Important: Labelling Kids

Let’s pretend you’re in charge of planning a dinner party, a family gathering, a church benefit, a client meeting, a mini-conference… Take your time and find something that works for you. You’re ecstatic about being in charge of the project. You’re also a little concerned about how everything will end out. You go into your co-event-planners’ office one day and […]

The Difference Between Limits And Consequences

Let’s assume we observe behaviour that is in violation of our family guidelines, such as bouncing a soccer ball around the house. We set a restriction in this situation by allowing our child to choose between two acceptable alternatives. He pays no attention to us. We’ll say it again. He pays no attention to us. We’re naturally irritated. We have […]

How To Set Limits Without Force

If we don’t use force, how do we “make” our child do what we want? Brushing teeth is a great example, since I’ve never known a child who wasn’t inwardly driven to brush his teeth, and I’ve never met a parent who wasn’t irritated trying to persuade their children to brush. We’re inclined to threaten our childrens with consequences. In […]

How To Transition to Positive Parenting

Shifting your parenting style is a significant change, and you may expect some hiccups as you and your family adjust to new patterns of communication. Even if your child occasionally “acts worse” than she would have previously, those bumps don’t imply you’re doing anything wrong. When your child behaves out, she’s actually expressing feelings from the past, from times when […]

Change Behaviour Without Using Punishment

Parents are frequently shocked to learn that most forms of discipline, such as spankings, punishments, and even timeouts, do not help children become responsible, self-disciplined adults. After all, parents discipline their children for them to learn to behave, right? Children, on the other hand, learn by their experiences. Our example and treating them the way we want them to treat […]

Managing Defiance: You Are NOT The Boss Of Me

Defiance. It will undoubtedly irritate a parent. After all, aren’t we meant to be the ones in charge? Defiance rubs our noses in the reality that we can’t genuinely control another person until we use force, whether he’s three or thirteen. And who wants to be the parent in such a situation? We increase the struggle when we respond to […]

Teaching Lessons Without Grounding

Isn’t this supposed to be simple? You just stop disciplining your children, and they thank you so much that they start acting like perfect angels. Transitioning to calm and positive parenting becomes increasingly difficult as your child grows older. Your child has already developed a unique perspective on the world and a whole personality. He believes the sole incentive to […]

Why Do Children Blame and Slash Out?

When we’re unhappy, we have a natural tendency to lash out and blame others for our misery. Most of us learn to control our nearly instinctive emotions as we get older, but we all know people who appear to live their lives with a “chip on their shoulder,” blaming others and responding violently to perceived or actual slights. What exactly […]