Top Magazines About Parenting

Top Magazines About Parenting

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Parenting is a difficult job that never truly ends. One of the best methods to ease the transition is to read about other parents’ experiences and obtain advice from specialists.

The best parenting magazines provide insightful articles, practical advice, fun activity ideas, and useful hints on how to handle every part of motherhood with your child. Here are my top parenting magazines that you should read!

Magazine Subscriptions On Amazon

I absolutely love Amazon. They literally cover all my desires from shopping, to tv shows, baby registries and magazine subscriptions. You can pick your favorite magazine and pick the subscription that suits you best – from 1 month to 3 months and even 12 months.

Also I find the pricing very reasonable, and sometimes even cheaper than the physical store copies. If you enjoy reading parenting magazines, or any genre really, having an amazon subscription can be very beneficial for you.

Best Parenting Magazines

I know that information on parenting is readily available all over the internet, but there is something to be said about reading an article in a magazine.

I know back in the day, reading magazines was very popular. People used to collect magazines for years and years. Many people still have collections that they treasure to this day.

So what are the best parenting magazines? I’ve included my favorite ones on the list for you.

Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine is frequently ranked as one of the top parenting magazines in the United States. It is also the best-selling magazine on Amazon. It delves into a wide range of issues centred on the daily needs and concerns of parents and their growing children.

These issues include a child’s growth and development, discipline, health, behaviour, and education, to name a few. There are als`o health, diet, pregnancy, marriage, and beauty articles for mothers. It also includes numerous how-to articles, hobbies, and creative projects. You can sign up on their website. A 12-issue subscription costs roughly $6.00.


Parenting is another very popular magazine that parents love to subscribe to. These articles include, to name a few, a child’s growth and development, discipline, health, behaviour, and education.

There are additional articles for mothers on health, diet, pregnancy, marriage, and beauty. It also contains a plethora of how-to articles, hobbies, and creative endeavours. It is very similar to Parents Magazine but has different writers and new information.

Family Circle

According to PSA Research Center Family Circle is also a leader in parenting and family publications. Family Circle is a magazine dedicated to all aspects of family life.

It covers topics such as health, home d├ęcor, healthy food, fashion, beauty, and activities for kids such as crafts and more. You can subscribe to their magazine by visiting their website. It costs around $10.00 for 12 issues.

Working Mother

Working Mother is a magazine aimed for career-minded working mothers who are also raising a family on their own. On, it is rated as one of the top parenting publications.

This magazine provides information and guidance on a wide range of topics, including child growth and development, child care, education, and health. It also addresses the working mother’s own requirements, such as personal health, nutrition, career possibilities, finances, fashion, and beauty.

This publication is dedicated to making life easier for working mothers in order to achieve a healthy work/life balance.


Babytalk, America’s oldest baby magazine, debuted in 1935 as a supplement to consumers of a New Jersey-based national cloth diaper delivery service.

With “honest talk” from professionals and genuine moms, the free monthly newsletter aims to help new mothers trust their maternal instincts.

Reading Parenting Magazines

Whether you’re a newlywed couple expecting your first child, first-time parents, or an expanding family, there are a plethora of magazines available to aid you through your life’s journey with your children.

While the options on the magazine rack or online may appear to be overwhelming, it is advisable to use simple reasoning when selecting the finest parent publications for each life stage you are experiencing together.

In other words, more parents read the best parenting magazines. And audited circulation is a tried-and-true method of measuring increased readership.

Most websites that sell, review, or promote these magazines list the titles based on certain criteria, with several of these sites ranking the magazines based on audited circulation.

Magazine Activities

Reading magazines as a family can be utilised to introduce each family member to their unique hobbies. When your children have completed reading their magazines, urge them to give their copy to a sibling or another family member.

You can utilise the magazines for art and writing projects once each family member has completed reading them. These crafts are suitable for all ages of family members:

  • To assist your preschool and kindergarten students in learning their alphabet, numbers, and colours, cut out pictures.
  • Keep fascinating magazine photographs on hand to inspire children’s stories. Place the image at the top of a page and ask them to create a story about what is happening or what the image represents.
  • To make a collage, clip photographs together. Many kids enjoy combining their artistic abilities to create collages.

Bottom Line

While these are regarded the best parenting magazines, there are additional parenting magazines available.

The most practical thing to do is to look through the publications that interest you and determine which one provides you with the most useful information that you can relate to.

The initial subscription costs are quite inexpensive, so signing up for a year may be worthwhile. This manner, you should be able to pick a parenting magazine that best suits your lifestyle and that of your family.

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