Top 10 Balance Bikes For Young Kids

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The best balance bikes for young kids that are easy to ride and give your child the confidence to balance and develop coordination skills as they learn.

Bicycle riding is a fun activity for kids. It can be an effective way to exercise, as well as a great way to get around town. Best of all, it teaches children how to balance, which will come in handy later when they’re learning how to ride a regular bike.

The best part about buying your kid’s first bike is that you don’t have to go with just one brand or style! There are plenty of options out there and each one has its own unique features that make them stand out from the rest.

Here are 10 reviews for some of the top balance bikes on the market today:

What Is A Balance Bike

A balance bike is a type of bicycle that has no pedals, but instead has a saddle and footrests. They look like big toys, which is why many parents love them for their young children. It helps you learn balance, steering and pedaling in the best way possible: by doing it yourself!

Balance bikes are designed to be ridden by kids as young as 18 months old because they put children in control of their movements. By putting all your weight on one side of the bike while you’re turning or going downhill, your child will naturally learn how to balance themselves while riding a two-wheeled vehicle – making it easier to transition over to riding an actual pedal bike when they’re ready (usually around age three).

You can use these bicycles inside or outside; we recommend practicing on grassy areas first so that there’s less risk of falling off onto concrete sidewalks when starting out.

Why Balance Bikes Are Great for Kids

If you’re looking to get your young one started on the right track as a future bike rider, then balance bikes are the way to go. They’re great for kids because they are fun to ride and easy to use.

The best part is that they teach balance and coordination skills while they develop those muscles necessary for pedaling. Not only will this help your child learn how to ride their own bike when they get older, but it also helps prevent them from getting injured by falling over in their attempts at learning how to pedal. Balance bikes can be used by toddlers all the way up until three years of age!

Which Type of Balance Bike Should You Get?

There are three main types of balance bike: the platform style, the tricycle style and the two-wheeler style. The platform style is a flat-bottomed frame with no pedals. This type of balance bike can be used without training wheels by kids who have mastered a few basic skills, such as walking and running on their own. It’s also known as an “active cycle” or “running bike” because it encourages little ones to get up and move around while they ride.

The tricycle style has three wheels (usually one front wheel and two rear wheels) instead of just two like most other bikes do. It has footrests for both feet (as opposed to platforms), so your child will learn how to balance better with this type of vehicle than he or she would with something else. This can be helpful when transitioning from two-wheeled bikes later on down the road!

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

LittleBig 3-in-1 Balance Bike ($179.95–$259.95)

The LittleBig 3-in-1 Balance Bike is the perfect choice for kids who are just learning how to ride. Its three configurations mean that it can grow with your child: there’s a seat that can be removed, and a handlebar that can be removed as well. The bike is made from high quality steel, so it won’t rust or bend easily. And at only 17 lbs., this bike is light enough for younger children to manage on their own—but strong enough to hold up over time (and under 100 lbs.).

Woom 1

The Woom 1 is a great balance bike for kids ages 2-5. This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, which means that it’s easy to carry and store. The Woom 1 comes in three colors: black, blue, and orange. It also features hand brakes for added safety when your kids are learning how to stop their bikes on their own.

Strider 12

The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is a great option for children aged 1 to 3 years. It’s made of high-quality materials, and can be used by kids with a weight limit of up to 50 pounds. The bike itself is lightweight and easy to use, so it’s perfect for young kids who are just learning how to ride a bike.

Progear Stryde Plus Balance Bike ($89.99)

At a price point that’s more than $50 lower than the average balance bike, Progear Stryde Plus Balance Bike is a great option for parents looking to get their kids started on two wheels.

With an adjustable seat height up to 43 inches and a weight limit of 80 pounds, this balance bike is perfect for kids aged 4-5 years old or approximately 40–60 pounds. The adjustable seat can be moved forward or backward by 2 inches so your child can enjoy riding their bike as long as possible without having to worry about it being too big or small.

This balance bike has simple yet sturdy design with high-quality materials including wood handlebars and tires made from rubberized plastic material that is safe for young riders and won’t damage floors when riding indoors. It also comes with reflectors on each wheel so you know your child will always be visible even in low light conditions such as dusk or dawn when visibility is reduced due lack of sunlight hitting ground surfaces directly at those times during day!

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get your little one into biking fun then this could be just what your family needs!

Chillafish Charlie

This bike is the perfect balance bike for kids who are just learning how to ride. It has all the features you would expect from a high-quality balance bike, including a durable metal frame and soft rubber tires. The handlebars are adjustable so that your little one can ride this bike for years, even as they get taller and their legs grow longer.

It’s also super affordable, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for something economical yet still high quality.

Chillafish Charlie Features:

  • Durable steel frame with adjustable handlebars
  • Soft rubber tires make riding easy on any surface

MyKick Balance Bike ($89+; ships to U.S.)

The MyKick Balance Bike is a fun toy for kids. It’s a full-size bike that young children can ride with one foot, so if your child has been trying to learn how to balance on a scooter or tricycle but hasn’t had any luck, this might be the perfect solution.

MyKick is designed for kids ages three to seven years old and comes in three colors: blue, pink and red. The bright colors make it easy for kids to identify their own MyKick at the playground or park!

MyKick has a low center of gravity so it’s easier for kids to balance themselves when riding this bike. This makes it much less likely that they’ll fall off while learning how to master these basic skills on their own two wheels! In addition, its lightweight frame makes it easy enough for even younger children (3+) who are just starting out on two-wheeled vehicles like skateboards or rollerblades should handle well enough since there won’t be too much weight holding down their movements when trying out new things like going downhill fast or turning corners sharply without falling over sideways into traffic nearby.”

Retrospec Cricket

The Retrospec Cricket is a great balance bike for kids ages 3-5. With its simple, classic design, this bike will look great in any home. It’s easy to assemble and features an adjustable seat that grows with the child to allow them to ride longer than other balance bikes on the market today.

The Retrospec Cricket comes with a solid warranty, so you can feel confident that your purchase is protected against defects in materials or workmanship for 18 months from date of purchase.

The Retrospec Cricket is recommended for children who have mastered riding without training wheels and are ready to take the next step in their riding journey!

The Guardian Original GOM ($149.99)

The Guardian Original GOM (short for “go-me”) is a great balance bike for kids ages 1.5 to 5 years old. It’s made of steel, so it’s very durable and will probably last you several years before you need to replace it. The low center of gravity makes it easier for your child to balance while riding the bike, which makes it more likely that they’ll be able to maneuver themselves safely through traffic when they’re older. It also comes in multiple colors, including pink and blue!

Wishbone 3in1

The tricycle design is readily convertible to a two-wheel version, allowing it to adjust as your toddler grows in confidence and skill. Because the wood is sourced from sustainable sources, repairs and changes can be performed without the need for an engineering degree.

A steering limiter and an adjustable seat are built into the elegant wooden frame design. The frame may be adjusted from low to high rise, thereby doubling the seat height range. There isn’t much to say against this bike until you consider the price. It is an investment, but it might last for a long time in the family.

Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider ($149.99)

The Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider is a simple and straightforward balance bike that does not come with bells, whistles or unnecessary features. It has a high-quality frame that is constructed of steel to ensure durability. The bike also comes with two hand brakes which make it easy for your child to control the speed when they are riding indoors or out. It only requires assembly once you receive your order which means you can put it together within minutes of receiving it.

The Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider is one of the best balance bikes available because of its simple design, high-quality materials and price point.

Strider 14x

The Strider 14x not only has a wide age and seat height range, but it also has the option to convert to a pedal cycle when the time comes. It’s designed to instruct and assist young riders in getting started and continuing to shred.

The bike is naturally larger than the others, so if you want to start young, you may need to add another bike to the mix. Otherwise, the Strider 14x has the ability to last a long time.

Kinderfeets Wood Balance Bike

When you compare it to the other motorcycles on this list, you’ll see a lot of similarities. There’s a step-through frame for little children, airless tires, a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, a steering limiter, and all the additional bells and whistles you might want.

The only concern we have is that it is difficult to modify the bike’s sizes and that it has the potential to fall apart. To keep this balancing bike in working order, you may need to be adept with tools and feel comfortable performing a bit more tinkering.

Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike for Ages 1.5 to 5 Years Old ($189.99)

The Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike is a lightweight balance bike for ages 1.5 to 5 years old. It has a low center of gravity, which makes it easier for your child to steer and maneuver the bike. The low seat height also means that your little one will be able to easily get on and off the bike without any assistance from you.

It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, so you can rest assured that this bike will hold up well over time (and even if you have multiple children). You’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion with this model!

In addition, the Cruzee UltraLite comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship on top of its original warranty period (if applicable). This gives parents peace of mind when buying this balance bike because they know they’re getting high quality construction at an affordable price point!

TheCroco Balance Bike

Parents who want their younger children to carry their own bikes will appreciate the aluminium frame and EVA foam tires.

In addition to the usual features, TheCroco boasts sealed ball bearings that reduce tyre wobble and protect it from the elements. Most ultralight gear is prone to breaking, but TheCroco’s aluminium will never corrode and the tires will never go flat. Essentially, even the most rowdy of children will struggle to break this bike.

Prevelo Alpha Zero

The Prevelo Alpha Zero is a high-end balancing bike designed for choosy parents looking for the greatest bike for their children. It was fantastic to get our hands on a Prevelo and experience firsthand what made these bikes so special.

The Prevelo Alpha Zero redefines the concept of a balance bike. A bike with so many features that you’re left dumbfounded.

The Prevelo’s frame is made of 6061 aluminium alloy with custom formed tubing. The design of the bottom main frame tube reveals the unique tubing. With all of the amenities on this bike, it’s amazing that it’s still one of the lightest bikes we’ve tested. The bike weighted 8.5 pounds on our scales. The Alpha Zero fits the needs of quality-conscious parents looking for a lightweight bike. When it comes to smaller, more delicate riders, weight is everything. It increases their sense of control and the ride quality, especially when driving off-road.

KaZAM Bikes

KaZAM Bike v2e No Pedal Balance Bike ($99.00) is a good choice for kids between the ages of one and three years old. It has adjustable seat height, which makes it easy to find the right fit for your child’s legs and feet. The bike is also lightweight (8 pounds), so it won’t be too much trouble to carry around or store in tight spaces, such as a garage or storage closet.

KaZAM’s design features include lightweight aluminum frame construction, wide tires that offer traction on all terrain types, hand brakes (for added safety) and easy assembly instructions with just a screwdriver required! This model comes in four colors: purple/orange; blue/yellow; pink/purple; green/red (shown here). There are other design options available too such as camouflage or hot rod designs if you want something different than what comes standard — but remember these will cost more money!

Schwinn 12-inch Balance Bike

The Schwinn 12-inch Balance Bike is a great choice for kids ages 2 to 5 years old. It comes in several colors and is available on Amazon.

The Schwinn 12-inch Balance Bike has an adjustable seat height from 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 centimeters). The frame is made of steel, which makes it strong so it won’t break easily like plastic balance bikes can do sometimes. The handlebars are adjustable with two different heights so they can be raised or lowered depending on how tall your child is at that time period in their life cycle! There’s also a footrest bar on this bike so if they want to stand up while riding it’s safer than just having them stand up without support anywhere else except their feet down towards earth as usual..

Yedoo Too Too Balance Bike

Yedoo is a Czech manufacturer of larger-wheeled foot bikes and scooters. With their success in developing these fantastic scooters, it was only logical for them to include a balance bike. Quality and safety are prioritised in its design and manufacturing. The term “Yedoo” is derived from the Czech word “jeduu,” which is an expression similar to the word “wee” while children ride their bikes and scooters.

The Too Too is a 12′′ balancing bike with a lightweight steel frame, aluminium wheels, a rear v-brake with an easy-to-reach lever, and steering limits to avoid jackknifing. The ergonomic seat, which adjusts farther away from the handlebars as the seat rises, is one of our favourite features.

It makes sense because children’s legs and arms grow in tandem. At 8.2 pounds, this bike is remarkably light, despite having a sturdy steel frame. For the price, this may the best balance bike available.

The Priority Start ($129.00)

We discovered that the Priority Start ($129.00) is a good balance bike for kids aged 12 months to 4 years. It’s made of steel, and has a padded seat. The Priority Start is available in three colors: red, blue and green.

The instructions are easy to follow so assembly shouldn’t be too much trouble. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need to be considered when buying your child’s first bike (or any other), then take a look at our guide here before making your decision!

FirstBIKE Limited Bike with Brake

The materials utilised to construct Firstbikes are very unique. The bike frame, fork, wheels, seat post, and handlebars are all comprised of a long-lasting composite plastic resin.

The frame serves as a shock absorber, limiting the impact on a child’s spinal cord. The frame not only improves riding quality, but it is also resistant to fading, cracking, rusting, warping, and even fracture.

Another distinguishing feature is the rear drum brake, which provides a more gradual stop, is adjustable, and keeps young fingers from becoming pinched in the moving parts.

The FirstBIKE Limited Bike and Cross come complete with Schwalbe tires, reflective frame highlights, sealed bearings, adjustable saddle height, and a steering limiter.

Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike

There aren’t many high-end components on this model, but that’s how they keep it at 4.4 lbs. This bike ranks high because lightweight is a widely desired feature for a baby balancing bike. The Cruzee has lightweight 12′′ mag wheels with EVA foam tires, and buyers can choose between black and white mag wheels.

The Like-A-Bike Jumper ($250.00)

The Like-A-Bike Jumper is another great option for parents looking to introduce their kids to the balance bike experience. The steel frame is solid, and the seat adjusts to fit your child as they grow. The tires are made of rubber, which prevents them from getting flats or punctures as easily as other types of rubber tires do. The handlebars also can be adjusted so that your child has a comfortable riding position while they’re learning how to ride a bike with pedals.

The pedals themselves are made from sturdy plastic that won’t break if your kid accidentally falls over onto them when trying new skills like pedaling backwards or putting one foot down when going up hills. Assembling this bike isn’t difficult; you just need two Allen wrenches (included) and some muscle strength! It’s suitable for kids aged 1 through 5 years old who weigh less than 50 pounds, but it’s important not to let your child use it until they’ve mastered balancing on two wheels without falling over!

How to Teach a Child to Ride Using a Balance Bike

  • Start with a balance bike that is the right size for your child.

If you buy a balance bike that is too big, it will be impossible for your child to use it and they will get discouraged quickly.

  • Start with a balance bike that has training wheels.

Training wheels are great because they help children learn how to ride more easily by making them feel more stable on their bikes, but if you have an experienced rider who wants to learn how ride without them, simply remove them! They can also be removed if you’re teaching younger kids who need some extra support first before going off on their own in life (and in case).3

It’s never too early to get started with bikes!

There are a number of reasons why balance bikes are the best way to get started with bikes.

  • They’re simple. No pedals or training wheels to get in the way, just a wide seat and handlebars for your child to learn how to ride.
  • They make learning easier. Without the added effort of pedaling, children can focus on balance and coordination instead of getting tired from learning how to use their legs correctly as well as maintain their balance while riding at speed.
  • They’re safer than tricycles or scooters because there’s no danger of falling off if kids don’t have all their limbs under control yet (the seat often has an adjustable height so kids can grow into it over time).

how To Measure Your child For A Balance Bike

Before purchasing a balance bike, you’ll want to measure your child. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Measure from the ground to the top of their head. This is an important measurement because it will determine how tall your child is when they’re riding their bike and how big of a seat height they need. Ideally, you want one that has a seat height somewhere between 8″-8.5″ up from the ground (this will help prevent any back pain). You can adjust this by buying lower handlebars or raising/lowering pegs on some models (which we discuss later).
  • Measure their inseam—their leg length from bottom of foot to crotch area—and compare it with their shoe size for shoes so that you can get an idea of what size pedals would work best for them once they outgrow these bikes! If you don’t know your kid’s shoe size yet then just estimate based on previous purchases and use those measurements as guides until they reach sizes where actual measurements are available (ie: age 5+ years old).

The Downsides of a Balance Bike

As with any product, there are some downsides to balance bikes. The biggest is that they can be a little slower than pedal bikes once your child gets the hang of riding. They’re also harder for kids to learn to ride, since they don’t have pedals or brakes and don’t allow for much control over speed.

Another downside is that balance bikes are often more expensive than pedal bikes, but this can be offset by using them until your child outgrows them—and then passing them along or selling them as used! And like I mentioned above in the “How Do Balance Bikes Work?” section, they’re not built to handle rough terrain (like unpaved roads and trails), so keep that in mind when choosing where you’ll use yours!

Things to Consider When Buying a Balance Bike

When you’re ready to buy a balance bike, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, safety should be at the top of your list. As we mentioned above, there is no need for training wheels with this type of bike if your child is old enough and mature enough to master it. The best way to ensure that their first time riding goes well is by finding an age-appropriate balance bike with a wide saddle and handlebars that are low and close together.

Next up on our list is size—the proper fit will keep them safe while also making sure they have fun! Balance bikes tend to come in three major sizes: Small (ages 1–3), Medium (ages 3–4), Large (ages 4–5). If you want your child’s first experience learning how to ride safely be easy on both his or her body and mind, we recommend choosing one within this range because they’re designed specifically for each stage of development rather than just having adjustable components like regular bikes do.

Keep in mind how much weight they’ll be able to put into each pedal as well because some kids may struggle with keeping themselves upright while others won’t even need any help whatsoever!

In addition these two things will also come into play when determining whether or not assembly will be required before getting started right away due entirely upon which model has been chosen by parents beforehand; some models require minimal assembly whereas others take more effort depending entirely upon which brand/type was purchased within stores near home base location – so make sure before leaving shopping destination location after purchase made all necessary arrangements have been made beforehand incase


The Strider Sport is considered by many to be the best bike for young toddlers and kids. This bike is well-known for its safety features and upright position, which is an important factor in ensuring a child’s comfort and balance. The long wheelbase, quick-release clamps, and low standover height make it a great value for little riders, and its lightweight design makes it easy for them to control.

The hand brake and rear brake are also an added bonus for children who need to stop quickly, and the air tires provide a smoother ride. The sport model is also equipped with a turn limiter, which is a good idea for children who are still learning how to make sharp turns.

The 12-inch wheels and grip tape are both designed to provide better control, and the lightweight design makes it easier for children to handle. The low standover height is also an important feature for children who are still growing and need to have the right balance. The Strider Sport is a popular balance bike among parents and is considered one of the best options for kids who need a bike that is both safe and fun to ride.

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