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What to Expect In Positive Parenting Solutions Course

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A review on the positive parenting solutions for toddlers and big kids alike. This course helped improve my family life with a proven success system so I can be the best parent to my children, and you can too.

As an adult, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to complete a course. Luckily, there are plenty of online courses for parents who want to better understand their child and the best ways to help them grow as human beings rather than just locking them away in their rooms until they finish their homework.

The Positive Parenting Solutions Courses are designed to give you tools that will help you create a better relationship with your kid while improving your own life at the same time.

Even though these courses are accessible anywhere, anywhere at any time, completing one successfully requires an excellent attitude and some self-discipline. As such, here is what you should expect from these online courses if you’re interested in taking them.

This course is great for parents who are busy and only half of them an hour each day to dedicate to learning how to be a better parent. There are 7 steps in this program that help you realize who you are on the inside and help you parent your children in a more effective and better way.

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Is Positive Parenting Solutions Parenting Course Worth It? (Yes...But Why?)

With Positive Parenting Solutions, We Can Say Goodbye To Stressful And Uncertain Parenting Practices And Say Hello To A Peaceful, No Yell, Home Environment.

Course Goals

The goals of the Parenting Solutions Course are simple: to help parents become better parents. This means that you will need to encourage your child to grow up to be a well-rounded human being, while also maintaining a close and healthy relationship with them that will last a lifetime.

By taking this course, you will be able to understand your child’s behaviour better, and thus be able to create a better plan for dealing with misbehaviour or learning.

Furthermore, you will be able to understand and meet your kid’s needs better, which will lead to better overall communication between you and your child.

Finally, you will be able to help your kid grow up to be a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted human being thanks to the positive parenting techniques that you will learn about in this course.

Why Positive Parenting Solutions? What is Positive Parenting Solutions?

Why Positive Parenting Solutions? What is Positive Parenting Solutions?

It uses only Positive Parenting Strategies: Amy is very much against shaming and using negative punishment. She goes over strategies that are positive and respectful for children.

It works for children of all ages: this course is great for children ages  2½ all the way up to 16 years old. Amy also goes over a lot of different challenges that parents face throughout all the different ages and stages.

There is a lot of information in bite-sized videos: Amy is very thorough in her teachings and goes deep into different ages, behaviors, and parenting principles. This means this course is very valuable and there is a lot to learn without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s an established parenting course with a proven track record: This course has helped over 75,000 families already, so there is no reason it won’t be able to help you as well.

Amy McGrady is an experienced parent coach: Amy McGrady is a certified Positive Discipline Coach. She has been helping families for over 15 years and has 2 best-selling parenting books on Amazon which both have 4-5 star reviews.

sitive Parenting Solutions Parenting Course

What to expect in the course

The Positive Parenting Solutions course is broken down into 8 modules that each last about an hour and a half. These modules are structured in such a way that you are able to actively engage with and learn from them, as opposed to passively watching a video and hoping that you’re absorbing something.

The course is interactive and allows you to see what parenting looks like in action, while also providing ample opportunities for you to ask questions and interact with the course instructors. Although the course is broken down into modules, you do not need to complete one module at a time.

You can jump around the course as you see fit, and you can use the course as a source of information and guidance in multiple areas of parenting at once.

Finally, you can use the course as a source of information whenever you feel like you need a refresher course on a parenting topic or want to find new ways to approach an existing problem.

Who Can Benefit From Positive Parenting Solutions

If you’re wondering who this positive parenting solutions course is for then let me tell you that it’s for parents who have tried everything and are soul frustrated and have gotten nowhere in their parenting efforts.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this particular course will be any different than any other books or other courses that ye may have read and taken.

There are so many testimonials that you can go and read over yourself on the positive parenting solutions website so you can hear from real parents who had tried everything and have been so frustrated with their parenting efforts just like you that have taken this course and have found a lot of success with it.

positive parenting solutions testimonials

Amazing Free Parenting Class Everyone Should Take

Before you go and do a deep type into the content of the positive parenting solutions course you might want to take a look at the free parenting class that Amy has available.

This parenting class is about an hour long and then you have a chance to ask questions after words from the coarse leader Amy.

This is a full on lesson that teaches parents strategies that they can implement right away and see an improvement in their home life. This free class focuses on getting your kids to listen without using nagging or yelling strategies.

Even if you’ve already made up your mind to purchase this parenting class you should definitely still take the free class that’s available because it is a golden nugget that every parent should listen to.

Click This Link To Check Out The Free Class

Positive Parenting Solutions Review - Free Webinar

The course instructor

The course instructor for the Positive Parenting Solutions course is Amy McGrady. McGrady has been working with children and families for decades. She has also authored a number of best-selling books on parenting, and he has been featured on many different TV shows and in multiple magazines worldwide.

Amy McGrady is a mother of two and a founder of positive Parenting Solutions. Before becoming a mom, Amy was in the corporate world and worked on Wall Street as an accountant.

She got her start in finance by studying accounting at college and continued to work in the field after she had kids. Amy has always been passionate about being a good parent and making sure her kids are successful and happy.

After realizing that there were no books or resources for parents like her, Amy decided to share her knowledge with other parents who are looking for advice and tips on how to raise happy, healthy kids.

In addition to writing, Amy also runs parenting workshops across the country to help parents develop better communication skills with their children and learn how to set boundaries with their kids.

If you are interested in improving your child’s behaviour and relationship with them, then the Positive Parenting Solutions Course is definitely worth taking. The course is flexible, accessible, and will help you become a better parent thanks to the knowledge that you will gain from it.

In case you may ask: these books are not included in the online course and would need to be purchased separately. They are good companions to the course, but the course is much more in-depth.

I Personally Loved The Positive Parenting Solutions Course!

Positive Parenting Solutions is presented in the form of online video, created by parenting educator Amy McGrady. She has been featured in the TODAY Show, Fox And Friends, CNN, and so many more amazing shows.

Amy takes you through 7 sessions, where she teaches parents why our kids behave in specific ways, how to decode the behavior, and how to peacefully resolve the issue.

Positive Parenting Solutions Course Landing Page Screen Shot

I’m sure you can tell already that I absolutely adored the positive parenting solutions course.

This course goes to 7 different sessions where Amy McGrady teaches you and taught me why kids behave in specific ways how parents can decode that particular behavior and how parents can peacefully resolve the behavior issue.

The course is very easy to understand however some of the topics will be a little bit more difficult to implement based on the person that is taking them. If you have a lot of childhood trauma from the way that you are raised you might have to dig a little bit deeper in order to get through the corporate principles of this course but if you do the hard work you will be rewarded in your family life.

The entire concept of this course is to help you create a peaceful family environment where you have kids who are who listen and who are kind and you’re not nagging and yelling at them all day everyday.

Aimee McGrady also features a series of expert series and specialty modules that focus on topics such as keeping kids safe from bleeding at school and resources to help an anxious. These are very important issues that need to be addressed if you are facing them and while Amy doesn’t have the experience to talk about it she does have experts on the course that talk about that.

I absolutely love the downloadable workbook that comes with this course so you can follow along with the class you can take notes and you can soak in all the information. The positive parenting solutions workbook is also an excellent reference point if you ever need to go back and try to remember what you learned if you have forgotten in stressful situations.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have gotten through my notebook a few times since I’ve taken the course few years ago. It’s actually a very helpful resource and I have it at my computer desk so I can reach into it any time I need to without going back to the video lessons.

Another perk of the positive parenting solutions course is the ask Amy coaching calls where members can get their questions answered in a weekly webinar and the recording is made available to members who purchase the gold membership.

The gold membership is the highest tier of membership and is the most expensive so if you have the funds I would definitely go for that because just the ask Amy coaching calls are very value.

As well in the gold member’s membership you get access to the Facebook page so you can talk to other moms who are going through the same things that you might be going through and other parents solutions on what they did to help them through specific behaviors.

I’ll go over the individual lessons within the full course which have real life examples on tackling difficult behavior.

I know online course parenting is intimidating at first but honestly, it will give you less stress and help you fight those technology battles and sibling conflicts with ease. Not to mention the private facebook group where parents are constantly discussing solutions and problems they face daily with their children.

inside? The tools and training revealed:

What’s Inside The Positive Parenting Solutions Course?

Session One: Behind the Behavior: Your Kids, Explained!

I know there’s been a lot of information to read before you’ve even gotten what’s in the nitty gritty of the course but I think that all the information that I’ve given you so far is vital. But without further ado let’s take a look inside the positive parenting solution course.

Session one is called behind the behavior your kids explained. This is an entire section that help you get to the root of the behavior so you can be consistent in how you correct this situations.

This is a soft introduction to the positive parenting solution course and goes over the different parenting styles the effect that birth order has on specific behaviors or child may be facing and how you can personally affect the way your children react based on your personality. You can take a parent personality priority assessment in this session which plays an important role for the kind of parent you can become.

Your parenting style is actually really important in the way that your child behaves at home and you can learn about all the different styles of parenting and why some parking styles are better than others.

There is also a parent personality assessment in this module and you can figure out your specific parenting style just in case you don’t know what your parenting style is and you also get introduced to the strongest and most powerful tool that focuses on this course focuses on which is a great beginning to your new parenting journey.

Session One: Behind the Behavior: Your Kids, Explained!

Session Two: Encouraging the Best in Our Kids

The 2nd session is called encouraging the best of our kids and it is a really eye opening session because you’ll learn how your children actually see you in the home and how it feels when they’re feeling overpowered and discouraged by the way that you may be parenting them right now.

This is one of the most powerful sessions for me because it really showed me how children perceive some an adult who is authoritative and uses negative punishment and yelling as a form of discipline. Amy makes great videos that really show the fear that these children face.

Amy also talks about the 7 ways we discourage our kids and why you can ditch rewards as a way to get your kids to listen and behave at home.

This also kind of ties into how you could be raising a praise a junkie and she goes over all the things that actually kill encouragement of a child.

This is a section where she goes over chores or as she calls them family contributions and whether ye showed or ye should not use allowance at home.

Session Three: Revolutionize Your Routines: Regain Control, Let Go of Guilt

Another section that was very powerful to me personally was section 3 which is about revolutionizing your routine so you can regain control of your life and let go of all the guilt that you may be facing as a mom.

Amy goes into details on how to deal with disrespectful backtalk how to fix common power struggles at home in just 10 seconds and how routines can improve behavior and also be saving your sanity.

Amy goes into detail about mastering those morning after school and bedtime routines to reduce bedtime battles that I talk about so often as well and how those kinds of routines are a very integral part of your parenting journey.

In this section Amy also goes over how to create successful consequences and how to use the remove and redirect strategies in your house as well.

Session Four: From Power Struggles to Peace: How to Handle Extreme Behaviors in a Positive Way

If you’re facing constant power struggles at home with your child then session 4 which is all about power struggles and how extreme behavior can be handled in a positive way.

In this section Amy goes over how to handle common whining and interrupting behaviors and children and how you can handle it without losing control and yelling at them.

When your children have behavior issues and outbursts they are asking for a reaction from you Amy goes over all of the reasons why they may be doing the behavior they’re doing and what kind of reaction they’re expecting out of you and how you can react in a way that won’t encourage them to continue the bad behavior.

If you have a child at home who are you are constantly facing power struggles with then this lesson is going to be your most important lesson.

 Transform Sibling Relationships: From Enemies to Besties

Session Five: Transform Sibling Relationships: From Enemies to Besties

Amy McGrady also loves to talk about sibling relationships in the home.

She goes over how children can interact with friends and family how to resolve common sibling conflicts and conflicts and how you as a parent could be adding fuel to the sublime fire without even knowing.

Amy has tools for you to strengthen the bong between the siblings as well which will in turn help you create a more peaceful home.

Session Six: The Family Harmony tool: Calm The Crazies, Fire Up The Fun

Parenting positively also includes family harmony and in session 6 Amy McGrady talks about family harmony tool which comes the crazies and fires up the fun.

In this session Amy talks about increasing empathy in your home and building your child’s leadership abilities.

This means you can shift your focus from the individual child over to your family as a whole unit and you’ll find all the most effective tools for family problem solving and strategies for family negotiations should you need some.

This session also includes how to increase empathy within your home and build leadership abilities in your children.

Your Future Success: Staying Strong Through The Ages And Stages

Session Seven: Your Future Success: Staying Strong Through The Ages And Stages

And the last session in the positive parenting solutions course is session 7 which goes over your future success so that you can use the things that you learned within this course to help you parent more effectively in the future.

Amy discusses how you can handle if you feel like you’re sliding back into your old habits and how you get back on track to act to get things back under control these are important strategies for building long term parenting success.

Expert And Specialty Modules

Even though the 7 sessions are now over there are expert and specialty modules that can help you further your parenting learning.

This is where Amy brings in the expertise of outside professionals to talk about special and specific topics to get you the most out of the basic information that’s out there.

Specialty modules:

  • Learn 5 Tools for Nag-Free & Tear-Free Mornings
  • Discover the recipe for mealtime success for you and your kids!
  • Learn how to cure the Bedtime Blues.
  • No More chore Wars
  • How BUSY parents can use the #1 Tool for a happier home
  • Sibling Bullying
  • How to use work solutions at home… and with great results
  • Are Rewards and Praise Ruining Our Kids?
  • ABC’s of allowance
  • Curing Entitlement Epidemic
  • Keeping Kids Safe From Bullying At School
  • Learn the 3 R’s
  • Technology Survival Plan
  • How to Maintain Your Sanity, Self-Respect, & Sense of Humor While Raising Teens
  • Resources to Help the Anxious Child
ools And Training Provided By Positive Parenting Solutions Course

Tools And Training Provided By Positive Parenting Solutions Course

In addition to those 7 sessions and the specialty modules there are more tools and trainings that positive parenting solutions offer such as the toolbox the workbook group coaching calls and the Facebook group and the mobile app.


The toolbox is a set of of resources that you can arm yourself with if you’re facing difficult situations the toolbox grows as you go through the sessions and it’s a very important piece of the positive parenting solutions course. You’ll have lifetime access to this as well anytime you are facing a difficult situation with your child’s behavior and other temper tantrums.

In each session Amy goes over through the tools that she puts into the toolbox and she goes really deep into how the tool works and how you can use it at home she also has examples on how the tools can be used effectively in your home.

Each session ends with an overview of the new tool in your toolbox as well as all the old tools that you’ve added to your toolbox thus far and there is a summary that makes it easy for you to refer to lessons quickly if you need a refresher.


The workbook is one of my favorite components of this positive parenting solution course. This is a comprehensive and very helpful workbook that is a note taking guide and a great resource that you can reference quickly when you’re faced with a behavior that is challenging.

It’s kind of a fill in the blank workbook where you listen to the course as she goes through her videos and then you fill in the missing information and missing information and this helps you retain the information that you learned and you learned and then you have a very complete workbook that helps you parent in a more positive way.

Group Coaching Calls

Another bonus of this positive parenting solutions course is the group coaching calls which are really advanced training modules. The group coaching calls are only available with the gold membership. This is basically a live webinar where parents ask questions and Amy answers them then these videos are posted to the positive parenting solutions portal where gold members can access this recording at any time.

Facebook Group And app

In addition to the group coaching calls there is also a Facebook group and a cell phone app which parents have access to all the materials on their cell phone you can download all the audio for each video you listen to and you can listen to the lessons kind of like a Podcast.

In the Facebook group you can connect with like minded members and really talk about other behavior challenges that other parents might be facing.

With the cellphone app the silver and gold memberships have access to the app but the download audio option is only available for the gold membership at this time.

Parenting Blog

Positive Parenting Solutions Parenting Blog

Amy also has a parenting blog that goes over some of the most important challenges that Amy also has a positive parenting blog over at Parents who are members of the positive parenting solution group as well as anybody who is not part of the part of the parenting solutions course can access this blog.

The Membership Options And Investment : How much does positive parenting solutions cost?

By now, you are aware that this course is JAM-PACKED with amazing, super helpful and relevant information to help you with your parenting struggles, but you’re asking, what’s the investment?

There are 3 levels of membership to this course:

Pricing Guide Screen Shot Of Positive Parenting Solutions Online Course

If you register for Amy’s free webinar, then you’ll receive a 10% discount and free upgrade automatically!

This makes the pricing package a little bit different!

The Bronze package becomes a free upgrade to the Silver Package.
The Silver Package stands at 10% off, and the Gold Package also becomes 10% off!

The Gold Package is the BEST as it has the most features such as access to the Facebook group, downloadable audio from the App, unlimited access to all Ask Amy coaching calls.

Cancellation Policy Of Positive Parenting Solutions

I mean this course is fantastic, but if for some reason you don’t love it, you have 30 days to change your mind. The 30-day money-back guarantee means this is a great way to help change your kids’ behavior and those big-ticket power struggles with easy to digest training videos and in depth modules with no risk.

You can request a refund here.

What Are The Video Tutorials In the Course Like?

Most of the videos have Amy talking directly to us and each video covers a specific parenting issue and then offers her solution.

Amy is very concise and doesn’t get off topic at all.

The video tutorials include:

  • Background psychology behind the problem you’re facing.
  • Actionable ways to deal with the problem. 
  • Exact scripts of what you can say to your child. 
  • Guidelines of how you can adapt your approach. 
  • Common questions from other parents. F
  • Interactive workshops. 
  • Online quizzes. 
  • 25+ Bonus videos. 
The Problem with Online Courses

Online Courses Can Be Tricky…But…

If you’re skeptical about the positive parenting solutions course because it’s an online parenting course you’re not alone. This is one of those things that made me very comprehensive about the scores in the 1st place but I am still obviously very glad that I took it.

I really do wish there was times where I could interact with the teacher and on specific lessons but unfortunately there is not that option With an online course.

The nice thing is if you do have a gold membership there are questions and answer coaching calls so if you ever do have a question Amy McGrady is there to help you answer it just you have to wait until those coaching calls.

The one downside of this course is that the videos are not able to be downloaded so if you’re having any Internet troubles and you may not be able to access the videos.

Remember that you can download the audio on a gold membership which is a good solution if you are not able to access the videos due to spotty Internet.

Does the Course Really Work?

Does the Positive Parenting Solutions Course Really Work?

Most people worry that the investment may not return the results you’re expecting and no one wants to waste money and lot of time.

While there are so many positive reviews on positive parentingsolutions via website and Facebook, many lay claim that their family lives have been transformed with most families seeing improvements within weeks.

Can you really trust these reviews?

Well I tested these strategies on my children and these are the things that I found:

Day 1 improvements

For each video that was watched, I put it into action as soon as possible. It was incredible to see how calm the kids became and how these small changes were not very difficult to implement yet had a huge impact on our daily lives.

Easy Tactics

A lot of the tactics that Amy mentions are common sense and practical. All the things she teaches are backed by science and research and while the changes are small, they are actionable and effective.

Easy To Follow

These videos and lessons are really simple to follow, even in our super busy hustling lives. Going through the course a little bit at a time was easy enough to do without feeling lost and confused.

It Helps You See From Your Child’s Point Of View

It’s a huge mindset shift, but this course taught me that I should be looking at the day through my children’s eyes and not my own eyes.

A Quieter Home

This course helped create more peace and quiet in the home right away. There was no more fighting when it was time to brush teeth and get dressed.

Independent Children

This course encourages children to complete tasks on their own such as getting dressed which helped relieve some of the stress from my daily life.

Who Would I Not Recommend This Course To?

If you are a parent who uses harsh discipline and punishment and are an authoritarian parent, you should not take this course.

This course focuses strictly on positive parenting practices.

pinion of Positive Parenting Solutions

Is the PPS course worth taking?

The Positive Parenting Solutions Course is worth taking because it will improve your life and the life of your child.

The course is accessibly priced, and it is very likely that you will get your money’s worth out of it. Additionally, the course is created by experts in the field, which means that the information is current and up-to-date. There is also a guarantee that if you don’t like the course, you can get your money back.

Finally, the course is flexible and can be used by parents of any age child. Whether you have a toddler, pre-schooler, or teenager, you can use the skills that you learn in the course to help your child grow up to be a well-adjusted, happy adult.

Access to the Free Parenting Class

Free Webinar for Positive Parenting Solutions

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