Moms Should Do These 6 Things Daily For Less Stressful Days

Moms Should Do These 6 Things Daily For Less Stressful Days

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One of the most crucial times of day… night! These nighttime routines for moms will assist you in relaxing, unwinding, and sleeping soundly.

When the sun went down, I used to get a terrible sense of impending doom.

I began to feel apprehensive as soon as 5 p.m. in the winter or 7 p.m. in the summer rolled around.



It seemed like I would worry about anything and everything. It was honestly quite bad. For a long time, my spouse worked evenings, and I battled to unwind, rest, and rejuvenate.

I eventually realised that my personal moods and feelings in the nights were somewhat manageable. It made a lot of difference if I structured my nights well WITHOUT worrying about efficiency or production, but rather about life-giving habits.

Remember that it is the modest repetitive affordable everyday behaviours that keep our emotions elevated. And when we feel good in the evenings, we feel wonderful in the mornings.

consider The Season You’re In

First, there are clear life seasons.

You may need to go to bed earlier if you have a newborn to account for night wakings.

If you are working from home temporarily and are unable to focus during the day (duh, of course you cannot with small children! ), you may have to stay up later at night.

Your nighttime routine should constantly reflect your current stage of life. And it will change as the months pass and things change.

The most important thing is not to force something because you believe you should do it when you know you won’t.

What To Add To Your Evening routine

So… here are a few suggestions for your nightly routine. Choose what works best for you and, most importantly, what makes you feel comfortable, tranquil, and ready to fall asleep.

Remember that the evening is an excellent time for self-care routines.


Perhaps you enjoy being pampered. After a hard day, incorporating a special hygiene or body care regimen into your nightly routine can be a delightful way to de-stress and re-vitalize.

You may have abandoned the practise of caring for your body. I’m sure I did. I barely got the kids washed, let alone a sugar scrub. When I make time for it, it makes me feel better in some manner.

  • These are a good source of magnesium and help minimise fluid retention (why, oh why do I retain fluid?). After a long day, I like to load up on these and relax in a hot bath.
  • Did you know you could infuse your shower with relaxing lavender and chamomile?
  • Scrub, massage, or simply remove your makeup. Slowly and thoroughly wash your hands. A clean, soft face will help you feel better about your under-eye bags.
  • After a long day, it’s wonderful to moisturise your skin. At the end of the day, I like to rub lotion on my feet and then put on some comfortable socks.
  • There are so many internet possibilities for pedicures and manicures right now. Remember how you used to match your fingernail polish to your outfit? It’s not guaranteed, but it’s lovely to see pretty fingers throughout the day.
  • If you enjoy detoxing, the Ionic Foot Detoxing System can help you get rid of harmful toxins and recharge your batteries at the end of the day. I did this once at a spa and was both astonished and amazed with the outcome.

Prepare For the Next Day

If you’re the type who likes to do a bit now to get ahead later, these will come in handy. The trick is to not overschedule your evenings or you will just stretch out the tension.

Don’t think you have to accomplish everything for the next day and then waste all of your time. Instead, focus on one or two of the things that are causing you the most stress.

  • Waiting until dawn on this one is a definite way to have a stressful morning. Alternatively, have your children pack their own lunches.
  • This is very satisfying for planners. If you’re anything like me, planning helps me give my kids healthy foods.
  • I’ve read that some mothers completely de-clutter their minds before bed by making a list for the next day. Try this if you have trouble clearing your mind before going to bed.
  • Laying out clothes for the next day can be a pleasant way to prepare for the day. This is especially true if you have several children.
  • Do you enjoy waking up to a cup of hot tea or a cup of delicious coffee? Most coffee machines now include timers, which may be something to look forward to.
  • Because it’s so satisfying, I advocate completing an evening sweep as part of any nightly routine for moms.
  • Many stay-at-home mothers now homeschool their children. So, if you’re a planner, have a look at those plans.


To be honest, doesn’t a relaxing regimen sound appealing? Perhaps it’s because you’ve been having trouble falling asleep. Or… perhaps it’s because humans are wired to require rest and relaxation.

A relaxation practise, at its best, is intended to prepare you for sleep and welcome you to a place of rest (mentally, emotionally, and physically).

  • Spend time connecting with your spouse. Watch TV together, play a card game, or simply spend quality time together.
  • Read. Over the years, reading has been a lifeline for my fatigued mind. It completely exhausts me…
  • Journal. Writing down the happenings of each day is a tried and true approach to vent or release pent-up emotions that can disrupt a good night’s sleep. Are you new to journaling? Try Present, Not Perfect: A Slowing Down Journal.
  • I’m listening to some soothing music. You’ll be surprised how much having soothing sounds in the background can assist. Music therapy, by the way, has been shown to calm people down and prepare them for a relaxed mood.

Bedtime Habits

This probably flows into the other areas, but I think it’s critical that bedtime seems welcoming. Bedtime should be something you look forward to, not something you dread.

These small gestures aid in relaxation and sleep by making you feel more important. Anything that makes everyday living feel more sumptuous is a win!

  • Up your PJ game. It may seem absurd at first, but swapping up your old worn out rags for something sophisticated and comfortable can be the ticket to mentally winding down.
  • When I wear my eye masks, I feel like I’m in a spa. This is also useful if your husband enjoys reading in bed.
  • Get a comfy comforter. If you suffer from sleep apnea, I highly recommend the Quilted Weighted Blanket. It appears like your comforter now has the ability to hug you. A cosy blanket will help you unwind.
  • Stop with the devices. Your phone does, in fact, emit blue light. Yes, it makes your eyelids twitch… especially before bedtime.

Breathe and Pray

You probably have no understanding what I’m talking about unless you’re a classical singer. It’s not difficult… Don’t be concerned. First, breathe in through your nose until you feel your belly button rise. Then, for 8-9 seconds, hold your breath. Finally, exhale as slowly as possible. REPEAT to completely unwind. You’re very welcome!

If I am worried or anxious, I will pray through it all, and more often than not, I will fall asleep in the middle of my prayer. That might be good or bad, but it demonstrates how soothing it is.

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