Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Kids

8 social emotional learning activities to help children practice mindfulness and self awareness to help control emotions and channel their inner calm. What are social emotional learning activities? They are activities which children can participate in and learn how to become more aware of their emotions and practice mindfulness. All children benefit from mindfulness exercises. These exercises can help kids […]

What A Child Who Is Shutting You Out Trying To Say

Parenting is not an easy job and our children will get upset with us and have emotional breakdowns. Communicating with our children when they are in a state of distress is difficult. Every child will be different in how they act and think, but there are some things you can do to help open up lines of communication and understand […]

How to Help Young Kids Resist Peer Pressure

How to help young kids resist peer pressure and make powerful positive choices when faced with difficult situations. By the time a child turns 7, they start to care more about what others think about them. They start to care less about what their parents and other adults think about them and this can interfere with how well they perform […]

5 Positive Attitude Activities For Kids

How to help your kids have a more positive attitude with these positive attitude activities for kids. To help children see positive things in life, there are a few activities you can do together. We should be helping our little ones to look at the positive things and have a positive attitude because it helps solve problems in life simpler. […]

Simple Breathing Exercises For Kids To Manage Anger

How to easily teach children to take a deep breath and practice breathing exercises for kids to manage anger, anxiety and other big feelings and motions. I often tell my children to take a deep breath when they are overly excited, anxious about something or seem nervous or scared about something. Unfortunately, telling children to take a deep breath isn’t […]

Practical Tips To Handle Lazy Kids

If your kids are lazy, there are some things you can do today to reverse this behavior! Just a few simple things to keep in mind when trying to handle lazy kids and you can get your kids off the couch in no time at all. Sometimes kids get lazy, especially if we allow a lot of screen time during […]

Get To Know You Questions For Kids

Create better communication with your children by asking them engaging questions to get them to open up and talk with these get to know you questions for kids. When kids are younger, they seem to talk non stop about anything and everything. As kids get older, they tend to share a little less and less everyday, and sometimes it can […]

The Most Powerful Phrases To Comfort An Upset Child

Inside this post: Parenting tips to comfort an upset child Being a child is hard work, and finding ways to comfort an upset child can be a difficult task. The world around a child is so vast and confusing. While it seems like “little things” are making our children cry and whine, these are not little things to them. In […]

107 Words Of Affirmation For Kids

Inside this post: An ultimate list of positive words of affirmation for kids! Affirmations are essential for everyone, especially children. This kind of positive thoughts and affirmations can improve health, confidence, and can help manage stress. More so, positive thoughts can help children make better choices. Positive thinking starts with the inner voice. How children speak to themselves significantly impacts their […]

How To Teach Kids Self-Regulation Skills

Learn how to teach your children to manage their emotions by using self regulation skills. A life skill, or set of skills, that is so important to teach our children, is the skill of self-regulation. To call it one skill though is a little bit of a misconception. Self-Regulation requires one to possess the ability to control behaviors, thoughts, impulses, […]

Tame Toddler Tantrum With Positive Discipline

How to handle toddler tantrums and misbehavior using positive and gentle parenting. Handling severe temper tantrums in 2-year(+) olds in public is not easy, especially when it feels like everyone around you is judging you. Toddlers screaming in public and having epic meltdowns is something every parent deals with. It can be very challenging when children do not have verbal […]