10+ Fun and Creative Backyard Games to Keep Kids Entertained 1

10+ Fun and Creative Backyard Games to Keep Kids Entertained

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The best list of outdoor games for kids so you can enjoy your summer in your own backyard without too much stress!

Are you looking for some fun activities to keep your kids entertained and active? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got some awesome ideas for easy backyard games that your little ones will love!

As parents, we all know how important it is for kids to spend time outdoors and engage in physical activities. Playing backyard games is a great way to get them off their screens and get them moving! Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to socialize and bond with their siblings or friends.

So, let’s dive in and explore some classic backyard games, easy DIY games, nature-based games, and games for special occasions that will keep your kids entertained and active all year round!

If you need some ideas for toddlers specifically, please read Backyard Activities For Toddlers.

Looking for some easy and fun backyard games to keep your kids entertained? Check out these creative ideas, including DIY projects, nature-based games, and special occasion games. Get ready for hours of outdoor fun with your little ones! #backyardgames #kidsgames #outdoorfun

Classic Backyard Games

Remember those good old days when we used to play classic backyard games with our friends? Well, those games are still just as fun and exciting today as they were back then! Here are a few of our all-time favorites:

  1. Tag: A classic game that everyone knows and loves! One player is “it,” and they have to chase and tag the other players to make them “it.” The game continues until everyone has had a turn or until everyone gets tired.
  2. Hide-and-Seek: Another classic game that’s always a hit! One player is chosen as the “seeker,” and they have to count while the other players hide. Once the seeker is done counting, they have to find all the other players. The last player found becomes the next seeker.
  3. Red Rover: A fun game that requires some teamwork. Two teams stand on opposite sides of the yard, holding hands in a line. One team calls out a player from the other team, saying, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (player’s name) over!” The called player then has to run and try to break through the other team’s line. If they succeed, they get to choose someone from the opposing team to join their team. If they fail, they have to join the other team.

These classic backyard games are not only a ton of fun but also great for developing social skills, teamwork, and coordination. So, grab some friends or family members, head outside, and let the games begin!

DIY Backyard Games

If you’re looking for some easy and inexpensive backyard games, then look no further! These DIY games are not only simple to make but are also tons of fun for kids of all ages. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. DIY Bean Bag Toss: All you need is a piece of cardboard or foam board, some paint, and a few bean bags. Cut out some holes in the board and paint it however you like. Then, set it up in your backyard and let the kids have a blast tossing the bean bags through the holes.
  2. Water Balloon Piñata: Fill up some water balloons, tie them to a tree or clothesline, blindfold the kids, and let them take turns trying to break the balloons open with a bat or stick. It’s a fun and refreshing twist on the classic piñata game.
  3. Outdoor Bowling: Fill up some empty soda bottles or water bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring to make them colorful. Then, set them up like bowling pins and let the kids roll a ball to try and knock them down. If you don’t want to DIY these, you can purchase some here.

These DIY backyard games are not only a great way to keep kids entertained, but they’re also an excellent opportunity to get creative and work on some fun projects together. So, roll up your sleeves, grab some supplies, and get ready for some backyard fun!

Nature-Based Backyard Games

If you want to add a little bit of nature to your backyard games, then try out these fun and educational nature-based games that are perfect for kids of all ages.

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for the kids like this to find in your backyard or nearby park, such as leaves, rocks, flowers, and insects. Give them a bag or container to collect their findings, and let them explore and learn about the natural world around them.
  2. Nature Walk Bingo: Create a bingo card with pictures of things that can be found on a nature walk, such as a butterfly, bird’s nest, pinecone, or squirrel. Give each child a card and let them mark off the items as they find them on their walk.
  3. Bug Bingo: Similar to nature walk bingo, create a bingo card with pictures of different types of insects, such as ladybugs, butterflies, bees, and ants. Let the kids explore your backyard and try to find the insects on their card.

These nature-based backyard games are not only fun and educational but also an excellent way to encourage kids to appreciate and connect with the natural world around them. So, lace up your shoes, grab some binoculars, and let’s head outside to play!

Games for Special Occasions

Hosting a special occasion in your backyard? Here are some games that will be perfect for entertaining your guests and keeping the kids busy.

  1. Water Balloon Toss: A perfect game for a hot summer day! Pair up the guests and have them stand across from each other. Start with a small toss and gradually increase the distance between the players until there is only one team left with an unbroken balloon. You can use reusable water balloons if you’re worried – these are the ones I like.
  2. Relay Races: Create a series of relay races that involve various physical activities, such as running, jumping, hopping, or crawling. Divide your guests into teams and have them compete against each other.
  3. Giant Jenga: Create a giant version of the classic Jenga game using wooden blocks or cardboard boxes. Stack the blocks in a tower and have guests take turns removing one block at a time. The game ends when the tower falls, and the last player who removed a block without causing the tower to collapse is the winner. You can also buy it here.
  4. Pin the Tail on the Donkey: A classic game that never goes out of style! Blindfold the players, spin them around, and have them try to pin the tail on the donkey. You can replace the donkey with any other animal or character that fits your party’s theme.

These games are perfect for entertaining guests and creating a fun and festive atmosphere. They’re also an excellent opportunity to get everyone involved and bring people together. So, grab some balloons, Jenga blocks, and don’t forget the donkey, and let the special occasion games begin!

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10+ Fun and Creative Backyard Games to Keep Kids Entertained 2

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