10 Best Water Party Games

10 Best Water Party Games

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Are you looking for ways to enhance your party games? Adding water sounds like the perfect option. You don’t need a special reason or birthday party to play with water. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best water games for parties and water fun in the sun!

Water Fun in the Sun

What do you think of when someone says, “water fun?” Perhaps some of the first things that come to mind are: splash pad, sprinklers, water balloons, water guns, water tables, and water fights. These are all great, but have some creativity! Think about combining all these words into many games. 

Water Game Ideas

Let’s be honest, water games can be enjoyable and entertaining for all ages! You may make a giant mess when all is said and done. That’s half the fun! 

Water games are perfect for a hot summer day! Grab some buckets, hoses, cups, water guns, and sponges. Here are several creative water games for you and your kids.

Cup to Cup

Cup to cup is a fun and easy water game to do with your kids. All you need are two small buckets and some plastic cups. Fill a bucket with water and place it on the ground. Next, have your kids sit in a line behind the bucket of water. The last person in line should sit back-to-back with the person in front of them. Have a second empty bucket in front of the last person. Passing a cup of water over their heads, the kids should work as a team to empty the water filled bucket into the empty bucket. 

Sponge Run

Don’t get rid of those buckets yet. For this next water game, place one bucket full of water at one end of your yard and another empty bucket at the other end. Each player gets a sponge. Using the sponge the kids will transport the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket. You could play this in teams and see which team fills their bucket the fastest. If you have multiple buckets, you could also have each kid play individually. 

Toe Diving

This can be a fun water game for younger kids. However, older kids and adults can enjoy this too. Set up a kiddie pool and add rings and rubber duckies for smaller kids. For older kids and adults add quarters and smooth pebbles to make it more challenging. Set a timer and go fish! Using their toes, time how many objects they can remove from the pool. 

Duck, Duck, Splash!

Duck, Duck, Goose is a favorite party pastime. Put a spin on this well known game, by adding a water component. Just like the original game, sit in a circle on the grass or floor. Pick one player to be the “duck” and give them a cup of water. When they reach the chosen player, rather than saying, “goose,” pour the water over the person’s head. Then run for your life around the circle to the empty seat before you’re caught.

Ice Bowling

Just in case the water isn’t cold enough already, just add some ice to your game. This water game will take a little bit of prep. Pick up some plastic bowling pins at the store or on Amazon. Fill some balloons with water and freeze them overnight to use as bowling balls. Set up your pins, keep score, and see who can get a strike first!

Water Balloon Toss

Play skee ball with water balloons. Take a few bowls and label them with different point values. Place them in a line. Have the kids throw water balloons into the bowls. Rack up as many points as you can. To mix it up, have other kids place the bowls on top of their heads.

Squirt Gun Knock Down

Squirt gun knock down is great for young kids. However, you can adapt this game for any age. Start by building the best plastic cup tower using Solo cups. Next arm all your players with a water gun and see who can knock down the most cups. Get creative and competitive!

Water Obstacle Course

A water obstacle course takes some planning and thought. Create your own water based obstacle course. This can be fun for kids and adults alike. Here are some obstacle ideas.

If you have access to a playset, make water balloon piñatas and hang them from the monkey bars. For phase two create a “water” slide using the playset slide. Place a kiddie pool at the end of the slide for an extra splash! Set up a slip n’ slide as phase three. For phase four, create an obstacle using a black garbage bag as a slick surface, pool noodles for arches, and a hose to add water for a slip n slide effect. Have the kids crawl under the pool noodle arches while running the hose on the garbage bag. Lastly, draw a large dot on coffee filters and tape the filters to trees. Take a large squirt gun and have the kids squirt the target. When the ink on the coffee filter is smeared you’ll know the task is finished!

Kiddie Pool Kickball 

If you’re going to do an obstacle course, why not go even bigger! Play a competitive old fashioned kickball game. Set up three kiddie pools as first, second and third base. Then set up a slip n’ slide leading to the home plate and play ball!

Frozen T-shirt Race

Go from cold to freezing! With a little planning, get a t-shirt for each member. Next, soak each shirt, wring it out and freeze them. Make sure you separate the shirts using wax paper in between each one. At party time, pull the t-shirts out and have a race to see who can unfold the frozen shirt and put it on first.

Ready, Set, Go!

Finally, when you hear “water games” think slip n’ slides, Solo cups, water guns, ice, and obstacle courses! Water party games aren’t just limited to warm weather. Host a water themed party just for the heck of it and have a blast!


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