Emotional Learning Activities
Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Kids

Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Kids

8 social emotional learning activities to help children practice mindfulness and self awareness to help control emotions and channel their inner calm.

What are social emotional learning activities? They are activities which children can participate in and learn how to become more aware of their emotions and practice mindfulness.

All children benefit from mindfulness exercises. These exercises can help kids become more calm and self aware of their thoughts, feelings and their surroundings. These exercises help children re center and focus on the moment they are experiencing rather than going back to the past or thinking of the future.

Mindfulness is a simple concept, but it’s not that simple to explain to children which is why there are some mindfulness activities you can try to help your child learn how to be mindful and self-aware.

Keep in mind that mindfulness canont be a skill that is mastered, It is in fact a skill that is ever evolving and improves with practice.

Here are some social-emotional learning activities for kids to help with mindfulness and self-awareness.


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Social Emotional Learning Activities For Kids

When your child is acting whiny or is having a hard day, try some of these social emotional learning activities. You can try some when they are in their moment of frustration, or after they have become more calm, whatever works best for your child. I know for one of my kids, I cannot do anything with him until he calms down.


Practicing breathing exercises is a great way to get centered and connected for kids. If your child is having a hyper moment, an angry moment or is frustrated with something, simple breathing techniques can be your saviour.


Positive affirmations can help children with self-confidence and self-esteem. Build them up daily by practicing positive affirmations. Affirmations are a social emotional learning activity for kids because they help children feel uplifted and more self-aware. Plus it’s never a bad thing to fill your emotional cup with self kindness.

Check out these positive affirmations for kids for some ideas.


If your child is feeling angry, or going through a tantrum, 5-4-3-2-1 technique is really helpful in re centering children and helping them find their mindfulness.

How it works: Simply tell your child to stop what they are doing and list 5 things that they can see, 4 things that they could touch, 3 things that they can hear, 2 things that they can smell and one thing they can taste.

This is a good distraction activity for them because by the time they finish listing all the things, they become more calm and self-aware of their emotions.


Yoga for kids is very effective, and healthy too. If you can do daily yoga with your child, that is amazing. If you can’t get daily yoga in, that’s ok. You can still practice yoga poses such as tree, warrior and half moon. Youtube is a great resource for yoga videos for kids.


Colouring is a great way to learn social-emotional mindfulness. You can either print out single colouring pages from the internet or find some cute coloring books on Amazon. Encourage children to color on their own, especially if you are utilizing quiet time or calm down corners in your home. Let your child know that if they have made a mistake, they can breathe in and out and move on. The mindfulness is about letting the experience pass by without engaging negatively about it.

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Nature Walk

I love nature. It has a very restorative calm effect on me personally and it’s a great way for children to practice their own mindfulness. Taking a small ten minute walk in fresh air can help a child switch from anger to calmness just through being outside and taking in the sights. Pick up the pinecones and sticks, jump in the puddles, create the memories and truly enjoy being outside in the nature.

Guided Meditation

Another social emotional learning activity is guided meditation. Have your child find a spot on the rug and have them lie down. Ask them to close their eyes and breathe in and out slowly. Read some guided mediation sayings while having them visualize being on a beach or walking through a forest. You can make up your own guided meditation cards or find some online. You’ll have relaxed and calm kids in a manner of minutes with this technique.

You can get guided meditations through audible, and you can try audible for free using this link.

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Arts and Crafts

Crafts can be very calming and mindful because they need concentration and imagination. You can try weaving, beading, popsicle stick crafts, pom pom crafts. Get super creative. I love to find craft ideas on Pinterest! Crafts can help children gain self-confidence too if they are proud of their craft when it is all finished.

Mindful and Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Kids

Are you excited to start practicing mindfulness activities with your kids?

I would highly suggest adding some of these mindfulness activities such as yoga or guided meditation to your daily routine to practice focus and self-control.

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