Camping Gift Ideas For Kids That Are Outdoorsy

Camping Gift Ideas For Kids That Are Outdoorsy

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Fun and functional camping gift ideas for kids that love to spend time outside with their family and friends.

Are you looking for gift ideas for a kid who loves camping and the great outdoors? Are you looking for something that’ll give them new experiences and excite them about being outside?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. The great outdoors is an adventurous place where kids can explore, get messy, test their limits, and have fun with nature.

Many kids are obsessed with technology these days, but spending time in the great outdoors offers so many benefits to children of all ages.

These activities help foster your child’s creative side while also strengthening their body and character.

Finding the ideal present, on the other hand, might take some time. So, just for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 50 entertaining camping presents for aspiring young campers.

Qualities Of Great Camping Gifts For Kids

When you’re buying gifts for a kid who loves camping, you want to keep in mind the age of the child, their interests, and what they’ll use the gift for. Some of the best items for gifting your child who loves camping are those that’ll help them get outside and explore their nature side.

You can also consider gifts that allow them to share their love for the outdoors with their friends and family members. A gift like a journal, art kit, or book that allows your child to express their feelings and thoughts will be something they can keep for a lifetime.

You also want to take into account the child’s skill level. Some kids are just getting into camping, so they may not be able to use certain high-end camping gear.

You also want to make sure that any gift you buy is age appropriate.

Kids Camping Toys vs. Camping Gear

This is most likely the most important factor to consider. Do you want to provide them some practical camping gear or some entertaining camping toys to play with at home or on a camping trip?

Because kids can role-play at home, camping toys may make excellent camping presents for toddlers. They like reminiscing about previous enjoyable camping vacations. These toys might not keep up well in the dirt and weather outside.

Age Appropriateness

It may seem self-evident, but it is all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of discovering a fantastic camping present to forget about the child’s age and if the gift is age-appropriate. They must old enough to use camping equipment properly and must consider how long it will be utilised. If they’ll outgrow anything in a few months, it’ll be a waste of money, no matter how cool it seems.

Camping Styles

It’s critical to think about what kind of camping they do the most. A compact and extremely useful piece of essential camping gear might be the ideal present for their family if they love light camping at national parks and long hiking vacations.

However, if they go RV camping frequently or drive a large automobile with plenty of capacity on their family camping vacation, a larger present may be possible. If you’re buying a present for someone else’s child, don’t be hesitant to ask the parents what kind of camping they like and what kinds of outdoor items they’d like.

Quality Of Gear

Real, high-quality camping equipment, on the other hand, may be really useful and can instil a feeling of pride in children. The extra cost for whole family fun can be worth it if you go camping often. After all, having their own camping gear is amazing! 

Essential Camping Gear For Kids

If your child has never had a sleep-over in a tent before, they’ll love learning this camping tradition.

Once your child is old enough to be supervised, they can go camping with friends or family in a “kid-sized” tent. When you’re gifting a tent for a sleep-over, you want to look for one that’s big enough for the kids to fit comfortably.

A kid-sized tent can either be one that’s made for kids or one that’s a smaller version of an adult tent.

This gift is perfect for indoor sleep-overs and will give your child and their friends a chance to really explore the world of camping.

Sleeping Bags

A camping trip isn’t complete without a sleeping bag. Purchasing lightweight, insulated kid-sized sleeping bags can add excitement and anticipation to your next camping trip in the tent.

Cozy, entertaining, and practical gifts for children. Unless you require technical sleeping bags for hiking or cool-weather camping with your family members, they don’t have to be extremely fancy.

They make excellent camping gifts. Check out the Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag , the REI Co-op Kindercone 25 Sleeping Bag – Kids or the Tuphen sleeping bags for kids.

Camping chairs

Children adore having their own particular chair, and a camping chair is the ideal outdoor present for children who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Choose a nice camp chair for them to sit on and relax with you at the campground.

You may also have chairs with bright colours, fascinating designs, or your favourite characters on them. The Colemans Kid’s Quad Chair or the incredibly charming unicorn camping chair for kids are also great options.


Kids like a good hammock hangout, and colourful hammocks are great camping presents for both teenagers and younger children.

This hammock has excellent reviews, is lightweight, and folds into a grapefruit-sized pocket. It’s simple to transport. It’ll be a great addition to your next camping trip. check out the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks or these Sunyear Hammocks.

Preteens and teens may swing or read for hours in it (getting the space they need), while smaller children can swing wildly imagining to be in a boat, space ship, or coccoon. It may also be utilised for a cold night’s sleep outside.

You might need two since your entire family will be squabbling over who gets to check out the hammock first.


Many parents will already have a tent for their little adventure seeker, but in case they don’t you can always gift one.

Check out this happy camper tent and the Coleman Sundome Tent if you need some ideas.

Water Bottles

It’s critical to stay hydrated when camping, and it should be at the top of the list of camping equipment for kids. My kids love the YETI Rambler and the Klean Kanteen water bottles for any sort of hiking or camping adventure.

Camping Pillow

Leave the cumbersome cushions at home and give a little memory foam pillow like this one, which is a unique camping gift for young kids and it’s useful too.

This micro-suede cushion is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for any excursion! When not in use, it may be compressed and stored in the waterproof carry bag. They’re also machine washable, which makes them even more convenient.

Camping Backpack

Purchase a bag for them to store all of their clothing and equipment in. Instead than depending on you to pack for them, kids will enjoy having their own bag.

Alternatively, purchase them a kid-size backpack to carry their basics like a water bottle and food for hiking day trips.

Check out the Deuter Junior Kid’s Backpack or the Deuter Kikki Kid’s Backpack if you need some ideas.

Camping Blanket

Camping is all about staying cozy by the fire, and a camping blanket for kids (like this one they can actually wear), is an awesome cozy gift they can use all year round and on the family camping trip.

This is another cute blanket you can use for camping, and it folds up nicely too for easy travel, so they make fun camping gifts.

Camping Pad

A self-inflating camping mat is the first step toward comfortable camping. A great present option for campers and kids that enjoy being outside. This Coleman Camping Pad or this High Stream Gear Kids Inflatable Sleeping Pad are great options.

Toiletry Bags

With the option to hang vital hygiene goods for quick access, this practical gift for kids is excellent for camping restrooms and even outdoor nature showers.

The Amazon Basics Toiletry Kit or the Cozy Cabin Toiletry kit are both good options.

Toys For Kids To Enjoy while Camping

Just about each piece of camping equipment you can think of now exists in a child-sized version! It’s no longer necessary to wrangle your equipment away from your kid if you have some fun camping toys. On a camping vacation, it’s no secret that children like imitating their parents, and these fun camping gifts add much fun to outdoor adventures.

Getting them their own walkie talkies, chairs, backpacks, headlamps, and other gear will undoubtedly excite them and help them with their scavenger hunt and other adventures.

Camping gear is also a great gift idea for older children. On your next family camping vacation, it’s a terrific opportunity to offer adolescents a bit more freedom. Any of these items would make best gifts for little kids and big kids too.

Bug Catcher Kit

Spot It! Camping Card Game

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids

Collapsible and Portable Corn Hole Boards

Hapinest Find and Seek Scavenger

Card Games

Collapsible Buckets for Kids

Magnifying Glass



Metal Detector

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Kit

OBUBY Real Binoculars for Kids

DinoBryte LED Headlamp

Mini Lanterns

Pocket Knife

Walkie Talkie

Nature Journaling for Kids

You can also get a beautiful moleskin quotebook for your kids to record their memories.

Books about Camping Adventure

What youngster doesn’t like a book that is both entertaining and educational? They even produce some of the greatest camping presents for kids, believe it or not which makes books about camping the perfect camping gift.

Books are fantastic gifts, whether it’s a bedtime storey to read before cuddling down in their sleeping bag or an useful camping and survival guide for older youngsters to acquire new skills. We’ve gathered all of our favourite camping and wilderness-themed novels in this section.

These will keep children occupied and instil a newfound enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Camping Pretend Play At Home

If you’re planning a camping vacation, some fun role-playing games and toys are a great way to get people excited. These are perfect gift ideas for toddlers and outdoorsy kids, They’ll have a blast exploring the backyard or simply sleeping in the living room imagining a wonderful camping experience. If you’re not quite ready to invest in any real camping gear for your older kids and toddlers too, these toys can help you figure out what interests them the most.

Camping Set

Nature Explore Kit

New Sprouts Camp Out

Camping Gifts For Teenagers & Tweens

While there are a number of different reasons why a teenager or tween might want to go camping, the most common reason is to get away from it all for a weekend. Whether it be a summer break or just a night at the tent on an overnight adventure, there’s no denying that the act of going camping can be incredibly rewarding for both children and adults.

However, whether you’re buying gifts for kids who are just starting out in their camping career or those who have been doing it for years, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

One thing that you should always remember when you’re buying camping gifts for teens is that they’re not just taking time out of their busy lives to enjoy themselves.

Instead, they’re making significant sacrifices in order to make sure that they have the opportunity to experience this new world in full.

While getting away from everything isn’t always easy, it’s important to remember that they’re doing it because they really want to and not because they’re forced to do so.

Activities for Indoors and Outdoors

When your child is indoors, you can take advantage of the many benefits of being creative. Arts and crafts are great ways to let your child’s creativity flow while engaging their mind and strengthening their hand-eye coordination skills.

You can also include crafts in your outdoor activities if they allow for it. If your child loves art, you can head to your nearest park and have them draw or paint the nature they see there.

If they love the outdoors and want to explore it more, you can take them to a nature center or have them go on a hike.

There, they can learn more about nature and get messy exploring it. If you want to take your outdoor activities one step further, you can try making a bird feeder with your child using natural materials like peanut butter, corn syrup, and seeds.

Why is camping and the outdoors so important?

The great outdoors is an important part of childhood and growing up. The outdoors allows kids to explore and be creative while also getting exercise. These activities help reduce your child’s risk of obesity, allergies, and mental health issues later in life.

They also help build confidence and self-esteem in children by allowing them to challenge themselves and see what they are capable of. Many of these activities also help kids develop skills like problem solving, communication, and creativity.

These skills will come in handy when they grow up and join the workforce. These activities also help kids develop a greater appreciation for nature and the environment we live in.

They also help kids foster a sense of community with other people who share the same appreciation for nature.

The outdoors allows kids to connect with others and appreciate nature in a new way while also teaching them important life skills they’ll use their whole life.

Camping Gift Ideas For Kids Bottom Line

That concludes our roundup of the finest camping gifts for an outdoorsy child. We hope that these fun gifts will enhance their trips and bring hours of amusement. This list has it everything, from tents and sleeping bags to games, toys, and more! We’re confident you’ll surprise your young campers with a gift they’ll treasure!

You can’t go wrong gifting a kid who loves camping and the great outdoors with a great camping gift that encourages them to get outside and explore nature.

Choosing the right gift depends on your child’s age and interests. When buying a gift for a child who loves the outdoors, you want to look for something that will allow them to explore and be creative.

You can take your child’s love for the outdoors beyond gifts by also taking them outside as often as you can.

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