List Of 71 Best Christmas Books For Kids (Like How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

List Of 71 Best Christmas Books For Kids (Like How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

Christmas Books For Kids

Are you ready to add some holiday fun to your reading list this year? These are the best Christmas books for kids to really get you in the Holiday spirit.

This is a roundup of the most magical books about Christmas for kids. Share these Christmas books with your family each year and create traditions.

The holidays have a way of really bringing the family together. This is the season we really enjoy family board games, reading with the kids and eating lots of yummy food.

From books for toddlers all the way to chapter books (that even adults could enjoy reading) this is a comprehensive list of Christmas books to help you enjoy the holidays to the fullest.


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Christmas Books To Bring The Holiday Magic

My goal for this roundup of Christmas books is to help you find books that both parents and children enjoy to read. My kids and I are at our local library 1-2 times a week scouring the shelves for good reads that are enjoyable and magical.

Not to mention having to renew books that my kids love too much to bring back to the library. When this happens I add that book to our Christmas list so we can have it in our personal library to enjoy anytime we like.

Reading Christmas books together with children all through December (or even earlier) helps bring the magic of Christmas into our home.

Creating An Advent Calendar Out Of Christmas Books

Advent calendars are super popular to help your children countdown to Christmas. We always buy the chocolate calendars and I allow my kids to eat the tiny chocolate before school starts in the morning. It’s a very exciting time for the kids.

You can create the same kind of thing, but with books instead of chocolate!

Start for December 1st (or you can countdown the 12 days of Christmas and start Dec 12)

How to create your book advent calendar

  1. Get 25 Christmas books. You can find them used, in book stores, online or grab them from your local library for free.
  2. Wrap up your books and create a stack of wrapped books under your Christmas tree.
  3. Every day of December, let your children grab a book from the stack and then spend some time reading the book with them.

Children love this Christmas tradition and it’s fun for years to come and is something that your child can pass along as a tradition to their child.

Children’s Christmas Books For Toddlers

Christmas Books For Kids In School

Christmas Chapter books

For older children who love to read chapter books.

Your Turn

What are you favourite Christmas books to read? Did you have any Christmas tradition that revolve around books, I would love to hear about it.

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