To The Stressed Out Mom

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After a long day, and the kids are finally in bed, it’s time for Mommy priorities- alone time for a stressed mom.

The expectations of society tell us that when we finally get that peace and quiet that we have been looking forward to all day long, we need to start doing all the things on our to-do list that we couldn’t finish.

No Way! Mothers are not maids. Mothers are humans, and humans need a break.

This post may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

It’s Just Gonna Have to Wait

Hey Momma, if you have a sink full of dirty dishes and a load of wet clothes in the washer, don’t stress because guess what?


After a long day with the kids, you need some self-care time.

Take a break, have a kit-kat.

I mean it. Take a bath, read a book, binge some TV.

Make YOU a priority over household chores.

I can bet that just like me, you had a long day taking care of EVERYONE else around you.

Even though you may feel like you got nothing done:

If you’re a mom, you got stuff done, and you spent all day problem solving, housekeeping, driving around and more.

Your to-do list is NEVER complete, and you’re a stressed mom.

Even if you go deal with that sink of dirty dishes, and change over the wet clothes in the dryer, there are ALWAYS more tasks that will begin to take over your mind and you’re never going to be able to take that break.

If you don’t get your break, you’ll be an exhausted, and stressed mom.

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The Long Run

Thinking about my own childhood, I didn’t grow up in a perfectly clean home. I actually grew up in a very messy home, but I don’t really think about that. I have memories of my childhood that involve laughter, special events with the family and the small special daily moments between me and my parents.

When you think about your children and what you want them to remember about their childhood, what does that look like for you?

Will the dishes in the sink matter? Will the unfolded laundry matter? how about that messy closet you’ve been wanting to clean out and declutter for the past 6 months, will that matter?

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NO. No it will not.

So there is NO REASON for you to say SCREW IT to the dishes and go take a much-needed break.

Calming The Mind

As parents, the things that circle the mind are endless.

Just the day before I wrote this post the things going around and around my mind consisted of my housework to-do list for the next day, upcoming school events for the next 2 weeks, upcoming bill payments, husband work lunches, keeping my toddler busy during the day, when I will have time to walk the dogs the next day, feeding the dogs, filling the fridge, doing a pantry inventory, throwing in a load of laundry and not forgetting about it, the dirty rug in the living room that I keep forgetting to vacuum and MORE.

These are the things that go through MY MIND as I’m trying to fall asleep. No wonder I’m a tired momma, that’s just too much stuff. My mind plate is too full, and I bet yours is too.

Which is why I have said ENOUGH. I will take a break, I will eat chocolate and binge-watch This Is Us on Netflix.

I will also write down all my thoughts, in no specific order, on a piece of paper and forget about it all. This way I can quiet my mind and finally relax.

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Get Your Priorities Straight And Go From Stressed Mom To Calm And Happy Mom

I hope this was inspiring to you, Momma. I want you to take a break, calm your mind and enjoy your evening after the kids finally fall asleep.

Because those dishes CAN WAIT. I promise.

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