How To Keep the Kids Busy Indoors During Bad Weather

keeping kids busy indoors
Indoor Activities For Kids

Do you ever get those super terrible weather days that prevent any sort of outside activity? Well while writing this post we are stuck inside during a snowstorm and I was racking my brain on engaging kids activities that could potentially tire them out enough for quiet time in the afternoon.

First of all, my kids are 3 and 5. My 3 year old JUST turned 3 and has the attitude of a 2-year-old. I can please him with arts and crafts, puzzles and dance parties. My 5 year old gets tired of arts and crafts pretty quickly and those just don't hold his attention very long.

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Getting The Kids Busy

We actually did leave the house in the morning on this winter storm day because my 5 year old had Kindergarten. So our boredom didn't really hit us until noon.

That being said since it was noon, we had to make lunch and warm up the house a little bit. I envolved my kids in the making of lunch and that kept us all busy for about an hour. We ate lunch happily and boredom hit again.

I'm not totally against screen time, but I try to limit it and since it was only 1 pm, I didn't want to approve screentime just yet. I ended up spending time with my 5-year-old working on his cutting skills and reading books. I threw some pencil crayons at my 3-year-old and he happily colored along with us. Activities like this really strengthen the relationship between my kids and myself and honestly, we spent about an hour doing that too!

By 2 pm we were struck with boredom once more, this was definitely trending on our day. I wanted to really keep the kids engaged so we made some chocolate chip muffins together! I love getting my boys baking in the kitchen. We learn a lot about teamwork and patience. We also get a little extra quality time together which is a huge bonus for me.

Since our tummies were full and I was pretty much exhausted for the day, I said yes to a movie. But I had conditions.

  • I was to pick the movie.
  • We were to cuddle on the couch with a blanket together.
  • There was to be many snacks and popcorn available.
  • And we all had to be nice and quiet so Mommy could get a little rest.

We ended up watching The Peanuts Movie which is a feel-good family movie that gives me the warm fuzzies.

Independent Playtime

After our little movie adventure, which went quite well I must admit. There was very little jumping around and lots of cuddles were shared.

I turned off the TV and started dinner. I make the kids play with their toys until dinner is made. I love how their imagination starts to really work when they forget about TV, Computer, Ipad, Nintendo DS and whatever else they have to play with, My 5-year-old actually acts like a 5-year-old should, playing with toys, running around the house and making funny noises.

Letting their imaginations run wild like that is my favorite thing in the world.

After dinner time, we have a pretty strict bedtime routine, you can read all about it here.

List Of Activities

In case some of you visiting my blog were expecting more exciting things to do at home with your little ones, I have compiled alternate activities you can do at home. I hope you enjoy!

Indoor Activities For Kids

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15 thoughts on “How To Keep the Kids Busy Indoors During Bad Weather

  1. These are all great suggestions! We have had to implement a no-slime house after attempting to clean it out of clothing, carpets, etc. Slime is now an outside only activity, lol!

    1. Too funny! I have a very strict rule about slime. If it’s not on the kitchen table it should be in the garbage! But I agree, slime can get messy.

  2. These are great suggestions for keeping your children busy and entertained during snow days or the weekends. I will keep them in mind!

  3. My daughter is two, so we usually just play with her toys indoors. I let her run around, but we do give her some TV. It’s a great way to unwind. We have tried coloring, but she prefers to eat the crayons, lol, so might have to wait a little while on that!

    1. Oh my goodness, sounds so cute! We found some “mess free” coloring books at Wal Mart and my “crayon eating child” does really well with those!

    1. Oh me too! I am a true believer in “go with the flow” parenting. If the kids aren’t in a coloring mood, I’m not gonna push it. We had a daycare that structured their days like a camp director and the kids were miserable.

  4. Love these ideas! I love to watch my kids at work when their imagination fully takes over 🙂 I also love bubble baths for the kiddos on snowdays or just cold winter afternoons. We make it extra bubbly and break out the bath crayons and bath paint and they go nuts. Definitely eats up a good 30-45 minutes!

    1. Thanks! We LOVE to make fun things in the kitchen, and the connections I make with the kids during this time is so special

  5. I am so happy my boys know how to keep themselves busy. WITHOUT tablets or Tv. They play with toys, color, and like to do workbooks. Great activities for when they have to stay indoors.

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