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Games For Kids

Learn these cool tricks to start meaningful conversations by playing games!

The ultimate way how to make dinner fun and exciting and start those conversations to create connections with your kids.

Does having supper together as a family seem like an impossible thing to accomplish with your family?

It used to be in mine until my husband and I decided family supper conversations were one of the most important parts of the day.

The thing I love about dinner conversation is the funny parts of the day that are revealed, even if I spent the whole day with a child, I am often surprised that I totally missed a funny moment. Sometimes I’m cleaning the house, others I’m zoned out on social media when I think my kids are busy and yeah, I do miss some things. So having those moments during family meals, are really important.

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Creating Conversations During Dinner Time

Have you noticed that sometimes talking to kids is kind of like pulling teeth, or maybe talking to a wall?

Yeah, not all children want to converse during mealtime.

But it’s not just that. Sometimes children just don’t want to talk about the SAME THING EVERY NIGHT.

To get the conversation flowing, you have to get creative and make the precious family dinner time as meaningful as possible, every time.

The best way to get those conversations flowing is to talk about things that may not be directly related to the children at all. Things such as kindness, empathy, and even world issues such as hunger and too much garbage.

These types of conversations starters really get the family connection ball rolling and your kids will start to talk about the subject at hand and reveal situations in their lives that you otherwise may never have heard about.

Games To Play At The Dinner Table: Fun Ways To Get Conversations Rolling

If you are searching for some fun ways to get that family conversation going, I have some really great “games” to share with you.

Would You Rather

Family Dinner Game

Have you heard of this game? It’s been around forever and it is a great one to add to the dinner table.

It’s very simple to play. One family member asks another “Would you rather” and then completes the sentence with 2 choices such as “play hockey on a team or meet a famous hockey player like Wayne Gretsky?”

The great thing about this game is that there is no right or wrong answer and whichever choice they make can strike a conversation. For example, why would you rather meet Wayne Gretsky and miss out playing on a hockey team? Wouldn’t it be more fun to learn how to play hockey so you can be as good as Wayne Gretsky one day and people will want to meet YOU?

You can also get super funny and ask “would you rather have a unicorn horn or the tail of a monkey?

Perhaps that example is for the younger crowd but hey, it starts those conversations and gets kids laughing.

Just an example that gets the wheels rolling, you know?

Here are 200 more would you rather topic questions for you!

The Famous Person Game

the famous person family dinner game

Have you played the Famous Person Game? I used to play this game at summer camp to break the ice and start conversations.

How it works is you write on a piece of paper the name of well-known people (people that your children know as well) and put those pieces of paper on all of the foreheads.

Your children need to ask questions about the name on their forehead and see if they can figure out who they are. The other family members are not supposed to simply reveal who they are either. It has to be challenging and fun.

The game is over when the last person can guess who they are correct.

This kind of game really gets the family laughing, engaging and having a blast. This kind of quality fun can open up conversations later on in the evening because it tends to break any tension (that you may not have even known was there) between you and your kids and your children are more likely to come over and start a conversation.

Speed Speak

speed speak family dinner game

This is a really fun one, especially if the kids are younger! How it works is each family member needs to talk for 30 seconds about a topic another family member suggested.

The trick is to talk for that 30 seconds without saying the words “um” “like” or use long pauses to think about the topic. You can use a timer to time that 30 seconds and literally talk about anything and everything you can think of.

Our most funny ones have been about “toes” and “rubber boots”

This is a really classic way to break any tension during supper time and a great way to make some memories while you’re at it.

Creating Memories With Family Games

Hearing my children laugh and use their imaginations during family supper is my all-time favourite thing. The great memories that are created during these fun meals get brought up continuously in the “remember that time we said “___” at the dinner table and Mom said “___”. HAHAHAHAHAH

It’s kind of hard to explain the kind of joy that gives me.

Do you have any fun “games” you use to get conversations rolling with your family during dinner time?

Elizabeth is a mom of 2 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive parenting.

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