Parenting Tips & Advice For Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

Parenting Tips & Advice For Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

Inside this post: Tips and advice on talking to kids about the Coronavirus and how you can keep their minds at ease through the chaos of the current world epidemic.

Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

This virus business is making many people panic and is triggering anxiety.

And for some of us parents who are trying to calm our own anxiety about the epidemic, it’s also important to ensure our kid’s anxiety is lessened through the chaos.

I had a chat with my school-age child about the Coronavirus and let him know that he’s safe, and I honestly thought the talk was enough, but one day he came home from school and threw some “facts” about the virus at me that he heard from friends.


And I totally get it! I’m on Facebook looking at an overwhelm of information myself, which in turn is causing anxiety and uncertainty in my own mind. (Which is why it is SO important to get educated about the virus through proper channels!)

But when I can ground myself, I am reminded that there are a lot of good people working on a solution for this epidemic and the fact is, the virus is not as dangerous for the children as it is for the elderly.

Once I’m grounded with facts, I can start talking to kids about the Coronavirus.

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I need to make my voice louder than their friends, more reassuring than the news and more comforting than everything else that’s out there right now.

So before the night was over, I asked my boys about their feelings, fears and thoughts about the virus. All their questions were thoroughly heard and fears were laid to rest.

Tips For Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

Share Age Appropriate Facts

Based on the ages of your kids, it’s a good idea to share Age Appropriate Facts with them.
For you guys kids you can keep it simple and talk about what it’s like to have a cold or the flu and how sometimes that means having a cough or a fever.
This is similar to that and many people who stay home when they’re feeling yucky, get better.

Reassure Them Of Their Safety

Let your little ones know that there is no need to worry about anything. Let them know that there are so many great people out there working on keeping people healthy and there are a lot of things happening to make sure as little people as possible get sick.

Talk About What Your Family Can Specifically Do To Stay Safe

Let your kids know that they can help keep the virus out of your home by keeping up good hygiene practices.
Having your kids feel like they can contribute to the cause with simple actions makes them feel more in control in these times of chaos.

Building Germ Fighting Habits

Washing Hands

Make it a habit to wash everyone’s hands before every meal. If you do it together, you can model the right way to use soap and rinse off your hands.
Make it fun and sing the ABCs while you’re washing.

Covering Cough

Let your children know that coughing into their elbow is the best way to cover up a cough.
When kids are small, they cover their mouths with their hands, making the spread of germs faster.

Celebrate your kids if they use their elbows and make a fun comment such as “great catch! You’re doing a great job keeping the germs at bay!”

Rest For The Sick

Remind your kids that rest is the best thing you can do if you’re feeling ill. If they really want to go to school but are sick, remind your child that resting at home not only helps them feel better, but it also helps others feel better by staying away from them.

Helpful Tools To Promote Healthy Habits

Songs For Little Ones

Rest Is Best


Washing Hands With Elmo

Washing Hands Poster


ABC Scrub With Me!

In My Bathroom

Elizabeth is a mom of 3 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive and peaceful parenting.

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