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My name is Elizabeth…

I am a stay at home mom who is a huge advocate for Positive Parenting and teaching children how to grow up and be awesome adults who can contribute to society.

I love to share what my life is like with my 2 boys. I mostly write about family life and dealing with difficult parenting situations in a positive way. I only ever write about situations I’ve been in, and how I have (or should have) solved them.

I learn new things about my kids every day, and this Parenting journey is not an easy one.

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What Is A Supermom anyway?

A Supermom to me is a Momma, trying her very best. Whether you are a mommy who allows a ton of screen time or a momma who bakes everyday with her kids, you are enough.

The most important thing you can provide for your children is your love and attention. If you are there for your kids when they need you most, you are Supermom.

Supermom doesn’t have to mean a sparkly house, dinner on the table just in time for hubby’s arrival from work and freshly bathed kids every night before bedtime.

While that sounds like a 50’s housewife and their responsibilities, this isn’t the case anymore. Women should not have to be perfect, always smiling, baking pies and wearing clean uncomfortable outfits all day long to please our husbands.

You may dream that a Supermom is your “Betty Draper” from Mad Men (I would drop a GIF but I’m super confused on the copyright law for blogging, so here is a link–> Betty Draper). Just remember that she had kids who didn’t respect her and a housekeeper who kept the home perfect.

When you clicked on my blog, you may have thought that I was a stuck up superhuman mommy who has all her poop in a group with perfect routines and lovely children. That is simply not the case, because as much as I believe to be a Supermom, my definition of Supermom is most likely different than most.

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Thank you so much for stopping by my little mommy blog. I hope you enjoy reading through my journey as a Tired Mom Supermom and share your stories with me, I’d love to hear them! 

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